eFootball PES 2021: Manchester United Iconic Moments Review

Glory Glory Man United, as the Reds go marching on!

eFootball PES 2021 has definitely upped the ante when it comes to the releases of Iconic Moments. Since the Datapack 2.0 update, users can relive match-winning performances from many players of the game in coin packs where several clubs have their icons up for grab. The IMs have increased to such an extent that now there are more IMs in the game compared to Legends. Several users have a great array of Iconic Moment players over a set of different clubs. However, some mainly focusing on collecting Iconics from their favourite clubs. With legends being easily churned out in the game slowly, Iconic Moments players can add to the real glam of your squad. In this article, we shall review the Manchester United Iconic Moments in PES 2021.

All the reviews are made only after trying them out in both offline & online mode. Whenever any new Manchester United Iconic Moments are released, this review will be updated with the new set of players. We have previously reviewed the Iconic Moments players of the following clubs from PES 2020 and also the below clubs from PES 2021, so feel free to check those reviews out.

PES 2020 Iconic Moments

PES 2021 Iconic Moments

PES 2021: Manchester United Iconic Moments

We currently have nine Manchester United Iconic Moments released in PES 2021 this year. Whenever any new Manchester United Iconic Moments are released in PES 2021, this article will be updated with the new set of players.

Marcus Rashford

Playing Style: Goal Poacher

Looking back at that Iconic Match

One of the best performances by Marcus Rashford came against Arsenal on 28 February 2016 at Old Trafford. Facing Arsenal in a high thrilling match, the teenager scored twice and also set up the third goal in a 3-2 victory. Both teams coming to the game with a win necessary to keep the title hopes alive, United had the upper hand in the first half of the match, however, with Arsenal having the best of the chances.

PES 2021 Manchester United Iconic Moments
PES 2021 Manchester United Iconic Moments: Marcus Rashford

However, United opened the deadlock in the 27th minute after Herrera tackles a dawdling Walcott midway inside the Arsenal half. The ball is moved slickly out to Varela on the right, who clips in a teasing cross. Gabriel can’t get much on the clearance and it falls perfectly for Rashford, 10 yards out, who finds the top corner with composure. Within 5 minutes, Rashford strikes again, this time from a Lingard assist who retrieves the ball and dinks a left-footed cross in from the corner of the box. Up goes Rashford, barely challenged, and glances a superb header across Cech to make it 2-0.

However, Arsenal did not give up. Danny Welbeck scores a header against his former club a few minutes before halftime to make 2-1. However, United’s Herrera brought back the lead to two, as Rashford holds the ball up well after a brave run into the box, and Herrera strikes it but takes a nasty deflection off Koscielny for a goal. Even though Ozil scored in the 69th minute, United maintained the lead to take 3 points.

Player Analysis

The highest-rated player in the game, alongside Player Pack Messi. One of the debatable Iconic Moment cards introduced in the PES 2021 Datapack 4.0 update, Rashford’s stats on paper has to be one of the best numbers for a striker. There is the pace, the attributes, the skills, the finishing. Everything looks very dangerous, and expectation of an Endgame striker is on the cards. Well, is that the case when he comes on to the pitch was the question everyone had when the players decided to go for him.

Rashford is definitely an elite striker in the game. His offensive awareness is phenomenal, and this isn’t an exaggeration. He finds himself at the right places at the right time, and this has been really the biggest plus of his game. He rarely strays offside, and rarely kills the attacking flow. Even if he isn’t scoring, you will find him dragging defenders off to make space. His Speed shouldn’t be doubted at all, he is very fast and once he latches onto through/lofted balls, there’s no stopping him. You can also go ahead and say he’s that ideal striker for those long-ball spammers.

When it comes to Rashford’s finishing, it’s a bit tricky, as he sometimes misses easy shots while going off balance at the same time. Weak Foot is not bad, his finishing is good on both feet even with a WF usage of 2. But again, he has the ability to get your goals out of thin air. Out of nowhere, he might even score that long-range dipping shot or a low piledriver. This actually becomes tricky for the player to understand him. Considering passing, there aren’t many complaints, but he isn’t that ideal 1-2 pass player either. Stamina no issues, Balance is satisfactory but not as expected from someone with a 95 stat. Dribbling is pretty good, as his fake shots and skill moves are really quick, but yeah still not the best in the department.

Overall, it is to be noted as just like any other striker, Rashford has his flaws. But still, he’s a game changer. He will still find a place in the list of the best strikers in PES 2021.

Formation Discussion

He fits best in 4-3-3 and 4-3-1-2 formations. While for the former, you can play him as a CF or also as a wide SS/LWF, and in the latter formation, he is your primary scoring forward with a creative forward to feed the final ball.

Diego Forlan

Playing Style: Goal Poacher

Looking back at that Iconic Match

Diego Forlan is one of the most prolific strikers Uruguay ever had and did have many great seasons in his long football span. Although his Manchester United tenure is a black dot in the top class career of his, he is still remembered for the double against arch-rivals Liverpool in the Premier League. Diego Forlan struck twice in a span of two minutes in Anfield as Liverpool succumbed to their first home defeat since before Christmas 2001.

PES 2021 Manchester United Iconic Moments
PES 2021 Manchester United Iconic Moments: Diego Forlan

After a fractious start to the contest, in which Ruud van Nistelrooy was booked for his challenge on Stephane Henchoz, United had the better of a scrappy opening half-hour. After a dull start to the second half, van Nistelrooy created the first chance in the 63rd minute, but Jamie Carragher cleared the danger in time. The Uruguayan’s 65th-minute opener came after an abysmal mistake by Jerzy Dudek, who let the ball slip under his legs when Carragher headed the ball to him, and Forlan poached for a simple finish in the Liverpool goal.

Forlan scored again within two minutes, as he got the end of the Ryan Giggs corner. Liverpool’s Sami Hyypia cut the deficit to just one with eight minutes left, but it wasn’t enough as United held on for the win and cut the gap to league leaders Arsenal to six points, which the former eventually won.

Player Analysis

Introduced in the Datapack 3.0 Update, Forlan’s Manchester United Iconic Moments card is his best version card in PES 2021, as the stats are superior compared to both the PES 2021 and PES 2020 Atletico versions. What makes Forlan a unique players is that he brings both playmaking as well as goal threat to the table. Although Forlan’s doesn’t make it seem that he is close to the best strikers in the game, his performance says otherwise.

This Goal Poacher Forlan doesn’t reflect a pure poacher; is a mix of IM Marco Van Basten and IM Rashford in terms of positioning and runs. Definitely has the trait of a creative forward, which is really helpful to get the best of his overall game. His off the ball movement is tricky to determine and is effective. He can make surprising runs and also drops deep to receive and move the ball forward. Forlan’s dribbling is on point, but being not skilful can be tricky sometimes whenever you want to get past a defender. His possession ability is really good and added to that his passing is accurate. Quick 1-2s is a routine if you are familiar with it.

Another interesting aspect of his game comes with the finishing, which has become way more refined when considering the previous versions. He is a dependable goal scorer; and that Kicking Power of 97 comes as a major boost when combined with the Rising Shot skill. His outside curler is perfect in tight conditions, and with added Curl, Forlan’s shots are precise. A brilliant set-piece taker too, which makes him an all-around attacker. There is a slight disadvantage in his Heading abilities, but his possession games make it look like no issue. No weak foot, so another advantage added.

Overall, Forlan is a very good CF/SS hybrid to have. He can help the team in many areas and can be a vital piece in any team’s attack when the player discovers and utilizes his game the best.

Formation Discussion

Forlan can play as a sole CF or even a second fiddle striker. In 4-3-3 formation(s), you can play him at a wide SS role; to take advantage of his brilliant crossing and playmaking abilities. In 2 CF formations, he fits perfectly as a right CF but as a second fiddle to a poaching-oriented striker. If you have stacked forward positions, you can also try him at AMF positions.

Andy Cole

Playing Style: Goal Poacher

Looking back at that Iconic Match

Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United side was chasing history following a memorable season. But, they were headed into the final day of the campaign needing victory over Tottenham to secure the title. If not for the comeback of this match, the Iconic Treble season would have had a trophy short. In Old Trafford, United faced Tottenham in the last matchday. With second-placed Arsenal at home to Aston Villa, this win was really essential.

PES 2021 Manchester United Iconic Moments
PES 2021 Manchester United Iconic Moments: Andy Cole

However, there looked like being a real twist to the race when Spurs took the lead with a looping effort from Les Ferdinand, potentially handing their local rivals the trophy. However, David Beckham equalized before half-time with a wicked finish past Ian Walker, three minutes before half-time, to spark hopes of another famous comeback. Well, United didn’t have to wait much.

Andy Cole came on for Teddy Sheringham at half-time and soon found himself through on goal, latching on to a long ball by Gary Neville in the 48th minute. United held on to secure the title by just a single point from runners-up Arsenal. The achievement was all the more special for Ferguson, who lifted his fifth domestic championship in seven seasons, and the first for MU that season amongst the Treble.

Player Analysis

Here’s a card who is getting his second version in the game. Although Andy Cole’s PES 2020 card was a very good CF option, this card probably has a better tweak and refinement to it. Not just the stats but the overall style of play has increased as far as his performances are concerned. Even though there is a downgrade to his Offensive Awareness compared to the PES 2020 version, it isn’t noticeable at all, his runs are on point. However, he does stray offside on several occasions. Dribbling is an improvement, as he can now hold the ball better, also with the best utilization of his physical abilities.

Passing is good, no complaints on that, One Touch pass is really helpful in tight spaces. Finishing is dependable, accuracy wise it is on target but the kicking power can be a headache sometimes. Unlike Rashford or Forlan, Cole is not a good striker of the ball from awkward angles even though there is a chance. When he is quickly approaching, he loses balance, which is frustrating sometimes. But for a possession game, he performs the best. Curlers are not good, they hardly have enough curl on them. Cole is quick and agile, can latch on to balls easily. Stamina is an improvement, where he can play the full 90 without issues.

Cole’s plus point is and was his Weak Foot accuracy, and even in this version, he doesn’t disappoint. Headers are really good, and with the added Heading skill, he doesn’t seem to miss many. His Super-Sub skill is helpful as a sub, but it is not of Inzaghi or Haaland levels. Overall, he is a good option, but if you have the above two cards, we would suggest not to go for this unless you want him for nostalgia purposes.

Formation Discussion

A good fit as a primary striker paired with a creative forward in a 2 CF formation. Use him in formations like 4-2-2-2 or the 3-4-1-2 to get him to scoring positions.

Dwight Yorke

Playing Style: Goal Poacher

Looking back at that Iconic Match

Manchester United and Arsenal rivalries always make people remember some Iconic scorelines. Among them, this was also one to remember. Held on 25th February 2001 on a Sunday evening, United thrashed Arsenal with a 6-1 scoreline, which was one of the humiliating defeats at the time for the Gunners. Yorke gave the defending champions the lead inside two minutes, bundling home from close range after a slick interchange with Paul Scholes. Arsenal hit back with an equalizer following a linkup between Sylvain Wiltord and Robert Pires, which was completed in style by Thierry Henry. But what followed next was completely humiliating for Arsenal.

PES 2021 Manchester United Iconic Moments
PES 2021 Manchester United Iconic Moments: Dwight Yorke

United surprised Arsenal following a golden spell of three goals in eight minutes. Yorke scored his second just 2 minutes after the equalizer, which again was the repeat as Yorke completed his hat-trick in the 21st minute, already giving the MOTM performance in the 1st half itself. Yorke turned provider four minutes later, spotting Keane‘s late surge into the penalty area to provide an inviting opportunity for United’s inspirational captain to drill the fourth past the exposed Seaman. Ole scored another goal, to make it 5-1, which was an amazingly dominant display of football by the red devils.

United, almost inevitably, could not keep up the pace of the first half, but Jaap Stam came close with a header and Beckham tested Seaman with a powerful drive. United ended the match with the 6th goal when Sheringham scored off a Solskjaer assist.

Player Analysis

Yorke is a similar player to Cole, both are of similar profiles. A solid Centre forward; he is also a Goal Poacher to start with. There isn’t a major difference when it comes to runs into the compared to his older PES 2020 version. Off the ball, his movements are good. However, the passing and on the ball ability has taken a dip, which is clearly noticeable. His finishing has improved, and again like Cole, can finish any ball inside the box, with no weak foot, he comes trustworthy with skills like Chip Shot control, Dipping Shot, First Time Shot, and Acrobatic Finishing that help him to be great inside the box.

A good header of the ball, even though not the tallest of the strikers. Speed is similar to Cole, is good accordingly and can keep out defenders with his physicality. Again, the balance being low hurts chances considerably. A better set-piece taker than Cole, yet still not the best at all. Overall, Yorke can be considered as a similar player to Cole but with lower stats, and if you have Cole or even the previous version, the advice is to not go for it.

Formation Discussion

Just like Cole, Yorke is the best fit to be used in a 2CF formation. Under a Possession/Counter attacking manager, trigger runs, feed him balls inside the box, where he is best at.

David Beckham

Playing Style: Box-to-Box

Looking back at that Iconic Match

Manchester United faced Galatasaray in the Group Stages of the UEFA Champions League. Going into the final group game of United’s first season in the modern Champions League, the situation was clear: beat Galatasaray and hope IFK Gothenburg could beat Barcelona in Spain. The match started perfectly for United as Davies opened the scoring just two minutes into the game.

Just a few minutes before halftime, an attempted clearance rebounded off Eric Cantona’s chest and Brian McClair raced towards the loose ball just inside the United area. Though Bulent Korkmaz reached it first, the Turk’s clearance bobbled enticingly towards the onrushing David Beckham, making his first European start, and the 19-year-old duly bashed a low finish past the despairing dive of visiting goalkeeper Gintaras Stauce. The match finished 4-0, with Keane and an Own Goal to help things. However, United got an early exit from the UCL as a 4-0 win proved insufficient to progress due to Gothenburg’s draw in Barcelona.

Player Analysis

David Beckham cards are literally losing count, as they seem to never stop appearing as a new version. Each version is seemingly better than the previous ones. This time, a new playstyle for United Beckham makes him a better choice as an attacking outlet compared to the last year’s Cross Specialist version. In comparison, the majority of the attacking stats are upgraded in the younger version. Defensively, there are downgrades, but for those who would like him to play a more attacking role, they wouldn’t matter.

Beckham’s dribbling has got a big boost and it reflecting while he plays on the pitch. He is a lot smoother on the ball now, and ball control is way better in tight spaces. Passing stats don’t drop, and he remains a stellar ball progressor. But the lack of the One Touch pass skill can make his quick passes off target. In terms of finishing, no difference at all, First Time Shots are accurate and well-directed. Knuckle Shot removed doesn’t make much of a difference from the previous version, but Free Kicks can’t be knuckled anymore. Long-range shooting is very prolific as well. Overall, very great shooting.

His increased speed is a bonus, but he did get an Acceleration drop, which sometimes can be observed. His balance and physical contact got a dip, but when viewed as a standalone card, it looks good for an 18-year-old midfielder. Again, Beckham maintains his enormous work rate, with great stamina stat too and is a lot aggressive when pressing. His weak foot stat decreased does make his left-footed shots and passes inaccurate sometimes, but when you use him centrally/left, it doesn’t matter much.

Overall, he is a worthy card to spend you coins on, and definitely can be a key piece in your midfield.

Formation Discussion

This card is perfectly suited to be played as an AMF. With the frequent runs and long-range abilities, the best of Beckham can be obtained by playing him at central AMF in 4-3-1-2, 4-2-1-3, and 3-4-1-2 formations. If as a CMF, 4-3-3 and 3-4-3 are good formations to play him as a left CMF.

Ryan Giggs

Playing Style: Prolific Winger

Looking back at that Iconic Match

Manchester United faced Italian Giants Juventus in the UEFA Champions League Phase 2 group D, which was held in Stadio Delle Alpi, Turin with around 60,000 people in attendance. In an inspiring performance, Giggs scored a brace in what seemed to be a dominating performance against one of the best teams in Europe.

The match started well for Juventus, who had the most of the ball. United got a huge knock at the 4th minute,  Diego Forlan picked up a knock and laid on the ground whimpering in pain. Forlan goes off on a stretcher and is replaced by Ryan Giggs in the 5th minute, which was the turning point for the Red Devils. 10 minutes from here, Beckham found Solskjaer with a lovely cross-field pass, and he, in turn, found Veron on the right-wing. Veron crossed to Giggs in the box. He made room for a shot and rolled the ball home past Gianluigi Buffon. Astonishingly, it was the first time Juventus’ defence had been breached at home in 722 minutes of Champions League football.

Ryan Giggs scored again, in a similar fashion to the one he scored against Arsenal in the 1999 FA Cup Semi-Final game. A weaving run took him past four to five static Juventus players, at which point he slotted the ball home low past Buffon’s right. A very good solo goal. But his night stopped here, as he was subbed off at HT, denying the chance to get a hattrick. He was replaced by Ruud van Nistelrooy, who got his name on the scoresheet, scoring the last goal in the 61st minute.

Player Analysis

A newer version of Ryan Giggs’ PES 2020 version is sadly a downgrade. Except for the big increase in Balance and the +1 in Dribbling, every stat is a downgrade. But that doesn’t change what is reviewed here today. Ryan Giggs remains is one of the best dribblers in the game, he is really smooth on the ball and is very a skillful player. He has great dribbling stats to start with, 99 in Dribbling, with 90+ stats in Ball Control and Tight Possession which fairly reflects. Giggs tend to make wide runs often, and with his playstyle activating at the wings this is expected.

These wide runs often help in collecting the ball wide, stretching out the opponent defence wide, and then make a cross inside the box to find a player inside the box. Giggs does this very well, and thanks to his crossing abilities, he is a natural crosser and playmaker. When it comes to Finishing, Giggs isn’t bad, but his shots end up having less power, and also the reaction time of his shots is sometimes slow. Free kicks are good addition to his game, he gets them accurate most of the time.

Giggs is quick and agile on the ball, a very good player when it comes to counter attacks. With added balance, his on the ball ability is improved and doesn’t get brushed off the ball frequently. His weak foot usage is bad, but the accuracy isn’t bad as expected. On the bright side, his card is well stitched for creativity.

Formation Discussion

You should use him as an LWF in a 4-3-3 if you want a ‘creative winger’, to use his good crosses to attempt headers. Without activation of playstyle, he fits as an LMF, in the traditional 4-2-2-2 formations and also as a central AMF. Use him under wide formations, his pace can be lethal for a good Counter Attacking manager.

Paul Scholes

Playing Style: Orchestrator

Looking back at that Iconic Match

On 25 March 2000, Manchester United faced Bradford City at the Bradford and Bingley Stadium. The event was one-sided, as United recorded a 4-0 hammering of Bradford, thanks to the brace from Yorke, and goals from Scholes and Beckham. This is remembered a lot as Paul Scholes scored one of the best-ever Premier League volleys in a match. A MOTM performance from Beckham included a goal and two assists too.

PES 2021 Manchester United Iconic Moments
PES 2021 Manchester United Iconic Moments: Paul Scholes

In the 37th minute, Yorke got the end of a David Beckham corner and scored the first goal of the match. Yorke scored again within 3 minutes for his second, as United took advantage of Bradford’s horrible defending. The third goal was something special, indeed. Beckham, the regular corner taker, sent the ball outside the box where he found Paul Scholes, who converted that into a spectacular volley from his right that got buried at the bottom-left of the goalkeeper. Beckham scored the fourth goal which was the final nail in the coffin.

Player Analysis

A similar story to the Giggs card, Scholes’ new version is a downgrade compared to his PES 2020 version, except for a big +7 upgrade on Balance. However, it is still a very good upgrade to his legend version. A solid midfielder, his stats are leaned on the offensive side of the game. Scholes is a tempo control midfielder, in simple words, a deep-lying playmaking midfielder given his Orchestrator playstyle. But Scholes works like a Box-To-Box/Orchestrator hybrid, as his forward movement is seen very frequently.

His Ball Control is splendid, although his dribbling feels bulky, and not ideal. Passing is his best aspect, and the long balls seem accurate in most of the game sequences with Weighted Pass and Low Lofted pass skills getting the best passing performances. His one-touch passes are crisp, which is a big plus to his game too in tight spaces. Another plus comes with his long-range shooting. They are hit hard and are accurate. Volleys especially are delightful, and with the addition of Dipping Shot, those volleys are ridiculously dangerous.

Defensively, Scholes isn’t the ideal guy, but with his Stamina, he can press to recover the ball. He has lost some speed, but it isn’t a necessary aspect of his game style. Balance and Physical Contact are good. Overall, a good card to have, but still his previous version is a better option if you have one.

Formation Discussion

He’s a natural CMF. Even though he’s an offensive midfielder, it’s the best advice to play him in a central role where you create chances with him. His playstyle will fit playing him as a CMF, where a flat 4-3-3 would be great for him, or in a 4-2-3-1 in a double pivot role along with a physical DMF. If you prefer him at AMF, a 4-2-1-3 or a 4-3-1-2 are the best choices.

Park Ji-Sung

Playing Style: Box-to-Box

Looking back at that Iconic Match

Manchester United faced Chelsea at Old Trafford in the 2nd leg of the UEFA Champions League Quarter-Finals 2010-11. Manchester United sealed a place in the Champions League semi-finals with a victory over Chelsea. The latter created early opportunities but crucially, given the balance of the tie, they were wasted. Nicolas Anelka was twice narrowly off target and Frank Lampard shot straight at Edwin van der Sar following good work by Florent Malouda. Ancelotti took off Torres and replaced him with Drogba in an attempt to rescue a quarter-final that was slipping away.

PES 2021 Manchester United Iconic Moments
PES 2021 Manchester United Iconic Moments: Park Ji-Sung

And Drogba wasted no time in making more of an impression that the struggling Spaniard, firing in an effort that left Van der Sar scrambling and a free-kick that the keeper was forced to punch to safety. Drogba then gave Chelsea hope, if only for a matter of seconds, when he took Michael Essien’s pass on his chest and drilled a low finish beyond Van der Sar. If Chelsea had thoughts of completing an unlikely fightback, they were snuffed out almost immediately as another Giggs cross found Park unmarked on the angle of the penalty area, the South Korean making the most of the time and space afforded to him to beat Petr Cech.

Player Analysis

Park Ji-Sung isn’t a pick of many players, but his traits should make him a certainty to fill the space of a utility player. Park is an incredibly hard-working and versatile player in the game. His ability to play at any position on the football pitch makes his one of the best Utility players in the game, without a question. He is an all-rounder, with distributed stats, he makes it easy to become a quick sub for any player.

When talking about his stats, he slightly leans on to the offensive side. He is a good dribbler and gives a smoother ball control experience. Being a Box-to-Box mid, when played in the midfield, he does a good number of supportive runs, and to your surprise, he is a good finisher inside the box. Passing is crisp, although his low passes sometimes are weak, so low and long-range passing can be an issue sometimes. He is quick and has decent physical contact and balance to recover the ball.

His biggest attribute is stamina. Play him anywhere on the field, he doesn’t get drained and is a workhorse for any team. When used in defensive positions, he automatically becomes a defender, and his ball recovery and interceptions prove very vital for the squad. The Fighting Spirit also bring the best out of him when playing in the final minutes. With a skill token, you can give him the skill of your liking, with the best preference being the One-Touch Pass or the Through Passing skill.

Formation Discussion

As a utility player, he fits anywhere. If you want him to play as a CMF, use him at the Left CMF position in formations like 4-3-3, 4-2-1-3 etc. His abilities are best displayed when you play a high line with 3-atb formations, and you want to use a high work rate player as wingbacks.

Denis Irwin

Playing Style: Offensive Fullback

Looking back at that Iconic Match

Manchester United faced Queens Park Rangers in the FA Cup Quarter-final (Round 6) on 12 March 1995 at Old Trafford. With around 45,000 fans in attendance, Man United eyed for the Semifinals, while also battling for the league. In a one leg contest, Manchester United won the match by 2-0, thanks to a Lee Sharpe goal in the 23rd minute to open the scoring and a wonderful freekick by Denis Irwin in the 53rd minute.

PES 2021 Manchester United Iconic Moments
PES 2021 Manchester United Iconic Moments: D. Irwin

Player Analysis

Denis Irwin’s PES 2020 card was more attack-oriented, and the latest one has improved defensive stats. The Irish fullback has very balanced stats on paper. But what makes Irwin special is his work rate, offence to defence transitions and better performances than the stats suggest, and even in this case, it remains the same.

Irwin is not a pure Offensive fullback. He has relatively lower stats for an Offensive Fullback when you compare to other legends like R. Carlos and A. Davies. He is not pacy, but he can get the job done. He can play both LB and RB without dropping familiarity. His passing is pretty decent, and crossing from wide areas are really good. With his good Curl stat, the delivery of the cross is seen as a dangerous chance created. Defending abilities have improved with the card. He is also having skills like Interception, Acrobatic Clear and Man Marking which makes to not doubt his defensive prowess.

His stamina keeps him running for 90 minutes. With a form of 7, he has good games the majority of the times. Overall, he is a good fit for any squad. He is balanced and can add good depth to the squad.

Formation Discussion

Any formation is a fit. 4-4-2 and formations where LMF/RMF are closer to the defensive line like 4-2-3-1, are really good ones to use Irwin at.

Which Manchester United Iconic Moments do you have in PES 2021 and what are your thoughts about them? So, let us know in the comment section below!

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