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Alchemy Stars introduces three new fighters Reinhardt, Vice and Barton

Continue the Battle Against the Eclipsites with the new fighters!

Reinhardt, the Grand Marshal of Illumina, has joined the exciting mobile strategy RPG Alchemy Stars, alongside two additional Aurorians, Vice and Barton, and publisher Level Infinite and developer TourDog Studio shared more information about them today. On June 2, these characters were introduced to the game as part of the game’s 1st Anniversary Update, which also included a new gameplay mode, new story episodes, and fantastic in-game goodies.

Alchemy Stars: Reinhardt

  • Class: Sniper
  • Attributes: Lighting, Fire
  • Rarity: 6-Star
  • Recruited in: Enlightened Illumination

Reinhardt is motivated by a desire to strengthen Illumina against the Eclipsite danger, and she believes it is her job as a leader to do so by fighting on the front lines. She exudes serene confidence that inspires others around her and makes them fully believe in her leadership abilities. She never reveals her uncertainty, even when she is.

Alchemy Stars Reinhardt
Image via Tencent

Reinhardt holds the formidable Star-Piercing Spear, a fiery red lance that is claimed to project five crosses of light in the direction of foes. She does not adhere to Illumina’s traditional thinking and military procedures, instead innovating and making innovative battle movements. As a result, she’s a priceless ally in the fight against the Eclipsites.

Alchemy Stars: Vice (Keen Sight)

  • Class: Sniper
  • Attributes: Water
  • Rarity: 6-Star
  • Recruited in: Timeless Infinity

Vice, Illumina’s Expedition Captain, is a compassionate soul who was tasked with rescuing the last Caelestite descendant stranded underneath. She gained the ability to lock on to her opponents and do more damage in her new Keen Sight form. Her Piercing Deluge chain attack inflicts immense damage on anyone who dares to approach her assault range, and she can stack Timeless Mark on foes to increase the damage even more.

Alchemy Stars: Barton (Deft Blades)

  • Class: Detonator
  • Attributes: Forest
  • Rarity: 6-Star
  • Recruited in: Lone Vigilante

Barton, as the Illumina Federation’s Legion Commander, has a strong desire to fight. His appearance and skills have changed as a result of utilizing the Chord Link device, and his Lone Vigilante personality has emerged even more. Barton can enter Lone state and improve the range and effectiveness of his Chain Combo, while his Solitary Courage allows him to attack opponents on diagonal tiles.

Finally, alongside the new Aurorians, new outfits for Louise and Alice, and furniture for Cloud Gardens have been made available.

Are you excited to recruit Reinhardt, Vice, and Barton in Alchemy Stars? Let us know in the comments below!

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