Battlefield Mobile to soft launch by the end of Summer 2021

A completely different standalone game in the making

A short while ago, EA, the makers of Battlefield, announced that one of its studios known as Industrial Toys was working alongside DICE to create a new, fully-fledged, skill-based standalone mobile Battlefield game from the ground up and now, it looks like the game is pretty close to completion. The developers of Battlefield Mobile have confirmed that they are eyeing a soft launch by the end of Summer 2021.

Battlefield expansion

EA’s Chief Studio Officer Laura Miele during the GamesBeat Summit 2021 confirmed that Battlefield Mobile will be soft-launching towards the end of this summer. In Miele’s own words:

This year, we are going to release a mobile game for Battlefield. We’re really excited about it, the team’s been working on it for years, Industry Toys out of Pasadena has been creating it and working on it for years and we’re just super excited to bring it to soft launch for the end of the Summer. I think it’s going to add to the Battlefield experience, I think it’s going to be really meaningful for Battlefield players and it’s going to reach a lot more players around the globe for this brand. And that’s how we’re thinking about all of our big blockbuster brands and franchises. Free to enter business models, premium components of the game, mobile components of the game, and just getting it in as many hands-on as many platforms as possible.


More big titles are on the way

It’s also interesting how EA plans to continue expanding to other platforms; especially mobile and get its games to as many players as possible. With Battlefield being a standalone game, a completely different game from the one for console and PC, designed specifically for the mobile platform, we can expect more standalone games in the future. While there’s no official release date yet, the game is expected to drop in its entirety sometime in 2022. Battlefield is just one of the upcoming big releases for mobile and games like Valorant and Apex Legends are gearing up for release in the near future.

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