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Free Fire upcoming December 2020 event leaks: All you need to know

Events Galore in the coming days!

Free Fire is a very popular battle royale game and many players want to know all the upcoming events. Players can know about these events beforehand and plan to use the in-game currency accordingly in the events. Today in this article, we will be covering the upcoming December 2020 event leaks in Free Fire.

Upcoming December Events in Free Fire

1. Gold Royale

Free Fire upcoming December 2020 event leaks

Next gold royale will be based on a toxic theme and will be named Revenge with 5 set piece items which are Hairstyle, mask, vest style, lower, and shoe style. There will be no animation as it is free and gold royale. This will be available on 8th December.

2. Diamond Royale

Next diamond royale will be based on an old concept which is elementals. This bundle will be female-based and has a high probability of coming in the event and not in diamond royale, after the OB25 update. Players can get this bundle by spinning in a diamond or collecting a voucher which is free.

Free Fire upcoming December 2020 event leaks

The mad general is one of the most expected diamond royal because it matches the theme of Chrono which is purple and blue. This bundle will have 5 set that are hair style, mask, vest part, pant and shoes. This bundle will have animation of smoke on mask part and fire animation on best area of left hand. Moving on to weapon royale

3. Weapon Royale

Next weapon royale will be based on Chrono or CR7 character and will be one of the best AUG skin. The skin will increase 20℅ rate of fire and 10℅ increase in accuracy but 10℅ decrease in possible maximum range. this skin can beat other best AR gun skin e.g. dragon AK and cupid scar good competition. This skin will have glitch animation on the whole body of the gun and will have a purple/pink background.

4. Faded Wheel

Free Fire upcoming December 2020 event leaks

New m1887 and AUG legendary skin. These skins will be based on the theme of winterlands and will have various stats starting from m1887. Winter lands m1887 will have 20℅ increase in range 10℅ increase in movement when in hand but 10℅ decrease in reload speed. And now AUG Skin. 10℅ increase in the rate of fire 20℅ increase in reload speed but 10℅ decrease in movement speed when in hand. These two skin will come for winter lands in web event or faded wheel which will arrive after ob25.

5. Web Event

One of the best emotes will be available in this event which is the pirate flag emote and the main item is the tiger and fox bundle. The bundle will be animated and legendary and same with pirate flag emote. This event is expected to arrive in the game between 14-19th December. The total diamond needed to get a bundle or emote will be approximately between 1k to 4k.

6. Upcoming Character Event: Chrono

Free Fire upcoming December 2020 event leaks

The first thing players will notice in the Chrono character is the CR7 reference and his CR7 Ability – Creates a force field that blocks 500 damage from enemies. Movement speed increases by 40%. During the skill activation period, allies in the force field receive a 40% speed bonus. Lasts 10s – 40s cooldown. This new character can easily beat DJ Alok or K in speed and health and Alok and K heal but Chrono makes a shield of 500 hp which is double of possible ep for K and ten times higher than Alok possible heal in one time.


That’s it from us regarding the Upcoming events leaks in Free Fire. In our opinion, players should save their diamond for 2 events – Web Event and The faded wheel.

That’s all about Free Fire upcoming December 2020 event leaks! Feel free to mention your opinions in the comments!

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