Mobile Legends 1.6.06 Patch Update: New Hero Floryn, Meta Hero Nerfs, and more

It’s payback time for non-meta heroes!

Along with other popular MOBA games, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang never ceases to amaze players with timely hero adjustments and quick bug fixes. This newest patch adjusts some of the most popular heroes in Ranked mode recently. Additionally, it buffs some less popular heroes. The Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.6.06 introduces Floryn, the newest hero that is rumored to be obtainable for free in September. With that, let us dive into the details released in this latest patch.

Mobile Legends 1.6.06 Patch Update: New Heroes

Floryn – The Budding Hope

Mobile Legends 1.6.06 Patch Update
Mobile Legends Floryn (Image by Moonton)

Floryn is a Magic Support character that will likely be released in September 2021. Her kit revolves around healing allies while dealing damage at the same time.

Mobile Legends 1.6.06 Patch Update: Hero Adjustments

The Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.6.06 brings a lot of nerfs to heroes who are frequently picked in Ranked mode. Along with that, there will be a lot of buffs to the heroes which are least picked. This would cause a lot of changes in the current meta.


Mobile Legends 1.6.06 Patch Update
Mobile Legends Aldous (Image by Moonton)

Aldous players have had much difficulty in dealing damage in the early game. While many players found it difficult to deal with a fed Aldous in the late game. Through some much-needed adjustments, Aldous’ Stacking ability is now improved for all players. His passive and other skills are also optimized. 

Skill 1

  • Optimized the Attack Speed so it can easily hit fast-moving enemies
  • Extra Soul Steal stack gained upon non-hero enemies’ deaths: 1 → 2

Skill 2

  • Removed the Basic Attack Immunity effect.
  • Damage Reduction: 50% → 30%.


  • Slightly reduced the stun duration on hit.


  • Shield Value: Damage of the triggering Basic Attack → 500 + 3* Soul Steal stack


Mobile Legends Pharsa guide
Pharsa in Mobile Legends (Image by Moonton)

Although Pharsa is still a good hero to play, she loses out some DPS to other long-range Mages like Yve and Chang’e. This cooldown buff allows Pharsa to cast her skills quicker.

Skill 2

Cooldown: 6.5s → 5.5s


Saber has lately been popular in Ranked due to the battlefield adjustments to Penetration. This nerfs to Saber’s passive makes him easier to deal with in the earlier game. 


Physical Defense Reduction: 7 → 5-8 (scales with level)


X.Borg is another meta hero who will be receiving a nerf in this patch. His energy restoration is slightly too broken and gives him an unfair advantage in the lane.


Energy restored upon picking up a Firaga Supply when Armorless: 15 → 10


Another one of the “one-shot” heroes that are quite annoying for Junglers and Mages, Kaja is another hero that benefits a lot from the Penetration adjustment and is receiving quite a few adjustments to balance him out. 

Skill 2

  • Cooldown: 13s-11s → 13s-10s
  • Magic Power Bonus: 120% → 80%


  • Magic Power Bonus: 150% → 100%
  • Magic Defense Reduction: 10-30 → 10-2-


Harley also benefited from the Penetration adjustment like the other one-shot heroes. Despite already receiving a nerf to his Magic Defense Reduction, he is getting further nerfs to his skill damage. 

Skill 1

Base Damage: 150-230 → 120-200

An issue was fixed where certain slow effects couldn’t trigger Fighter Emblem’s Disabling Strike.

Revamped Kagura

Mobile Legends Project NEXT September 2021 Update
Revamped Kagura in Mobile Legends (Image by Montoon)

With the Mobile Legends 1.6.06 Patch Update, Kagura has been revamped as a part of the Mobile Legends Project NEXT September 2021 Update. Kagura’s Skill 1 had an increasingly high hit rate, so the damage was slightly reduced. The Ultimate mechanics were kept the same, but the damage was moved back to the first strike.

Skill 1

Magic Power Bonus: 150% → 135%


The first damage instance now deals damage and applies a 1.5s long 50% slow effect on hit. The total damage remains unchanged.  


Aamon Mobile Legends Skills Overview
Aamon in Mobile Legends (Image via Moonton)

Aamon’s skills are partially revamped, with hopes to improve the overall experience.


Aamon briefly gains a Demonic Blade each time he hits an enemy with a skill or enhanced Basic Attack, up to 3. Aamon’s skills are enhanced based on the number of Demonic Blades he possesses.

Skill 1

Each Demonic Blade increases the number of Malefic Blades flung, increasing the damage. Malefic Blades will fall to the ground. 

Skill 2

Each Demonic Blade increases the number of Malefic Blades flung, increasing the damage and control effect.


It is now divided into 2 parts.

The first part directly triggers the Passive’s Invisible State and Movement Speed boost.

The second part locks on to an enemy hero and flings multiple Malefic Blades at them. The number of Malefic Blades increases with the Demonic Blades. Aamon possesses and Malefic Blades on the ground, dealing damage. After a period of time, all the blades will scatter from the enemy and then converge again after a short delay, dealing a large amount of damage. 


Mobile Legends Natan, Mobile Legends 1.6.06 Patch Update
Mobile Legends Natan (Image via Moonton)

Natan could have double penetration values through using the Hybrid Penetration stat from the Jungle emblem. Developers decided to nerf this as it could be too strong in some cases. 


  • Physical Penetration is no longer converted to Magic Penetration.
  • Removed Malefic Roar from recommended builds.


Developers are wishing to increase Karina’s popularity in ranked matches. Therefore, further adjustments have been made after this may follow depending on her performance and player feedback.


Cooldown: 42s-34s → 34s-26s.

Mobile Legends 1.6.06 Patch Update: System Adjustments

  • Added effect icon tips for some equipment.
  • Optimized the display effect of Kimmy’s Basic Attack button.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Nana’s moves were abnormal after she retrieved the Magic Boomerang during Winter Truncheon’s Frozen.
  • Fixed an issue where Yi Sun-Shin’s model would go down after he recalled on his Turtle Ship.
  • Fixed an issue where the counting effect above Aamon was often displaced.
  • Fixed an issue where Granger’s muzzle effect would shift when he was controlled during the Ultimate
  • Fixed an issue where the model of Sun’s Doppelganger would appear at a certain point on the map upon disappearance.

Are you excited about the latest Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.6.06? Let us know in the comment section below.

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First time ohh amazing UPDATE


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