Mobile Legends November 2022 Leaks: Upcoming skins, heroes and events

All content coming in MLBB for the month of November 2022!

MOONTON Games will add many new items to Mobile Legends in November 2022. They have already released a lot of cool and exciting skins and events this year. More importantly, the much-anticipated promo diamonds event is coming up too. The Starlight Pass is being rolled out in the game soon with unique rewards. A new hero named Joy would certainly be added to the roster. In this article, we will break down every other piece of information about leaks of events, skin, and heroes that players need to know so far about Mobile Legends in the month of November 2022.

Mobile Legends November 2022 Leaks: Upcoming skins

Mobile Legends Starlight Pass for November 2022

Skin Rewards

For the November Starlight Pass, players will get the Popol and Kupa’s ‘Trouble Makers’ skin. The Trouble Makers skin of Popol and Kupa is the exclusive Starlight skin for November 2022. This skin portrays Popol and Kupa as a schoolboy that is a delinquent or a troublemaker along with his dog Kupa, who looks like a Siberian husky, hence the skin’s, cute visuals and design.

Mobile Legends November 2022 Leaks Starlight Pass

The Starlight Exclusive Trouble maker skin of Popol and Kupa can be obtained by purchasing the Starlight Pass. Also, players can pick one skin from the other five options, including Popol and Kupa’s Trouble Makers skin. The available options for the players next month are:

  • Popol and Kupa “Trouble Makers’ skin
  • Martis‘ “Searing Maw” Skin
  • Fanny‘s “Royal Cavalry” skin
  • Khufra‘s “Dreadful Clown” skin
  • Luo Yi’s “Siren Priestess” skin

Other rewards

  • Players will receive a limited sacred statue for Popol and Kupa as a Starlight Pass Reward for November 2022.
  • Players will receive a painted skin for the ‘Scream doll’ skin of Angela, which is exclusive to the purchase of Starlight Pass in November 2022. Players must note that this is painted skin. Hence, players need to own the original skin to use this.
  • Players will also be receiving a Popol and Kupa “Trouble Makers” Battle Emote, which is exclusive to the purchase of Starlight Pass in November 2022.

New collector skin

Mobile Legends November 2022 Leaks Collector Skin

Cecilion’s Crimson Wings skin is a new collector skin that is coming in the month of November and the hero that would be getting a skin is going to be the burst mage hero, Cecilion. The skin is titled Crimson Wings and it possesses very unique and intriguing visual and display effects. Many details about this skin are yet to be revealed, and players should expect to see more details about it later the month of November.

Mobile Legends November 2022 Leaks: Upcoming events

Promo Diamonds Event

A much-anticipated Promo Diamonds event is coming up in-game. Promo Diamonds are more like normal recharged diamonds and can be used to buy skins, heroes and many more purchases in the shop. However, to be able to spend using the Promo Diamonds, one must have 1 normal diamond.

In the month of November, many events like the Shop-wide events, Mega draws and exclusive Epic skin bundle amongst others would be available right from the 10th of November, 2022. Only then, players can use the diamonds. From the 26th of October, 2022 till the 10th of November, 2022, players are meant to complete various in-game tasks to obtain promo diamonds easily.

Double 11 Event

Another highly anticipated skin event is the Double 11 event, which allows players to obtain rare and limited epic skins including the event exclusive ‘Double 11’ skins. A New Double 11 skin is also debuting, and the lucky hero to have this skin is going to be Gusion, an Assassin role hero who just got revamped just of recently.

Former Double 11 skins would also be recurring and available for players to get. This event starts on the 8th of November, 2022 and would run for a month or so. The event would also be closely related to the Promo diamonds as tasks completed under this event would also provide some Promote Diamonds for players.

Mobile Legends November 2022 Leaks: New Hero


A new hero, Joy has been added to the advanced server roster for a while now. Moonton Games has officially confirmed the new hero and she is expected to be added to the roster in the upcoming month. The latest Mage-Assassin of the game has crowd-control immunity and blink abilities, along with high mobility.

Mobile Legends Joy Gameplay Cover
Image via MOONTON Games

She is also a member of the Leonin, like Nana and Harith. Joy is still being tested in the advanced server and is expected to be released on the original server alongside her basic skin by November 2022.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming skins and event leaks for November 2022 in Mobile Legends? Let us know in the comment section below!

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