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PUBG Mobile adds Power Armor Mode, Matrix Event and more

Gather Crystals and blueprints to build the Power Armor!

PUBG Mobile has added an all-new EvoGround mode named ‘Power Armor’ which also features the ‘Matrix event‘. Following the release of the PUBG Mobile 1.3 beta update along with the patch notes, the battle-royale game has now announced the update as a tweet in the PUBG Mobile Global version. This mode allows the players to build a heavy-plated, turbo-charged Power armor in the Matrix bases and dominate the battlefield.

PUBG Mobile announces Power Armor Mode in Twitter

This new mode can be only played on the Livik map and the players can find immense loot along with the elusive flare gun.

Collect Nano Crystals and blueprints to craft the Power Armor

The Power Armor consists of 3 different items – the Power Arm, the Power Vest and the Power Leg. All these three parts need to be assembled in the matrix labs to be able to equip the Power Armor.

Each of these parts needs to be purchased in the matrix lab. The price of each item is 1200 Nano Crystals and 1 Blueprint each. This sums up to be exactly 3600 Nano Crystals and 3 Blueprints which will not be very easy to collect while you also need to combat with other players to survive. These crystals and blueprints are scattered over the entire map.

PUBG Mobile Power Armor
Nano Crystals and blueprints are spread throughout the map

The Livik map will also contain another new feature called ‘Super Crates’ or ‘Matrix Crates’. These crates will spawn in only two areas and the location will be revealed, once you are in the spawn place. They would give you a large number of crystals and sometimes a blueprint too.

PUBG Mobile Power Armor
The yellow circled areas indicate the Super Crate locations while the yellow temple marks indicate the matrix base locations

Perform Hyperjumps with no fall damage

  • Power Arm: Heavy Punch allows you to knock down enemies quickly.
  • Power Vest: Reduces damage taken. It increases maximum backpack capacity.
  • Power Leg: Dash, fly forward for a certain distance while in the air.

After the Power Armor has been successfully assembled, players will gain new abilities like Hyperjump which allows one to jump higher and take no fall damage. A new and special ability called ‘Dragon Breath’ will be unlocked which can knock off an opponent in a single blow.

PUBG Mobile Power Armor
Assemble the 3 parts to prepare the Power Armor

Matrix Event is now live!

  • Respawns: Players can now respawn twice. Players are going to respawned with basic, essential items. Teammates can only be respawned at research stations.
  • Multiple Matrix Airdrops: Significantly increased airdrops and chances to receive a Power Armor component.
  • Life Detectors in matrix bases are activated: You can use them to detect surrounding players.
  •  Improved regional supply output.

Are you excited about PUBG Mobile introducing the Power Armor Mode and the Matrix Event? Let us know in the comment section below!

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