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Seven Knights 2 second August 2023 update brings a new hero, exciting events, and more

Comeback King Lukey, joins the fight!

Netmarble, a renowned developer and publisher recognized for its top-notch mobile games, has revealed the introduction of the second August 2023 update intended for the mobile RPG, Seven Knights 2. Within this update, players can anticipate encountering a novel Legendary+ hero, accompanied by the integration of a Divinity Liberation mechanism aimed at amplifying the prowess of their group of mercenaries.

Seven Knights 2 introduces a legendary ranged tank and support hero with a card-throwing twist

The recently introduced Legendary+ ranged defense type hero, known as the Comeback King Lukey, proves to be an excellent choice for players. This hero functions effectively both as a ranged tank and a supporting character. Lukey employs a unique strategy of employing playing cards to launch attacks against foes while also providing buffs to allies. As battles commence, he confers an enduring shield upon himself as the caster and bestows an Ultimate Skill Gauge Boost to all allies engaged in the PVP arena.

Seven Knights 2 Lukey
Image via Netmarble

Lukey possesses the remarkable ability to equitably distribute damage, bypassing enemy defenses, among all adversaries within his attack range. Furthermore, he grants an enduring Joker effect to allies boasting the highest ATK, which remains for a duration of 10 seconds.

A new addition in this update is the Divinity Liberation system, aimed at enhancing the capabilities of players’ group of adventurers. Once players successfully reach Level 10 on all their Divinity Pages, they gain access to this fresh growth system characterized by nodes. Activation of these nodes exerts an influence on all heroes within the Mercenaries, thereby adding a new layer of strategic depth to the gameplay.

Celebrate the second August 2023 update with exciting events in Seven Knights 2

Several new events to celebrate Lukey’s addition to Seven Knights 2 are now available:

  • Lukey’s Summer Magic Show! Check-in Event (Aug. 16 – Sept. 13): Checking in each day for 14 days will reward players with the Hero Summon Ticket, Legendary Runes, and Magic Card Selection Box, among other rewards.
  • Summer Magic Show! Lukey’s Card Party (Aug. 16 – Aug. 30): Clearing special missions during this event will award players with the Mythic Upgrade Stone, Lukey’s Heart Card, and Lukey’s Spade.
  • Summer Magic Show! Rune & Jewel Party (Aug. 16 – Aug. 30): Players who clear special missions during this event will be awarded the Legendary Jewel Summon Voucher, Rune Selection Chest, and Rune Temple Entry Ticket.

In Seven Knights 2, the official sequel to the widely enjoyed game by 60 million players globally, a fresh narrative unfolds two decades following the original game. This installment introduces players to an exquisite open-world gaming experience. The focal point of the storyline revolves around the Daybreak Mercenaries, who, prompted by a chain of incidents linked to an enigmatic young girl named Phiné, set out on a quest to locate the final member of the legendary Seven Knights, known as “Rudy.”

Are you excited about the second August 2023 update in Seven Knights 2? Let us know in the comment section below!

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