Spiritle, a new turn-based strategy digital board game launches on Android and iOS this June 28th

Use elemental skills and pair enchanted lands together to dominate the board!

The famous roguelike card game Pirates Outlaws‘ developers, Fabled Game Studio, have today revealed that Spiritle, a brand-new four-player turn-based strategy digital board game, will launch for Android and iOS as well as the Steam and Epic Store for PC on June 28th!

Battle against friend and foe to reclaim your place in the World Tree

In the party game Spiritle, players assume the role of incarnated spirits and engage in combat with both friends and foes to regain their position in the World Tree. Spiritle is a cross-platform game for 4 players that invites players to take control of the board by selecting one of 8 distinct spirits, each of which has special skills.

Spiritle launch
Image via Fabled Game Studio

Spiritle’s four elements—Nature, Earth, Water, and Fire—as well as its four seasons—each lasting three months—each contain special enchantments that affect players’ strategic decisions by altering the setting, a character’s choice of skills, or even the entire game board.

The first season, Season of Earth will be available upon launch in Spiritle

The Season of Earth is the first season that becomes available upon release. It is distinguished by its Megalith, which does Attack damage to any Spirits that approach the Tree of Brutality. Players compete in ranked modes throughout each season to gain special League Chests at the season’s conclusion while also unlocking rewards like Golden Nuts, Avatar decorations and customizations, and more.

We are so thrilled to finally share our loving homage to party and board games with gamers all around the world with Spiritle. This game is accessible to all players on PC and mobile devices, with simple-to-learn strategies and maneuvers that make it easy to pick up and play yet develop in complexity to challenge even the most experienced strategist. We invite you to beat the board, and we eagerly await.

Nicolas Lavergne, game producer, Fabled Game Studio

Spiritle offers users a selection of game modes to fit their preferences or moods, including Classic Battle for competitive matchmaking with a leaderboard, the seasonal Cooperative mode for chaotic 2v2 combat, and a Custom option for playing alone or with friends.

Players can visit the official website or follow the official Facebook, Discord, Twitter, and YouTube channels for more information about the game.

Are you excited about the launch of Spiritle on Android and iOS devices? Let us know in the comments below!

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