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COD Mobile creator Ferg flamed serious debate over a comment on X

The community is divided in two to support the correct opinion

Just a few days after the fake giveaway allegation on Sonho, Call of Duty Mobile community on X is again sparked by another issue. This time, one of the best COD Mobile creators and esports players, Ferg, sparked a serious debate. A post on X flamed the debate when Ferg opposed the opinion of another COD Mobile player. Several other creators also joined the debate and made it a “spicy” topic for the fans and players.

Ferg seems to be on the losing side, blocking the player after trying to overrun him by ratio

The debate began when a CODM grinder Namish, who goes as @namishcodm on X, posted a photo of the top-ranked global players saying that the players get to reach #1 after playing with the latest sniper rifle, LW3-Tundra, before the Battle Pass even released which is not fair.

In the comments, another player named John, who goes as @TheCassiniJohn on X, opposed the statement and put down his reasons for opposing. Everything would have gone well if Ferg hadn’t shown up and replied, “This is the worst take ever, both MP and BR should get it at the exact same time.

Not only this, the creator then reposted his reply to get more ratio than the comment on which he replied. Ferg then asked everyone on his Discord server to like and comment on his retweet so that the support looked higher for his opinion.

He didn’t rest there and kept spamming the tweet link on his live streaming. The content creator tried every possible way to overpass the opinion from John. Moreover, Ferg blocked the user from his X account. People started commenting that a fact doesn’t change even if you block the others who disagree with your opinion and that’s a bad practice.

Later, several other renowned creators joined the debate and posted their opinions as well. Hawks, another COD Mobile creator who got involved with Sonho over alleged fake giveaways a few days before, laid down a detailed explanation post. Besides, the post received several visits and most of them were in favor of John. Most of the comments were about the grinding that players had to go through in BR to get the sniper rifle.

On the other hand, some players can simply pay to upgrade the BP to get the sniper rifle gives them an unfair headstart. Another player named Noah, @TheNoahSunday, agreed the same as John and Hawks by saying “Buying the battlepass and skipping possibly 6 hours of grinding to unlock the weapon is definitely an advantage.” But Ferg and his followers seem to deny that. According to some commentators, Ferg could have avoided this serious debate on COD Mobile if he just stayed silent.

new bolt-action sniper rifle LW3-Tundra in COD Mobile
Image via Activision

Ferg is a renowned creator of COD Mobile content with over 222k followers on X and almost 3 million subscribers on YouTube. He opposed the derogatory comment from Dignitas in 2022 saying ‘mobile gaming is not gaming’. The player became the co-owner of Tribe Gaming in the same year. He started playing Apex Legends Mobile and topped the leaderboard as well.

On the other hand, Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 Soldier’s Tale was launched on January 10 with a new bolt-action sniper rifle LW3-Tundra, a new MP map, and more features. Players can unlock the new rifle for free after reaching Tier 21, and the gun can be found in BR maps.

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