Mobile Legends M2: World Championship: Top 5 teams to watch out for

The stage is set

After the successful completion of M1 last year. Moonton is set to launch their 2nd edition of the MLBB M2: World Championship. This year Singapore will be hosting the event and there will be 12 teams competing against each other. From these, there are some new teams who will be competing this year along with some old teams. Looking after their previous results we will be suggesting to you the top 5 teams of Mobile legends Bang Bang (MLBB) M2: World Championship to look out for along with their team members.

Top 5 teams in the Mobile Legends M2: World Championship

1. Alter Ego (ID region)

Alter Ego recently won the One Esports MPL invitational finale defeating Bren Esports and secured a dominating win. This team struggled a little at the starting of the season but they came out pretty strong this time and beat Bren esports 0-3 from best of 5 in the tournament. This has given them the title of Darkhorse in the ID MlBB community. This huge win led them to secure a seat in the M2 and they are ready to show off their skills in the world tournament too.

Top Teams Mobile Legends M2: World Championship

Their star-studded lineup includes:


His real name is Ahmad Abdur Rahman and Ahmad is his in-game name. He plays the role of Assassin or Marksman for his squad and is really a strong one. Ahmad plays Gusion, Kimmy, and Karrie as his main 3 characters. He also uses other heroes but he is mainly seen in these roles. He is the main damage dealer of the team and needs to be feared by the other teams.

 Leo Murphy

His real name is Julian Murphy and he is a Tank/Support roled player. According to us, he is one of the best tank players in the game. Leo is perfect in isolating the ganks giving visions in the correct spots and perfectly engaging the target. He also plays aggressive Chou a lot and Kaja as main support. He is the backbone of this team. 


Eldin Rahadian Putra is the real name of Celiboy. He is often seen as a mage player in the tournaments but also does the role of an assassin player. Celiboy is best seen as Esmeralda and he is very strong in the mid lanes. He is also seen as Harith dominating the ganks and Lunox sometimes.


Pai or Rafly Alvareza Sudrajat is the main marksman for the Alter Ego team. He is mainly seen as Claude or Granger and sometimes as Hayabusa too. He is also seen in MPL ID playing Claude and dominating the enemies. Pai is a really good marksman and we hope that we will see him in the M2 Championship soon.


Alter Ego was going through a tough time before signing Udil into the roster. After signing Udil Alter Ego is doing wonders. Udil is the strongest player in the AE squad and he is also the squad captain. He mainly plays Mage main and is one of the best hard carry using Harith or Selena.

2. Todak (MY/SG region)

This is the second time they are competing in the world championship this year. In the qualifier rounds of MPL (MY/SG) they did win both the two matches that they competed and hence completed a perfect successful season. They are one of the strongest teams in the MPL and as their official statements, they were preparing for M for a long time now. They have both the combinations of experience and talent and will be a tough competitor in the M2 playoffs.

Top Teams Mobile Legends M2: World Championship

Their lineup consists of:


Cikuuu is the top 1 Malaysian Helcurt, Lapu Lapu, and Chou player. He is well known for his aggressive pushes and rotation. He is mainly seen playing Marksman in the tournaments but also plays the assassin role sometimes. Cikuuu is definitely a strong player to deal with.


Moon is the captain of the Todak squad and is a mage main player. He is usually known for his heavy game plannings and aggressive rotations. In the M2 he will be seen commanding the Todak squad again.


Eone is the main tank player of the Todak squad. He is usually seen using Hylos, Grock, and Lolita and is usually a great protection shield for the team. He is also the gank builder of the team as he finds himself in perfect positions for the team to get in to a gank.


Nenass is the main support/fighter of the squad and is usually seen holding the lanes. He provides all the initial support for the team and vision. He is also very strong in the ganks and is known for controlling the ganks perfectly.


Xrayyy is the main fighter of the squad and is usually seen pushing the lanes using Leomord, Masha, or Jawhead. He also did a great job in the last year’s M1 and made quite an image for himself. He is one player that definitely needs to look for in the upcoming M2. There are also other members in the team that we will discuss after the final roster is out.

3. RRQ Hoshi or Rex Requm Qeon (ID region)

RRQ is one of the topmost global squads in the game and were the runners up of the M1 World championship. They were also the champions of MPL season 5 and season 6 and are now ruling the MPL ID. The players are in their top form and according to their official report, they are training hard in a strict table to prepare for the M2 world championship. The current RRQ Hoshi team has a great synergy ongoing and along with a winning streak that boosts their confidence. They will surely be on the top of their game in the M2 and all the fans are excited about it.

Top Teams Mobile Legends M2: World Championship

Their team consists o some top names such as:


Vyn is the captain of the squad for RRQ Hoshi and is mainly seen as playing support fighter or support tank roles. He is known for giving visions in the correct positions and excellent communication with the team.


Lemon is the main mage/support of the team and is mainly seen playing support mage or support assassin, He is great in controlling the ganks and providing correct damage to the opponent teams. Lemon’s Selena is eye candy to watch. He played Bruno in the finals of M1 and took a maniac which surprised us all.


He is the main fighter/tank of the team. He is seen to shift his roles as per the team pick and is a genius in everything he plays. Though he was not in the playing 5 of the MPL-ID finals but had a very good score in the last year’s M1. We hope to see him the M2 this time too.


Albert is the new hero of RRQ Hoshi after his 1v3 in the MPL ID finale which helped the team to get time to respawn and kill the enemies and win the round. He has proved to be one of the most valuable players of RRQ Hoshi and the fans are eager to see him perform in M2.


He is the main Marksman for the team. We have seen him many times playing Claude and completely dominating the enemies. He also performed really well in M1 playing different damage dealers like Gusion and Harith and completely shutting down the enemy. We hope to see him in action in this M2 too.

4. DreamMax (Brazil)

DreamMax is the Brazilian Championship winner and it’s the first time that they got invited into a world league. They recently released their roster and it consists of some really experienced names like Homis, Waas, and Aura which gives them some advantage against the SEA giants. Their unique playstyle of roaming support left many teams stumped and we think this team can put some serious threats to the other SEA teams. Though they lack the experience of the world stage we hope DreamMax will perform their best to fight for the world title.

Their team members are:


Nix is the main midlaner for the team. He mainly plays damage mage like Kagura and Lunox. His main playstyle is to hold the mid lanes and provide as much support possible to his teammates. His combos with tanks are sometimes jaw-dropping. He will be playing in the M2 as midlaner too.


Homis is the main Goldlaner of the team and plays characters like Gusion, Liliya, or Esmeralda as the main damage dealer. He was the key player to win the National Championship for DreamMax.


He is the main XP laner for the team DreamMax. He mainly plays Fighters/Support for the team. Faker provides valuable pushes for the team and also separates the tank from the damage dealers. In the M2 it will be challenging to use these tactics against the speedy gameplay of the SEA teams.


Waas is the main tank of the team. He mainly plays heavy HP tanks as the main frontline for every gank. He mainly plays with Nix and does some nasty tank mage combo that provides the initial damage for the team. After that, the other members just finish them off. He is the main core of the team that the whole team is dependent on.


Luiiz is the main jungler for the team. He usually plays jungle prompted heroes who go in and out of a gank easily. He will be playing as the jungler in the M2 too. 

5. Bren Esports (PH region)

Bren Esports are the Champions of MPL-PH and are currently ruling the MLBB scenes of the Philippines. In the Finals of the One Esports MLBB championship, Alter Ego ruled out Bren Esports in a dominating victory of 3-0. Now the M2 will be their chance of redemption from this humiliating loss.

Top Teams Mobile Legends M2: World Championship

They have a pretty strong lineup consisting of:


He is the main tank/support for the team and provides the initial call outs for the team. According to his last interview, he is pretty confident for the M2 and is ready to roll out for the team.


Ribo basically has the multirole. He can confidently do offlanes along with damage mage for his team. He is one tough player to look out for in this M2 championship.


Phew is one of the best assassin players in the world. He is better known as the ‘fearless fanny’ in the community. He also plays support roles when needed for his team. We hope to see him playing fanny in the M2 championship also.


He is the main Assassin/Marksman of the team. He is the core member that provides the initial damage for the team. Karltzy recently transferred to Bren Esports from Omega Esports and after that Bren got their break in the MPL-PH. He is one heck of a talented player and got some serious skills to show us in M2.


Flaptzy is the main offlaner for the Bren Esports line up. He is mainly seen playing offlaners like Chou and Jawhead and pushing the lanes. He also does some sick combos by which is bliss to the eye of every MLBB fan.

These are some of the top teams that you need to look out for in this Mobile Legends M2: World Championship. There are more players than 5 in some of the teams but it’s useless to describe them all as they might not get the chance to play. So we have mentioned the best performing players of the teams only. These opinions maybe are subjective but we are ready to have a fruitful conversation in the comment section down below.

Which team among these top 5 teams is the favorite to win the Mobile Legends M2: World Championship? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below!

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