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Blood Strike: The complete Shutter Island Map Guide and Tips

Gather intel on Shutter Island and eliminate opponents!

Blood Strike is the uprising fast-paced, battle royale game where you matchmake to fight against other players globally. NetEase introduced the new Shutter Island map for the game with its recent update. As of right now, this map is accessible concerning only the battle royale mode. To get an upper hand, it is necessary to have all the advantages in hand on the battleground. In this piece, Blood Strike: Shutter Island map guide, I’ll be giving insights into the best hot drops or the best places to loot on this map.

You can also check out some redeem codes in the game for free rewards. I’ve also provided important pieces to advance including beginner tipstips to level upmap guideloadout combinationsranked mode guide, resource management, and striker and weapon tier lists. In case you face any issues concerning the game, check the customer support article.

Introducing the Blood Strike Shutter Island Map

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the Shutter Island map is only available for the Battle Royale mode in the game. The other game modes like ranked, weapon master, etc. make use of the Deserted Valley or a random map. This particular map is incorporated for the primary mode i.e. battle royale. So, you need to be familiar with all the locations and features the map symbolizes. 

It is a well-known fact that you’ll be able to move following the map during the match. You should hunt for orange symbols that represent Missions. These missions in the match will help you to gain kill points. There are other symbols namely Capture Mission, Search Mission, Hunt Mission, Mall, Vehicle, and Air Route. Also, here is a list of all the significant placements in Shutter Island:

Blood Strike Shutter Island map
Image via NetEase
  • Prison
  • Processing Zone
  • Residential Area
  • Port
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Boiler Room

In the above list, I’ve mentioned all the locations the game labels in the Shutter Island map. As you land in a location conducive to looting, you can make the most of your understanding through experience. To get materials like ammo, firearms, cash, and more, you need to collect from the crowded areas having warehouses and supply ports. 

List of Loot Locations in the Blood Strike Shutter Island Map

Here are the best hot drops you can come across on the map. You must be mindful and take full benefit of the loot laying out in these prominent areas in Shutter Island:

1. Prison

Prison is the central location of Shutter Island which is convenient for landing. You can reach the safe zone easily when it shrinks after redefinition. The prison buildings contain valuable loot, medkits, and other packs.

Blood Strike Shutter Island map Prison
Image via NetEase

This particular area has two supply posts to get the materials. However, you must be careful as other players will also choose to land in the Prison area. You should gather all the loot items quickly and defeat other players before they do.

2. Processing Zone

The Processing Zone lies beside the Prison close to the right edge of Shutter Island. You’ll find several missions to accept in this area. The processing zone also has two supply posts.

Blood Strike Shutter Island map Processing Zone
Image via NetEase

You can find an extra one while properly going over to the upper side. You can access the residents on the left side. The location will get you loot with weapons, ammo, or probable cash, but will have less significant value.

3. Residential Area

The Residential Area is where you’ll witness various buildings and houses. It lies in the left corner above the prison. The processing zone has three supply posts. So, you’ll find plenty of loot and chests to grab the important materials.

Blood Strike Shutter Island map Residential Area
Image via NetEase

The area has a spread of materials including medkit, ammo, and weapons. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll also locate a vehicle in the residential area.

4. Port

The Port lies on the lower right edge of Shutter Island. This area has a total of four supply posts thus giving you surplus resources. The port will be packed with loot items, chests, and other vital materials you need to survive in combat.

Blood Strike Shutter Island map Port
Image via NetEase

Since the port has four supply outlets, other players might choose to land here. So, you must watch your steps as any of your opponents could attack you from secret spots.

5. Boiler Room

The Boiler Room is very close to the port and is an accessible location even from the prison. The boiler room area has a total of three supply posts or malls. You’ll witness several capture missions in this area.

Blood Strike Shutter Island map Boiler Room
Image via NetEase

There will be a few hunt missions as well. Thus, the boiler room is also an important hub to gain valuables and points to win the match. This area is also convenient in terms of the safe zone.

6. Water Treatment Plant

The Water Treatment Plant is attached to the Boiler Room with a combat staircase and has two supply posts. This area does not have many resources as compared to the other prominent areas. However, you can reach the boiler room easily and get access to the various outlets present in that area.

Blood Strike Shutter Island map Water Treatment Plant
Image via NetEase

This location is surrounded by the water edge and hence can be dangerous when the safe zone is shrinking. So, I’d suggest you not choose this area while seeking to land.

Final Thoughts

Blood Strike is a fast-paced battle royale game by the NetEase Games. The game has hit a massive gamer base post its official release. Shutter Island map is the newest map added to the list having some combat but prominent loot locations. The features located in specific sections of the map are visible and the game marks them with respective symbols cleanly. Therefore, the gamers must be well conversant with the Shutter Island map to get strong weaponry and other supplies.

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