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Cookie Run: Kingdom: Complete list of available Titles and how to earn them

Earn all of the titles in no time!

Titles are fun achievements you can get in the game. They can be unlocked by doing various tasks, like trading your goods in wishes, trains, and ships, or by collecting a certain number of cookies. Most of these can be received just by progressing in the game normally, but some will require dedication to get! Here is a full list of the current titles in the Cookie Run: Kingdom and how to unlock them.

The list of all the available titles currently available are listed below:

1. New Dawn and Fresh Out of The Oven

These titles are available for all players, and you’ll receive them as soon as you make an account. There’s no need to do tasks for these two titles.

Cookie Run Kingdom Titles
Cookie Run Kingdom Titles (Image via Devsisters)

2. Crunchy Builder

This is given to you when you upgrade your castle to level 8. Castle level 8 takes 1 day to complete, and lets you unlock the Cotton Candy Ranch.

3. High and Mighty

Upgrade your castle two more times, and you’ll receive this title. Castle level 10 takes 3 days to complete, and lets you unlock the Maison Du Cake building.

4. Eternal Light

This is the hardest of the castle titles since it’s only given to players with a level 15 castle. Level 15 is the highest possible level, and it can be very time-consuming to build. It takes 90 days to finish, as well as 20 million coins.

5. Housing Planner

Housing Planner
Cookie Run Kingdom Titles (Image via Devsisters)

This is awarded when a player has 20 Cookie Houses in their kingdom, but the houses have to be at least level 5 each. Cookie Houses at this stage only take a small number of materials to build, so it shouldn’t take too long to finish this achievement.

6. Real Estate Tycoon

Like Housing Planner, this title revolves around cookie houses too. For this achievement, you’ll need 40 Cookie Houses in your kingdom, upgrade to at least level 10 each.

7. Great Architect

This title is achieved after building at least 15 Landmarks in your kingdom. Make sure they’re placed on your land since it won’t count if the landmarks you bought are just in your storage.

8. Monument Maestro

Another landmark-themed title, this one requires you to level up your landmarks to level 5 or higher. Like the Great Architect, you’ll also need 15 landmarks total before you receive this title.

9. Honorary Sugar Gnome

You’ll receive the Honorary Sugar Gnome reward when you upgrade buildings a total of 100 times. This might seem like a big number, but keep in mind that this counts landmarks too, so if you already finished the Monument Maestro title, you’ve already upgraded a building (landmarks are types of buildings) at least 70 times!

10. The Aquatic

This title is for the decorating aspect of the kingdom. A player only has to place 200 Waterways (water tiles) in their kingdom to receive this reward. It’s time to create a sea theme with one of your decoration slots!

11. Sea Lover

After placing water tiles in your kingdom, you’ll notice that the large amounts of water look a little empty. Good thing there are waterway decors in the store! Place a total of 100 waterway decors in your kingdom to claim this title.

12. Ocean Lord

If 100 waterway decors weren’t enough for you, then you can go ahead and place another batch of 100 waterway decors. Placing 200 waterway decors grants you the Ocean Lord title, which you can proudly show off to your friends.

13. Romantic Gardener

If you’re a fan of trees and flowers instead of seas and oceans, then this title would be great for you. Be sure to buy a lot of plants in the store, since this title requires you to place a total of 100 plants in the kingdom.

14. Royal Forester

While gardens are pretty, forests are a lot more impressive to have in your kingdom. Place 200 plants in your kingdom so you can receive the Royal Forester award.

15. Master of the Forest

The hardest of the decoration titles, Master of the Forest requires you to place 400 plants in your kingdom. You might want to save up some coins and make sure that you have enough space in your kingdom before completing this title.

16. The Pink Path

Lovers of the color pink would be thrilled to get this title. Place a total of 400 Pink Wafer Tiles in your kingdom to get this award. Unlike most of the decorations, tiles just need to be bought once and then you can place them all over the kingdom with no extra cost, making this one of the cheaper decoration missions.

17. The Chocolate Path

If you have a sweet tooth, then this title is for you. Buy the Chocostone Tile in the store, and then place it in the kingdom 400 times.

18. The Cream Path

The last of the path-themed titles, The Cream Path requires you to place Cookie & Cream Tiles in your kingdom 400 times.

19. Master Artisan

Do you like doing wishes and training frequently? If so, then this title should be easy to get! Master Artisan is unlocked after crafting materials and goods a total of 10,000 times.

20. Real Royal

Real Royal
Cookie Run Kingdom Titles (Image via Devsisters)

This title can be claimed after reaching Kingdom Level 45. While there are a lot of ways to get Kingdom XP (earning enough Kingdom XP levels up your kingdom) in the game, one of the best ways is to progress in Adventure Mode, and to do the quests you’ll receive from time to time.

21. We Are Legion

This title requires you to unlock 50 Cookies total. While it might seem like a lot, all the Rares and Commons amount to a total of 20 cookies, so you’ll just need around 30 Epic+ Cookies to get this title.

22. Baking Legend

Drawing 10,000 times in the Cookie Gacha grants you the Baking Legend title. This would take a maximum of 3,000,000 Crystals to accomplish, but it would take a lesser amount due to the constant Cookie Cutter rewards you receive from the game.

23. Twinkling Star

This title is received when you promote 20 cookies to 5 stars. This is easy to do since Rares and Commons have a high drop rate in the gacha, and you’ll be able to maximize the promotion for these cookies in no time.

24. Shiny Star

This achievement is a lot harder to get than Twinkling Star since it requires you to have 50 cookies promoted to 5 stars. This needs many draws in the Cookie Gacha, as well as using mileage for specific Epic cookies since it would be difficult to get this by relying on luck alone.

To get the Cookie Trainer title, you have to unlock 30 cookies, and then upgrade them to at least level 40 each. Try to upgrade your most useful cookies, so your XP Jelly doesn’t go to waste.

26. Star Jelly Galaxy

This title is for more advanced players and requires you to have 50 cookies with at least level 52 each. Since it’s not advisable to level up a high amount of cookies to 52, getting this title is more of a flex than a necessity.

27. Always By Your Side

Promoting your cookies provides them with additional stat buffs, and some cool titles for you as well! Always By Your Side is received when you have 3 stars on 10 Cookie Bonds. Bonds can be seen from the Cookie tab, and an example of a bond is Rye and Chili Pepper Cookie.

28. Through Thick and Thin

After getting higher-starred bonds, you’ll be able to claim the Through Thick and Thin title. It’s unlocked after having at least 4 stars on 20 Cookie Bonds.

29. True Soulmate

The hardest of the bond titles, True Soulmate is unlocked after you obtain 5 stars with 25 of the Cookie Bonds. This is an extremely difficult achievement since most of the Cookie Bonds have at least one Epic Cookie in them, and trying to 5-star multiple Epic Cookies takes a lot of gacha draws and luck.

30. Fashion Icon

Try out your luck in the Costume Gacha and pull different kinds of costumes! The Fashion Icon title is available to players with at least 30 unique costumes.

31. Trendsetter

Cookie Run Kingdom Titles (Image via Devsisters)

If you have a lot of Rainbow Cubes saved up (which can be received in the game from Alliance seasons, ranking in the Grandmaster tier in Arena, and finishing quests), you can try getting the Trendsetter title. This achievement is unlocked after you obtain 60 unique costumes.

32. Sky Crawler

Players get the Sky Crawler achievement after completing a Balloon Expedition a total of 100 times. As long as you do balloons regularly, you should be able to claim this achievement within a month or two of starting the game.

33. Shadowgazer

After clearing Stage 8-30 in Dark Mode, you’ll receive the Shadowgazer Title. This stage is also known as the Corrupted Hall of Enlightenment and consists of fighting the *** boss.

34. Shadow Voyager

As you progress in the game, you’ll unlock tougher levels. Shadow Voyager is received after beating 10-31 Dark Mode. Generally, you would be at around the world 12 Story Mode before you beat 10-31 Dark Mode.

35. Shadow Weaver

This title is received after beating the Red Velvet Dragon! Successfully defeat Dark Mode 12-30 to get the title and flex it to your friends.

36. Star in the Shadow

Make sure to earn as many stars in Dark Mode as you can, since having at least 1,000 stars in Dark Mode would grant you this title. Stars are received depending on the state of your cookies after the match; all cookies surviving give 3 stars, one cookie defeated gives 2 stars, and 3 or fewer cookies being alive provides you with 1 star on a stage.

37. Continent Explorer

While World 13 isn’t that difficult of a chapter, the final boss might be tough to defeat. However, you’ll get the Continent Explorer title as a reward for beating it! Clear 13-30 Story Mode to get this achievement.

38. Kingdom Sheriff

Remember to complete your bounty missions, since they’re your main source of Skill Powders. Completing 100 bounties is also needed to get the Kingdom Sheriff title.

39. Bounty Hunter

A real Bounty Hunter does more than 100 bounties! Complete at least 500 Bounties to earn this title. It will take at least 167 days to get this title, assuming you don’t have a Kingdom pass and you don’t buy bounty attempt refills.

40. Duelist

Try to be as active in Arena as you can, since you’ll get better rewards the higher the rank you finish at. Finishing the season in Diamond 3 gives you the Duelist title.

41. Winner

As you get stronger cookies and teams, you can finish a season in Masters! Remain at Master 5 or higher so you can receive the Winner title.

42. Champion

Get to Master 1 by the end of the season to receive the Champion title. Note that the trophy count from Master 2 to Master 1 is very huge since Master 1 only accepts the top 1% ranking players on the server.

43. Top 500

Reach the top 500 in Arena to receive this award. Unlike the other Arena titles, you don’t need to finish within the Top 500, you just have to reach the threshold at some point!

44. Grandmaster

The Grandmaster tier was released in the Cookie Odyssey update and is even harder than Master 1. End at the top 0.5% of players in Arena to receive this title.

45. Great Grandmaster

Only the most competitive players in the game can hope to receive this award. Finish at the Top 200 players (Grandmaster 2 tier cut-off) in the leaderboard to get this title.

46. Legendary Grandmaster

This is the biggest flex in the game since only the top 30 players of the season will receive this title. If you’re trying to get this title, keep in mind that the majority of the players in this tier aren’t free-to-play players, so if you don’t spend real-life currency on the game you’ll have a difficult time.

47. Vanguard

Remember to be active in your guild and do your daily battles on the dragon! Completing at least 300 Guild Battles will award you this title. Assuming you do all your battles each day, it will take you 100 days to receive the Vanguard title.

48. Cloudbuster

Unlocking clouded areas in the Tropical Soda Islands will provide you with more islands to conquer, or a treasure chest with helpful items. Exploring these areas at least 30 times will grant you the Cloudbuster title.

49. Liberator of the Seas

If exploring 30 clouded areas was too easy, then try to unlock the Liberator of the Seas title! This achievement is given when you study at least 100 clouded areas in the Tropical Soda Islands.

50. Sovereign of the Seas

This is the final title related to the Tropical Soda Islands; Collect as many Sea Rarities as you can, since this title requires you to unlock 150 dark areas!

51. Chaos Strider

The Tower of Sweet Chaos is one of the best game modes for earning EXP Jelly. Clearing Tray 50 of the Tower for the first time grants you the Chaos Strider title.

52. Chaos Tamer

Advance further in the Tower of Sweet Chaos to get this title. Clear Tray 100 (note that this is usually a boss stage) for the first time to receive this title.

53. Chaos Vanquisher

If you complete all the trays in The Tower of Sweet Chaos, you’ll receive the Chaos Vanquisher award. Note that you’ll have to be strategic with where you spend your Searing Keys since it’s possible to run out of them before the season ends. If this happens, clearing Tray 150 for that season is impossible.

54. Collector

Obtain 100 guild relics to flex the Collector award. Guild relics can be received from doing Alliance runs, or from the Rainbow Shop Gallery, where you can buy up to two guild relics per two days with the cost of 1,600 Rainbow Pearls.

55. Archaeologist

Cookie Run Kingdom Titles (Image via Devsisters)

Flex your helpfulness to your guild with the Archaeologist title! This title is awarded when you obtain at least 200 guild relics.

56. Tree Tender

The Tree of Wishes is an essential aspect of the game since it’s where you’ll receive the most coins. Do 1,000 wishes in the Wishing Tree successfully to receive the Tree Tender award.

57. Wish Fulfiller

If being a Tree Tender isn’t enough, complete 1,000 more cookie wishes (for a total of 2,000 wishes finished).

58. Train Engineer

Another trading aspect of the game, trading your goods and materials in the train section doesn’t provide a lot of coins, but they’re great for earning Rarities. Receive rewards from the Bear Jelly Train at least 100 times to receive this title.

59. Railroad Tycoon

As you progress in the game, you’re going to need more and more rarities to upgrade your Cookie Houses, Sugar Gnome Labs, and production buildings. Do your trains regularly and receive a total of 300 rewards from the Bear Jelly Train to get this award.

60. Entrepreneur

Build the Seaside Market to receive this title. It can be built as long as you have Castle level 6, and you have cleared the tiles at the lower part of your kingdom, right next to the tents.

61. Merchant

After building the Seaside Market, you’d want to build the Trading Harbor. This requires a castle level 8. When you receive rewards from the ships 30 times, you’ll receive the “Merchant” title.

62. Trade Master

If you’re serious about the production aspect of the game, then getting this title is a must. This title is awarded to those who finished in the Top 10% of the Golden Age of Trade event, where players earn more points for the higher amount of goods they trade.

63. Trade Genius

This one is harder to get; you must finish at the Top 1% of the Golden Age of Trade event to claim this title. Note that the top 1% requires millions of points, and it would be hard to get in if you don’t constantly produce materials 24/7.

64. Cha-ching!

Cookie Run Kingdom Titles
Cookie Run Kingdom Titles (Image via Devsisters)

This title is awarded when you receive a total of 100 million coins. Unfortunately, you can’t see your progress on this title in the Titles tab, so you’ll just have to estimate how close you are to getting this title.

65. Everybody’s Friend

Send a total of 500 gifts to your friends to receive this title. Assuming you have a full friends list (you can’t have more than 30 friends on your list at a time) this should take 17 days to finish.

66. Generous Friend

This title requires you to actively give gifts to your friends in the game since you can only claim it after giving 1,000 gifts total.

67. Sweetness Supplier

In the most difficult Friend title, you’ll have to send 3,000 daily gifts total to receive this achievement. Unlike Bounty Missions, sending gifts can’t be refreshed and you can only send a maximum of one gift per person. This would take at least 100 days to achieve.

68. Guild’s Rolemodel

Active guild members would have no trouble earning this achievement. Guild’s Rolemodel is received after earning a total of 20,000 Guild Activity Points. You can gain points from donating XP to your guild, and helping in guild domain expansion.

69. Guild’s Hero (Hidden)

This is a hidden title. You can only see this title after unlocking it. You need 50,000 Guild Activity Points to earn this title.

70. Guild’s Legend (Hidden)

Another hidden title, this guild-related title can be unlocked after gaining 100,000 Guild Activity Points. This might take a while to accumulate, so you’ll have to be patient.

How many of the above-mentioned titles do you already own in Cookie Run: Kingdom? Let us know in the comment section below!

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