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Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide: Tips to beat Avatar of Destiny Boss

Beat the Avatar of Destiny Boss easily with these steps!

Guild Battle is an important game mode in Cookie Run: Kingdom since it gives you weekly rewards. The higher ranked your guild is, the better rewards you’ll get. However, it’s hard to be in a high-ranked guild if you don’t do enough damage to the bosses. One of the bosses in Guild Battle of Cookie Run Kingdom is the Avatar of Destiny Boss, and here are some tips on how to fight it. It’s recommended to have the following cookies and their specific Toppings for this boss: Blackberry Cookie, Oyster Cookie, Rye Cookie, Pomegranate Cookie, Cherry Blossom Cookie, Vampire Cookie, Squid Ink Cookie, Macaron Cookie, and Cream Puff Cookie at least level 50, but it’s more efficient if you have your cookies at the maxed level (Level 70).

Treasures for this comp are Old Pilgrim’s Scroll, Enchanted Librarian’s Robes, and Squishy Jelly Watch. Your Squishy Jelly Watch treasure has to be maxed for you to use this comp, and it’s recommended to have a high Robes treasure as well since you need a lot of ATK Speed for this team to work in higher boss levels. Rye Cookie should also have at least Level 10 Magic Candy for this comp. You can easily craft Rye’s candy ingredients from the Magic Laboratory, where you can craft Cookie Resonants and Swiftness Sugar Crystals.

1. Timing is the Key

This comp needs specific timings so you can get the best amount of damage. When you enter the match, make sure your “Auto” button is turned on. Queue Pomegranate Cookie’s skill (an hourglass button should show up on her skill icon). Once she casts her first skill, queue Blackberry’s skill after (unlike Pomegranate, her skill would only go off when she reaches the boss).

When you reach the steps (before you encounter the boss) you should cast Oyster. Afterward, cast Rye and Cherry Blossom’s skills. Be sure to cast as fast as possible (if you’re not confident with your timing, you can have your battle speed set to 1.0x, the lowest speed in the game). Blackberry should set off her skill after Rye and Cherry Blossom, if she does her skill before the two then you timed them late.

how to time guild battle avatar of destiny
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After this, the rest of the cookies should be able to be cast on time, and you can just sit back and let the cookies attack the boss until the timer runs out. The only thing to note is that in Cherry Blossom’s second skill, she should be dodging a laser beam from the boss. Once you see the red laser pointed at her, you should tap her skill so she can rush to the boss, and come back when the laser is gone.

You should be able to deal at least 40 million damage to the Avatar of Destiny, and more if you have higher bonds, cookie promotion/ascensions, guild buffs, or Scroll level.

Blackberry is a Rare Cookie; Rare Cookies are generally known as starter cookies and players would only use them in the early stages of the game and then replace them with better Epic Cookie alternatives. However, Blackberry is the most important cookie in this comp, since her 20% extra CRIT chance helps deal a high amount of damage to the Avatar of Destiny Boss, as well as the extra tombstones that the boss releases from time to time. Without the extra CRIT chance, other teams would have a hard time bringing down the barriers that protect the boss.

Since you want her to cast her skill as frequently as possible, you need to give her the highest Cooldown set you can. Ideally, a 29.6% cooldown is recommended as a minimum for her, but since this is a hard amount to get for most players (for reference, the highest cooldown you can get from toppings is 30%) then it’s okay to “settle” for 27% cooldown or more.

Blackberry Cookie Run Kingdom Avatar of Destiny Boss
Image via Devsisters

This team relies on having a high ATK Speed, and it’s important that Blackberry has ATK Speed substats too. You don’t need a specific amount for her, but make sure she’s getting the Enchanted Robes’ ATK speed increase bonus. (Enchanted Robes targets the cookies with the two highest ATK Speed substats. As long as she’s getting the effect, even a 1% atk speed is fine.)

Another thing to note is that as you go into higher Avatar of Destiny levels, Blackberry can be a bit fragile. Some DMG Resist substats on her would be helpful so she can survive for the entirety of the match, but if you can’t get good DMG Resist substats then prioritize her Cooldown and ATK Speed substats.

Rye is your highest damage dealer, so it’s recommended that you use Searing Raspberries with her. It’s best to have a full Searing Raspberry set with as many ATK and CRIT substats as possible. Since she’s the main attacker in this comp, make sure to prioritize her set.

Image via Devsisters

Like Blackberry, she also needs ATK Speed substats. There’s no minimum for the actual number, but just make sure that she’s getting the effect from the Enchanted Librarian’s Robes’ treasure.

As you go to higher Avatar of Destiny levels, you might need some extra DMG Resist substats on her. Some Cooldown stats are also good for easier timing, but if your team is working properly then you won’t need a lot; just try to get around 2% at least.

Pomegranate is necessary for this comp since her heels help keep the team alive. She also provides a 30% ATK Boost, which helps Rye Cookie have a higher damage output. The boss can shoot lasers at your cookies during the duration of the match, so it’s important that she’s casting her skill as frequently as possible.

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A 22.8% cooldown (without set effect) minimum is alright if you have Blackberry at 29.6% cooldown; however, you’ll need a higher Pomegranate set if Blackberry has less than 24.6. Make sure you have as much cooldown as you can. She requires a full Swift Chocolate set. Try to get some DMG Resist substats too.

Cherry Blossom uses full Raspberry. While those who have to use Cherry Blossom in the Living Abyss boss (another type of boss in Guild Battle) might use Apple Jelly toppings, it’s better to use Searing Raspberries instead since there’s already a high chance of her doing CRIT hits with Blackberry and Oyster cookie increasing the whole team’s CRIT chance.

Cherry Blossom Cookie Run Kingdom Avatar of Destiny Boss
Image via Devsisters

Since she helps provide constant ATK buffs for the team and works similarly to a support, you want her to have a high cooldown stat. A good benchmark is around 8% cooldown, but as long as she can dodge the boss’s laser beam at the early parts of the battle then fewer cooldown substats is alright.

Oyster Cookie is here to do a similar job to Blackberry. She increases CRIT chance and increases CRIT Damage as well. She uses full Swift Chocolate toppings since she has a unique skill that releases soldiers depending on the amount of cooldown she has.

Image via Devsisters

For example, to reach the maximum amount of soldiers, you’d want her to have at least 29.3% cooldown (without set effect). However, since players will also have to use a high CD set for Blackberry, if you can’t afford a 29.3 cooldown then you can use an 11.2% cooldown set instead for 3 soldiers.

Image via Devsisters

Any extra cooldown after 11.2% wouldn’t do anything different to Oyster (since her skill is always 17 seconds long), so if you can’t reach 29.3% cooldown then this is a viable alternative. However, you’ll miss out on a few million’s worth of damage.

Vampire Cookie is a great alternative in the team if you do not have Cherry Blossom or just need a Cookie character to deal consistent high damage. Vampire Cookie is a long-lasting unit due to his ability to heal himself whenever he uses his Skill to attack and drink the blood. In such a time-gated battle as this, you would need to consistently dish out as much damage as possible in the limited amount of time that has been provided.

Image via Devsisters

Since the goal is to deal high consistent damage, Vampire Cookie will excel best if he is equipped with the Searing Raspberry Toppings. The Toppings will provide an ATK boost to Vampire Cookie making his Skill damage and Normal Attacks deal high amounts of damage to the boss. For sub-stats you must focus on providing enough Crit to Vampire Cookie in order to consistently deal high volume of damage.

Squid Ink has both an offensive role and a support role in the team comp. Squid Ink’s Skill alone deals high consistent damage using their Ink Tentacles and can deal AoE damage to the big boss. Additionally, his individual kit abilities and his new Magic Candy gave him more of a Supportive role where he can reduce the enemy’s defense for a certain percentage while he is in his Squid Ink state of slapping the enemies with his tentacles. When you are at the battle, only activate Squid Ink’s Skill once the Avatar of Destiny brings in its pillars. Squid Ink is the only Cookie who can consistently destroy the pillars around the field due to their AoE Tentacle attacks.

Image via Devsisters

Of course, there is no doubt that the Magic Candy can also provide an additional damage bonus to his attacks. Squid Ink has a long cooldown of 16 seconds and may prove to be squishy or taxing to use in a team comp such as this due to the boss’s abilities. This is why it would be wise to build Squid Ink with Searing Raspberry Toppings along with Swift Chocolate Toppings. He does not need to be equipped in a full set, rather just needs to keep his Skill cooldown as low as below 11 seconds.

So using just one or two Swift Chocolate Toppings will be sufficient. Additionally, Squid Ink’s sub-stats would be a mixture of Crit and cooldown reduction. Note that Squid Ink can only shine if they have their Magic Candy equipped with them. Lastly, if you do not have Squid Ink Cookie somehow then the next best alternative would be Clotted Cream Cookie.

Macaron’s main objective in the team is to provide buffs to her allies by increasing their ATK and CRIT%, especially at the start of the battle. Her healing capabilities come in second. When you are in the battle, start by pressing Auto and then queue up Maracon Cookie by pressing on her Skill. Once Maracon Cookie uses her Skill, turn off Auto immediately.

Image via Devsisters

It is recommended to use Maracon Cookie’s Skill at the same time as Rye Cookie’s Skill when you are battling the boss. As far as Toppings go, Macaron Cookie is recommended to be equipped with a full Swift Chocolate build. The main focus of this build is to achieve a cooldown of 24% for Macaron Cookie in order to swiftly use her Skill and essentially spam it effectively. The remaining sub-stats focus would be Crit percent and some additional ATK percent.

Cream Puff Cookie is a great addition to the team comp especially now since she received a buff due to her Magic Candy. Cream Puuff Cookie’s main goal is to provide consistent healing to the allies of her team while also providing ATK buffs at the start of a battle.

Image via Devsisters

When starting the battle, queue up Cream Puff Cookie and/or Cherry Blossom Cookie once the Boss animation part starts. Cream Puff Cookie will be running a full Juicy Apple Jelly set as her Skill and her Magic Candy scales off of Crit percent. For the sub-stats it is recommended to have at least 7% of cooldown while also stacking as much Crit% and ATK% as possible.

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