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Cookie Run: Kingdom: The complete Super Mayhem mode Guide and Tips

Master the Super Mayhem mode in no time!

Super Mayhem is a recurring game mode in Cookie Run: Kingdom and is very similar to Kingdom Arena. It’s also a great way to get gems. To participate in this mode, you need to set up 3 teams and battle other players with them. You should try to win as many battles as you can to advance in rank and try to maintain your rank before the season ends. Here’s our Cookie Run: Kingdom Super Mayhem guide to help you get started in this mode.

Various milestone rewards can be received upon reaching new ranks. (You get the rewards as soon as you reach the tier, and you can still claim them even if you drop in rank.) Possible rewards include XP Jelly, topping pieces, Radiant Shards, and Rainbow Cubes. You even get a special pfp just from doing one battle. This season (Paladin’s Oath) is available until June 14 (GMT +9:00), so be sure to collect the rewards before then.

If you’re familiar with the Arena game mode, then you’ll get the hang of Super Mayhem quickly. Try to make the best 3 team comps with the cookies available to you. Remember that, unlike the Alliance game mode, Super Mayhem doesn’t boost any of your cookies, so it’s best to choose properly built cookies. Try to use your high-leveled cookies (both in skill and XP), and make sure you have good Toppings and Treasures equipped for them.

Cookie Run Kingdom Super Mayhem
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Another difference between Arena and Super Mayhem is that there’s no revenge feature. You can’t see the players who attacked your team, and you won’t lose trophies to them either. This makes bait teams in Super Mayhem pointless, except if you’re already at a high rank and you’re trying to help other players out.

Super Mayhem Team Setup
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This game mode is always set on auto, and you can choose to play in 1x, 1.5x, or 2.5x speed. Most players use the 2.5x speed option since there are 3 battles in one game, and watching all of them in 1x speed can be time-consuming. Your first team will always battle the opponent’s first team, and the same applies to the second team and the third team. You only need to win with two teams; if a player wins the first two rounds, then they’ll automatically win the match.

Individual Player Ranks

There are numerous ranks in Super Mayhem, with the lowest being Chocolate 2 and the highest being Grandmaster 1. It’s good to go up in rank in Super Mayhem since the higher your rank is, the better the rewards you’ll get at the end of a season! Season rewards consist of medals and gems, with the highest reward (ranking at Grandmaster 1) giving you 20,000 gems, 7,000 medals, and 3,000 Rainbow Cubes.

Super Mayhem rewards
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Note that Grandmaster 1 requires you to be one of the top 30 players in the game mode, so it’s more realistic to go for a lower rank like Master 5, which gives you 10,000 gems but only requires you to have 6,000 trophies.

Guild Ranks

The game mode also gives additional rewards depending on how well your guild does in the season. This is measured by how much the total trophies all the guild members earn. Like individual rankings, there’s also a guild ranking.

Super Mayhem Guilds
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Guilds with at least 120,000 trophies and are in the top 1% earn the most rewards. Each member of the guild will get 10,000 crystals and 3,000 medals. To get 120,000 trophies, a guild with 30 members will need at least 4,000 trophies each. If you’re in an inactive guild right now, you should consider going to a more active guild in the future so you won’t miss out on the additional rewards.


Super Mayhem medal shop
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When you win battles, you earn trophies and medals. Medals are the currency you use in the Arena Medal Shop, where you can buy cookie soulstones, XP jelly, rarities, and Time Jumpers, to name a few. The most important thing to buy here is the Ancient soulstones, which are the only sure free-to-play way to get ancient since Ancients have really low drop rates in the gacha.

What are your thoughts on our Cookie Run: Kingdom Super Mayhem mode guide? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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