FC Mobile 24: How to link your in-game account with EA Account

Secure your game data by following simple steps!

The new season of FC Mobile is in full swing! Electronic Art’s has released the latest season of their popular soccer title as a season update. Recently EA has launched a new way of linking your in-game account with your personal EA Account. Although Google Play linking is safe, an EA Account could be a new safer option for an FC Mobile account link. So, in this article, we are going to help you with the steps to link your FC Mobile account to your EA account.

Account Linking is important in any game as losing your account can cause serious issues. For a player who has dedicated a considerable amount of time to a particular game, whether on a console or mobile, losing their account permanently can be extremely upsetting. To prevent users from committing a serious mistake, the devs have recently launched a special quest for linking your in-game account to an EA account.

EA Account in FC Mobile

EA Account is a feature developed by EA, ie Electronic Arts that can be used to save your game data, raise customer support queries, and connect with community forms not only for FC Mobile but also for other EA titles. It allows you to use online services provided by Electronic Arts. Registering an EA account is free of charge.

Image via Electronic Arts

To use your EA Account, it is necessary to receive an e-mail at the address registered at Electronic Arts. It helps you save your data and is the most secure method to do so. The main advantages of using an EA Account to link data are:

  • Prevention of Account Lost.
  • Preventing overwriting the Game data.
  • Reaching the official Customer Support hassle-free

Please note that the specific steps to create an EA Account may vary depending on the region and the game or service you are using. Depending on your region, parents might need to create a child or teen account. It’s recommended to check the official EA website or the specific game’s support page for accurate and up-to-date information on creating your EA Account.

Step 1: Creating your personal EA Account

To link your data, the first step is creating your EA Account. The steps are as simple as follows:

  • Open the EA Account Creation Page via this link. It will directly open the EA Account Creation page.
Image via Electronic Arts
  • Enter your details accordingly such as your Date of Birth and Region and always give your game email ID, the one you have the Google Play account linked with to avoid confusion.
  • Set up a strong password to make sure your account can’t be hacked or misused in the future

Step 2: Linking your FC Mobile Account to your EA Account

Once your EA Account is ready, the next step is to link it to your game. The below steps are to link your in-game account with EA Account.

  • Tap on the Settings (cogwheel) icon located at the top-right corner of the home screen. The in-game Settings menu would pop up on your screen.
  • You will find the Link Accounts option under the settings menu.
Image via Electronic Arts
  • Tap on Link Accounts and then link your account with your EA Account
  • Tap on the EA Account option. This will take you to the EA Account Sign-in page
Image via Electronic Arts
  • Sign in with your personal EA Account ID and Password
  • Verify your email ID with the Verification Code sent to your email from the EA website.
  • And that’s it! You have successfully linked your EA Account with your FC Mobile account!
Image via Electronic Arts

With the recent quest that EA introduced, once you have linked your FC Mobile account to your EA Account for the first time, you will be receiving an EA Sports official logo, 1000 Gems, and 1x Universal Rank Player – Mascherano!

Image via Electronic Arts

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