FIFA Mobile 20 Preseason Guide

The journey to the new Season begins!

No Sooner the Top Prospects Event finished, EA announced the arrival of the much-awaited Preseason event. The final event of the season, this is the end of the road. It’s time to pack your bags (team) and move forward into the next season with a strong legacy squad. In this epic fantasy-themed Preseason, you’ll travel across multiple maps, defeat bosses, and escape dungeons. Therefore without further ado, let’s get straight into the FIFA Mobile 20 Preseason Event Guide where you can get the players who changed clubs in the last transfer window.

FIFA Mobile 20 Preseason Event Description

  • Event Duration: October 14th – November 2nd (19 Days)
  • Ads: 3 ads daily giving 5 Adventure Energy per ad
  • Coin Packs: 8 Coin Packs weekly giving 10 Adventure Energy  for 125,000 coins
  • Energy: Adventure Energy refreshes 1 per hour with a max of 18 Adventure Energy
  • Daily Login: 4 Loot Dice & 2 Magic Scrolls

FIFA Mobile 20 Preseason Event Flow

Preseason Quest

So here we have three books, to begin with, which are where the main portion of the event is. The books are broken down into three quests so there are really nine different sets. It’s basically World Tour in a nutshell. It’s a rehash of the world tour, which is a lot diferent that the recent events we have seen which makes it very exciting.

  • Journey to Kick-Off Canyon
  • Curse of Red Card Castle
  • Wrath of the Header King
FIFA Mobile 20 Preseason

This is the main portion of the event, this is what you go through to gain your pre-season points. You will be using your Adventure Energy to complete matches along the different Adventure Paths. At the end of each act, you’ll be greeted by a mini Boss and then a Boss of the area. Keep your wits about you and play for the win to earn a Preseason Player. Defeating the Boss battle opens the next Preseason book with new matches and new rewards

As you advance through the Adventure Paths, you will unlock optional side paths, called Side Dungeons. They are skill games that can be completed for Training XP and Questing Score. These are the sub-paths, there’s one subpath in each of the three acts in each of the three books, that’s just for resources they don’t give you preseason points. Side Dungeons use base stamina and can be replayed up to a certain amount. The limit can be refreshed through the use of Gems or FIFA Points.

FIFA Mobile 20 Preseason

Each of the matches in the quest tab takes 5 event-specific adventure energy. This is also an energy-driven event where you can hold a maximum of 18 energy. There are also 8 weekly coin packs that give 10 Adventure Energy for 125,000 coins each and 3 daily ads giving 5 Adventure Energy each.

Dragon’s Hoard

The next tab is the Dragon’s Hoard. This is exactly what we saw in Lunar New Year and many other events where you have a bunch of nodes, you can claim as many as you want to get the three daily rewards.

Use Loot Dice to open nodes containing different rewards, including Preseason Players, Magic Scrolls, and Forge Points. Rewards change daily, so make sure to check back in regularly. It is not intelligent to go to unless you have enough of the loot dice to be able to claim something important.

Now & Later

Here in the Now and Later chapter, you will be spending your hard-earned preseason points, that is everything you earn in the three books. In the sub-passes of each node, you can get the Forge Points, the Magic Scrolls, and the Now and Later Points. Spend your Preseason Points along the path to earn rewards, including Now & Later Players.

FIFA Mobile 20 Preseason

Redeeming a Now & Later Player for use in your current team and your Legacy Team, and you’ll receive a different version of the same player when the new season starts. Additionally, there are a lot of in-game resources such as Boosts, XP, Coins, Shards, etc This is also where you will gather all your resources and materials for the Forge chapter, where you actually build the players.


In the Forge Chapter, this is where you can build either a 90 rated, 100 rated, or a 110 rated player. You don’t get to choose the player other than it’s OVR, making it random. You spend your forge points to build the strength ie the OVR, then you choose the player position depending on your choice and then you grab the player. Craft your very own player in the Forge! Use Forge Points to choose the OVR and position category of the player you want.

From there, claim a reward pack that contains a player with your desired requirements. Everybody wants the 110 players, it’s 2500 forge points to grab it. 1300 for a 100 rated and 650 for a master. These are all auctionable so by the time people get/ can get their hands on 110s, the price will come way down.

Your Legacy

This is just the Legacy Chapter, all this does is show you the main Now and Later players. These are the players that you can claim that show what you have now and you can claim an elite version of them after the season reset. It gonna be the same player but an 80 rated card which early in the season will seem a stellar version in your squad.

Check-in here to see what Legacy rewards will grant you rewards for the new Season. Keep track of the Now & Later Players you’ve claimed as well as the total sum of Now & Later Points you’ll start the new season with! Every player you acquire and every extra point you hold onto will give you that much more of a leg up with the start of the new season!

Daily Quests and Leaderboard

There are additional daily quests. Complete daily quests to earn the Questing Score. Place on the Questing Score Leaderboard to earn extra Forge Points, Coins, and even a special Preseason Logo. You need to use a Loot Dice on the Dragon’s Hoard, spend 100,000 coins.

FIFA Mobile 20 Preseason

The Preseason leaderboard resets in 3 days gives you Forge Points depending upon your standing. Complete all the quests every day as none of them are very difficult to do it.

FIFA Mobile 20 Preseason Event Currencies

FIFA Mobile 20 Preseason

Preseason Points

  • Earn them from Adventure Paths.
  • Spend them along the Now & Later Path.

Now & Later Points

  • Earn them from the Now & Later Path and the Preseason Star Pass. 
  • Spend them in the New Season when it arrives.

Questing Score

  • Earn them from completing Daily Quests and Side Dungeons.
  • Place on the Questing Score Leaderboard for added rewards.

Loot Dice

  • Earn them from Daily Rewards and the Now & Later Path. 
  • Use them in the Dragon’s Hoard for a variety of rewards.

Magic Scrolls

  • Earn them from Daily Rewards and the Now & Later Path. 
  • Use them to open a Special Pack in the Store for a variety of rewards.

Forge Points

  • Earn them from the Now & Later Path and Leaderboards. 
  • Use them to craft players in the Forge.

Running the Math for F2P Players

As per our calculations, the following sums up the chances for F2P Players.

Resource Management

Energy18 InitialTotal
Hourly Refresh1 per Hour455
Weekly Coin Pack80 per Week240
Daily Ads15 per Day285

Total 998 Adventure Energy and 758 without the Coin Packs

These 998 Adventure Energy will be used to complete the three books; you will actually need only 720 Adventure Energy to complete all the three adventure books.

Total 720 Adventure Energy will give 14,545 Preseason Points

FIFA Mobile 20 Preseason Event Tips and Tricks

After a decent Top Prospects, Preseason is really an event to play out for. With grinding and playing for the final remaining days of this season, so here is our suggestion guide for the FIFA Mobile 20 Preseason Event.

First and foremost as usual this is an event energy-based event. So never ever let your energy get filled out. Don’t let your energy refresh out. Never! We say the same tip for each and every event, never let the energy max out.

Preseason Points

From the math, we can see you can get all the possible Free to Play Preseason Points ie 14,545 Points by spending only 720 Energy. You can use these Preseason Points to earn either Forge Points or Now and Later Points. Focus on one on of them as focusing on both will land you an insufficient amount of both of them.

Forge Points

If you look at the Forge Points, it takes about 2500 points to get a 110. The Problem is you can only get 2150 to 2200 Forge Points free to play. It heavily depends on which path you go and which subpath you grab. You have Forge Points in the first node of everything in the Now and Later Tab and also in the main path itself.

FIFA Mobile 20 Preseason
Source : Frangin

It depends on which way you go, so you are gonna be shy of 2500 points, there may be some available in the coming days in the Dragon’s Hoard as well. You can as well straight up buy the missing Forge points for 7500 Gems to get your 110 players. Remember on the first day, these 110 players will be worth a ton but that will come down way low as days go by in the market.

Remember, these are Preseason players, you are forging Preseason Players and not Now and Later Players, once the reset happens they will be only good in your Legacy Squads. To grab the Forge Points, grab the first subpath on every node except Node 3.1.

Now & Later Players

110 Suarez is not free to play and is out of the question. Only if you saved 37,500. Both Thiago and Ake are obtainable only from the chain packs in Store, so if you are not willing to spend the money or gems, then kiss them goodbye. Ziyech and Kolarov are obtainable free to play, with Ziyech being from the preseason quest and Kolarov from the Now and Later Chapter. Bale and Tonali are only available if you buy the StarPass

FIFA Mobile 20 Preseason
Source : Frangin

Remember the players cannot be auctioned in the market, therefore these are non-auctionable players. So if you are grabbing any of these, if you are wasting your time and money to get any of these, you would want to put them in your squads because you can’t sell them and they go away in 19 days. You can go on till the side path of Suarez on the Now and Later tab, on Node 23.2, and grab the 300 Now and Later Points. Then you go back on Node 7.3 to get the 20 Now and Later Points. So that’s 320 Now and Later points possible free to play. As far as we have calculated, that’s the most you can get. To get there you have to skip all the side paths and Forge Points and Magic Scrolls. It depends on what your focus is.

For us personally, we will suggest skipping the Forging altogether and going just for the 320 Now and Later Points. What matters is the big picture. The day the game will reset you will find yourself only opening packs for Now and Later points you gather.

FIFA Mobile 20 Preseason Event Players

Now and Later Players; Source- FIFARenderZ

In conclusion, that’s the Preseason event, in a nutshell. We have broken down everything we can. There is no grinding element to it other than all the matches you play in the three chapters. Theme wise it is fantastic, it’s different, not just stupid crap skill games and it doesn’t follow the same path. But it has it’s own drawbacks, with no SBCs present, masters are down to their lowest values in the markets also very few Shards is present in the event.

Remember that when the reset happens, the only thing that gets carried over is your starting 11 in your active squad that becomes your Legacy Squad for next season, that’s not the squad you use for anything other than Legacy Chapter Matches. So if you don’t have a Legacy squad, you are only gonna miss out on the Legacy Chapter.

You do get rewards based on your higher OVR of the legacy squad, but other than that nothing carries over, all of your reserve players, all of your coins, all of your gems, all the program points, all that stuff gets reset. Don’t panic, the reset is not a bad thing. It is a very very good thing, it evens the playing field putting all of us back at the starting point of zero and allows a refresh in the game so that we can enjoy all of that build back up to where we were. Be patient and everything will work out!

Want to complete your team with the best players? Check our suggestions below!

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 20 Preseason Event Guide useful.

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i will not use kolarov so should i get kolarov or 320 points ???


If I have a now and later player(either obtained through star pass or through the event) do I have to keep them in active squad (playing 11)in order to get elite version of them in new season? Or just obtain them now and it will appear in my inbox next season


Thank you that helped a lot 😊


Good question and great answer. The way it was worded in the game, it seemed like one of the criteria for getting a now and later player next season was having him in the legacy team. We are sure about this, right?


Bro, if you get 320 Now And Later points you can also get forge point in 23.1 and 7.1 thats total 480 forge points and also we can get forge point in path and leaderboard so that means we can get free 110 player

Avyukt Purohit

Yeah your correct

Avyukt Purohit

How can you get preseason points easily
And I means thousands of them


Bro,if I go straight to kolarov,and go to Suarez path and claim the 400 forge points and 300 n&l points,I still can get a 110 player becoz we have leaderboards and getting forge points 300*4 times and 200*2 times from leaderboard,I still can get 110 player


Where do I find my Now & Later token for players from Star pasa

Santosh Krshnan

Is it tough to get Thiago Silva?10 dribbles with hat-trick by midfielder in one half gainst a130 ovr team..can u please help as to which midfielder has good dribbling with pace and shooting ability

Santosh Krshnan

Thanks bro.. will try ur advice and update u

Jens Westheider

It is not possible to win this game.
I have 160 but u dont get Ball.
Regards Jens.3


If I complete all the 3 books and get ziyech (without playing any of the game that gives points that counts for leaderboard) . Will I still be able to get a 110 player after spending 7.5k gems?


So, the conclusion is better focus on now and later points rather than forge points?


Hello, I am new to this game(apologize if i saying wrong words), I would an advice to tell which thing i should go for? Forge points give high ovr players, but still gonna be reset on the next season, meanwhile getting the now and later players can still remain but only 80 version. I still not truly understand how this work. i saw a place to exchange now&later point in the your legacy tab. What is it use for? It said i need about 1.3k to do that but we only need 320 points(said above) to buy a new pack?… Read more »


Thanks, you helped me a lot


also i am wondering when will we use now and later points? I have to exchange now or use it after reset happen?


I only want to know that approx. how many days it would take to complete all three books, I have completed with 1st one.


Increasing OVR of Now and Later player improves the ovr after reset or should I improve ovr for the legacy team?


If I have 2000 forge point, can I get 3 players of 90 (3×650)? Or I can only get 1 player from 2000, either a 650 or a 1500? Thanks.


Can someone play one level for me

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