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Free Fire Shani Guide: Abilities, Character Combinations and more

Utilise Shani to her full potential!

Free Fire offers players a plentiful of unique features and characters. The latter aid players on the virtual ground in different scenarios. You will get to choose your character to go into the battle from the lineup of almost 30 characters, every one of them with their unique skills and story in the Free Fire planet. In our Free Fire guide, we’ll go through the complete analysis of Shani and provide tips on using her effectively.

About Shani in Free Fire

Free Fire Shani Guide
Image via Garena

Shani is a self-made engineer. Her parents died in a building explosion when she was 18 and she lost everything. She wandered around for days for jobs to make a living, when a junkyard owner gave her a place to call home.

Shani abilities in Free Fire

Shani’s ability in Free Fire is called Gear Recycle. This ability restores the permanence of your armor with every kill.

  • Level 1: Restore 10% armor durability after every kill
  • Level 2: Restore 12% armor durability after every kill
  • Level 3: Restore 15% Armor durability after every kill
  • Level 4: Restore 19% armor durability after every kill
  • Level 5: Restore 24% armor durability after every kill
  • Level 6: Restore 30% armor durability after every kill

Shani’s excess durability will also help to enhance the armor to the next level, the maximum of which is Level 3.

Best character skill combination with Shani you should try in Free Fire

Almost all Garena Free Fire characters’ skills are self-explanatory. So, it is easy to make a Garena Free Fireteam or skill combinations after knowing the characters and their abilities. Keeping that in mind, we have included a list of skill combinations with Shani for better gameplay in our Free Fire guide.

1. Shani/ Alok/ Andrew/ Hayato

Alok has a skill that can create an aura within a certain perimeter that can increase movement speed and give HP to himself and his teammates in the area. Of course, this ability makes him very suitable when combined with Shani. Andrew’s character is a policeman who can increase the delicacy of the Vest he uses. With the abilities that Andrew has, it will be perfect when combined with Shani. 

Hayato is a legendary samurai character who has the Bushido ability where when his HP gets lower, the higher the riddling of Hayato’s armor. If he is combined with Shani, Shani’s Armor will be much thicker and then it will be easy to eliminate enemies.

2. Shani/ Clu/ Moco/ Maro

Clu owns an active ability which is named “Tracing Steps.” When using it, the players will be able to locate enemies who are beyond a 50m range. This stays for 5 seconds, and then there’s a 75-second cooldown. The locations get shared along with teammates. 

Moco‘s ability is Hacker’s Eye, which displays enemies that are hit by players for two seconds, and this info will be passed down with teammates as well. At the maximum level, users will be able to display their enemies for 5 seconds. In Maro’s Falcon Fervor, individuals’ damage to their enemies increases with distance, up to 5%. Additionally, the damage they give to marked enemies is boosted by 1%.

3. Shani/ Wukong/ Ford/ Jai

Wukong‘s ability is called Camouflage which allows candidates to get transformed into a bush for a while. At the base level, the ability will transform into a bush with a 20% reduction in the movement speed. Ford is pretty much a tank, with the ability to reduce damage when outside of the safe zone by 24% after a skill upgrade. Jai‘s Raging Reload restores 45% of the maximum magazine capacity with every knockdown. It is limited to ARs, Pistols, SMGs, and SGs.

Tips and tricks for using Shani in Free Fire

Free Fire Shani Guide
Image via Garena
  • For aggressive players: Shani is an excellent choice for aggressive players. She offers a defensive benefit to attacking gamers while rushing, and whenever they get a kill, the user’s vest durability increases. It is a fantastic advantage on the field that can help players cope with extra damage taken. The ability allows them to survive longer on the battlefield while helping dodge more combats.
  • Skill combination optimization: Players can combine Shani with Jota, Alok, and Hayato. This combo will make a better option for aggressive players. Jota’s HP restoring ability per kill and DJ Alok’s HP boosting ability will offer an HP advantage on the battlefield.
  • Her unique ability: Shani has an impressive skill called Gear Recycle, a passive one. At level 1, it regains ten armor durability after every kill. The most interesting fact is that if the armor’s durability piles up, it can even upgrade armor to level 3. When Shani levels up to level 6, her ability restores 20 armor durability after every kill.

We have tried to give our best combinations with the given character. It completely depends on the player how it indulges with situations in the game and uses the skills likewise.

Did you find our Free Fire Shani guide helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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