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Genshin Impact: Best Team Compositions for Baizhu and Tips

Team compositions for Baizhu in Genshin Impact!

As a hybrid of shielder/healer/Dendro applicator, Baizhu can easily fit in any team that requires those three things at once. Some things to note: Baizhu’s shield is not meant to be used to face tank enemy hits. Its primary purpose is to provide interruption resistance. His healing is amazing for both the active character and the entire party. His Dendro application is limited to a maximum of three targets. Here is our guide on the best team compositions for Baizhu in Genshin Impact.

Best Team Compositions for Baizhu in Genshin Impact


Keqing and Cyno as well as Fischl and Yae Miko are all amazing Aggravate units. However, among these, Cyno is the one that benefits the most from Baizhu. 

BaizhuKeqing/CynoFischl/Yae MikoKazuha
Shielder/healer/DendroPrimary Aggravate unitSecondary Aggravate unitGrouping/elemental DMG bonus

This team is primarily focused on single-target DMG. The Keqing version of this team is also capable of doing AOE DMG. The Cyno version of this team will mostly deal with enemies one by one. Kazuha provides additional grouping to help him hit multiple targets. This team also benefits from the personal DMG from Fischl and Yae Miko.

BaizhuKeqing/CynoFischl/Yae MikoNahida/Yaoyao
Shielder/healer/DendroPrimary Aggravate unitSecondary Aggravate unitDendro/healing (Yaoyao only) 

This team has additional sources of Dendro or healing, depending on who is picked for the fourth slot. This team also has access to Nahida’s EM buff if she is picked. This team also benefits from the personal DMG from Fischl and Yae Miko.


BaizhuAlhaitham/TighnariNahidaFischl/Yae Miko
Shielder/healer/DendroDendro main DPSDendro Spread support/sub-DPS

This team is focused on causing as much Spread reaction as possible. The Tighnari version of this team will have short bursts of high DMG while the Alhaitham version of this team will have more consistent DMG throughout the entire rotation. Fischl or Yae Miko serve as Spread support and sub-DPS simultaneously. 

BaizhuAlhaitham/TighnariYae MikoFischl
Shielder/healer/DendroDendro main DPSSpread support/sub-DPSSpread support/sub-DPS

This team enables everyone to shine and provide a significant contribution to the team’s total DMG.


BaizhuRaiden Shogun/Kuki ShinobuXinqiu/YelanNahida/Yaoyao/Kokomi/Barbara
Shielder/healer/DendroHyperbloom triggerHyperbloom enablerAdditional Dendro/Hydro or additional healing

This team doesn’t strictly need a shielder or a healer, but having Baizhu provides some comfort. Hyperbloom is currently one of the best reactions for single target DMG and Baizhu’s Dendro application is also mostly single target, so he helps to create more Blooms.


BaizhuXinqiu/YelanNahida/Yaoyao/Dendro Traveller/ColleiKokomi/Barbara
Shielder/healer/DendroBloom enablerDendroHealing/Bloom enabler 

Unlike Hyperbloom, Baizhu’s shield and healing are appreciated in this team since Bloom causes DMG to the active character as well.

BaizhuXinqiu/YelanNahida/Yaoyao/Dendro Traveller/ColleiRosaria
Shielder/healer/DendroBloom enablerDendroFreeze enabler

This is commonly known as a “Fridge” team. The goal is to freeze enemies while they have both Dendro and Hydro on them. Afterward, using Hydro will generate more Blooms. 

Nilou Bloom

BaizhuNilouNahida/Dendro TravellerKokomi/Barbara/Xinqiu/Yelan
Shielder/healer/DendroBountiful Core enablerDendroBloom enabler/healing

Just like Cyno, Nilou also appreciates Baizhu’s shield and healing a lot. Especially since Blooms cause DMG to the active character and Nilou buffs Blooms to do more DMG. 

What are your thoughts about our guide on Best Team Compositions of Baizhu in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below!

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