Honor of Kings: The Complete Currency Guide and Tips

Learn all the available currencies

Honor of Kings is one of the most famous mobile MOBA games in the world right now. The game includes a lot of similar features to Mobile Legends and Wild Rift, including the in-game currency system. Honor of Kings has a very simple currency system. In this guide, we will provide you with a complete overview of the whole currency system of Honor of Kings along with everything that all players would need to know.

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Introducing the in-game currency in Honor of Kings

Honor of Kings features three kinds of in-game currencies for the players to use and acquire several resources. However, one of them has to be bought using real-life money. On the other hand, the other two currencies can be acquired through several challenges and activities.

Table Of Contents

1. Gold

Gold is the basic currency of Honor of Kings. Gold can be obtained by playing more matches and completing more missions. The more a player plays, the more gold they can earn.

honor of kings gold reward
Image via Level Infinite

Again, Honor of Kings features different kinds of missions for the players to finish. Finishing these missions can also grant the players with Golds. Gold can be used to purchase heroes and upgrade arcanas.

How to earn

  • Playing more and more matches
  • Finishing missions

2. Diamonds

Diamonds are a form of free currency that the players can collect by completing achievements and daily events. Honor of Kings features a lot of Daily Events for the players to complete. Completing these events every day will reward the players with Diamonds. Diamonds can be used to purchase Special Offer Items, Arcanas etc.

How to earn

  • Daily log-in
  • Completing Honor Pass missions
  • Completing achievements
  • Completing daily events

3. Tokens

Tokens belong to the category of paid currency of Honor of Kings. Players need to spend real-life money to buy these tokens and use them in the game. Tokens can be used in purchasing skins, bundles, heroes, and many more things.

honor of kings buy tokens
Image via Level Infinite

How to earn

Follow the given steps to purchase tokens in Honor of Kings.

  • On the top right side of the screen, press on the ‘+‘ sign below the Token icon.
  • Select the pack you want to purchase.
  • Enter your credentials and confirm the purchase.

That’s all for the currency system in Honor of Kings.

What are your thoughts on our currency guide for Honor of Kings? Let us know in the comments below!

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