Honor of Kings Best Settings Guide and Tips

Best settings for best gameplay

Honor of Kings is now available for Brazil as a part of its global release. The game is expected to be released soon in other countries as well. When starting a new game, players might get puzzled while finding the best settings for themselves. In this guide, we will provide you with the best Honor of Kings settings for making your gameplay experience smoother and more enjoyable.

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How to set the Best Settings in Honor of Kings

Graphics Settings

Graphics Settings are important to be adjusted because the performance of your device while running the game depends a lot on it. All players will start the game with default graphics settings. However, if you are facing any issues, tweaking the graphics settings can make your game a lot smoother.

honor of kings graphics settings
Image via Level Infinite
  • FPS: High
  • Resolution: High
  • Camera Elevation: Standard
  • Anti-Aliasing: ON
  • UI Animations: OFF
  • Overall Graphics Quality: Standard

Battle Settings

Battle Settings will help the players with information, quick buttons, and display features during the battle. Standard settings during battles are:

battle settings honor of kings
Image via Level Infinite
  • Display FPS: ON
  • Target Info: ON
  • Display Name in Battle: ON
  • Skill Tags: ON
  • Dim Area Outside FoV: OFF
  • Auto-Translate In-Match Text Chat: ON
  • Auto-Decline Surrender: OFF
  • Sort Heroes in Order During Selection: Proficiency
  • Precise Mute: OFF
  • Skill Description: Detailed
  • Battle Tips: OFF


honor of kings control settings
Image via Level Infinite

Controls are the gameplay mechanism settings. Tweaking these settings will help the players fight on the battlefield more efficiently with more handy settings.

  • Settings: Simple
  • Basic Control Settings: Free Attack Mode
  • Target Prioritization: Lowest HP Percentage
  • Locked Enemy Avatar Display: OFF
  • Camera Movement: Swipe
  • Quick Equipment Purchase: ON
  • Quick-Add Skill Points: ON
  • Skill Control Method: Fixed Camera
  • Skill Cancel Mode: Swipe to a Specified Distance

Network Diagnostics

honor of kings network diagnostics
Image via Level Infinite
  • Network Optimization: ON

That’s the list of best settings we recommend while playing Honor of Kings.

What are your thoughts on our best settings guide for Honor of Kings? Let us know in the comments below!

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