Honor of Kings: The Complete Reputation Points Guide and Tips

Behave well to maintain your reputation!

Encountering toxic and unwanted behaviors from teammates and opponents is nothing new in online gaming. While several games have found their way of tackling unsportsmanlike behavior, Level Infinite has introduced a unique solution in Honor of Kings, which is the system of the Reputation point. In this guide, we will discuss the whole Reputation Points system in Honor of Kings.

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Honor of Kings Reputation Point System: Overview

A reputation point is a score assigned to each player based on their recent behavior in the game. The reputation point and level decrease, if the player mistreats other teammates or opponents or leaves the match in-game. A low reputation point can cause the player to get penalized with several punishments.

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Maintaining a positive reputation point is vital for players to get a smooth rank up. In this guide, we will talk about everything you need to know about the reputation point system in Honor of Kings.

How Reputation Point works in Honor of Kings

In Honor of Kings, every player is given a Reputation Point of 100 when they start playing. However, players who exhibit bad behavior during the game will have their Reputation Points deducted. For example, if a player goes AFK during a multiplayer match, their Reputation Points will be reduced. If they continue to go AFK, the punishment will gradually become more severe.

Moreover, if other players report a player multiple times, their Reputation Points will also decrease. If a player fails to confirm a match after entering matchmaking, they will be punished with a decrease in their Reputation Points. Thus, they will be unable to enter matchmaking for a specific period.

Players with Reputation Points less than 80 will not be allowed to play in ranked matches, and those whose Reputation Points fall below 60 will be banned from Match Mode for a certain period. The violation rate of each player is calculated, based on the number of violations they have committed in their last 100 ranked matches. However, if a player has played less than 50 ranked matches, their violation rate will not be calculated.

honor of kings reputation screen
Image via Level Infinite

The violation rate determines how many Reputation Points will be deducted from a player. For instance, a 4-7% violation rate will result in an additional 20% deduction from a player’s Reputation Points. A violation rate of 7-10% will cause a 40% additional deduction, while a violation rate of 10-16% will lead to a 60% additional deduction. Finally, a violation rate higher than 16% will result in an 80% additional deduction from a player’s Reputation Points.

How to check Reputation points in Honor of Kings

To check Reputation Points, players will have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to the game and enter the main lobby.
  2. From the top left corner, click on the player’s avatar.
  3. Choose the option Reputation to view the Reputation Point along with any incurred penalties.

How to increase and maintain Reputation points

To regain lost Reputation Points in Honor of Kings, players must refrain from engaging in un-sportsman-like behavior during the game. They will earn one Reputation Point after completing each multiplayer match successfully, with a maximum of four points per day. Technically, the only way to recover lost reputation points is by playing more games and maintaining a proper gaming experience for everyone.

Players with a credit score below 80 who have been banned from participating in ranked matches can still restore their credit scores, by playing matchmaking or PvE mode. On the other hand, players with a credit score below 60 who have been banned from Match Mode will only be able to regain their lost credit score by playing in PvE mode.

honor of kings reputation level
Image via Level Infinite

Players must maintain a good credit score in Honor of Kings by behaving respectfully and avoiding going AFK during a match, as this can negatively impact the gaming experience of other players.

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