Hyper Front Cure Light Guide: Abilities, Weapons and Gameplay Tips

Learn about the only Support agent in the game!

Cure Light is the only Supporter hero in Hyper Front we all know till now. Supports are the ones who support their team from the backline of the battle by healing the allies and using their abilities to help the team get more frags easily. Cure Light has a difficulty rating of one star. However, this hero can be handy to the team if played correctly. Here’s our detailed guide on learning and playing with Cure Light in Hyper Front.

We have previously discussed how to master playing with other heroes like SentinelBlastFaith ArrowStorm, and Coldcast. Be sure to check the past character guides as well. But, for now, let’s dive into Cure Light.

About Cure Light in Hyper Front

Cure Light is a great hero whose abilities can give the team a lot of advantage in a gunfight and help them win more rounds. The main objective of Cure Light is to support the team from the backline of the attack, healing an ally whenever someone loses HP. In addition, cure Light can single-handedly change the round result with her abilities in the mid or late stage of rounds. 

Cure Light Abilities

Ability 1 – Nano Treatment

Hyper Front Cure Light Guide
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Cure Light’s ability Nano Treatment releases nano-bugs that attach themselves with ally heroes with less HP to restore their HP. Cure Light is the only hero in the game that can heal their allies or even herself, making her abilities more special than others. Players can use this free ability several times after a 30-second cooldown.

Ability 2 – Area Blockade

Hyper Front Cure Light Guide
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Cure Light can release a swarm of nano-bugs that will create a blockade through his ability, ‘Area Blockade.’ The blockade will create a hexagonal shape that will slow all the enemy units trapped inside it. This ability will cost 200 credits and can be equipped with up to 2 charges. 

Ultimate Ability- Body Reconstruction

Ultimate Ability- Body Reconstruction
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Cure Light’s ultimate ability is an absolute game changer and is why this hero is a must-have in the team. Through this ability, Cure Light releases nano-bugs on ally death marks to rebuild them. After some time, the ally will be resurrected from death and back in full health. 

Best Weapons for Cure Light in Hyper Front 

Cure Light is best played in passive-style gameplay. The following guns are the perfect match for her gameplay. 

  • USP
  • CZ75
  • Vector
  • M4A1

Here is the list of heroes who will be perfect as a teammate for Cure Light: 

  • Blood Raider: Blood Raider can clear an angle blocked using his blind ability and enter the site. 
  • Storm: Storm can help the team to enter the site using its clouds and isolate angles. 
  • Sentinel: Sentinel can scout a site early or mid-round to gather valuable intel for the team to proceed accordingly.
  • Blink: Blink can take advantage of the enemies through her teleportation and digitized abilities.

Hyper Front Cure Light Gameplay Tips

Cure Light’s nano treatment ability can be a round saver for the team. Use this ability on the allies who are low on HP and need to heal. Be it any defender who needs it for defending a site or a duelist who needs to enter a site; this ability can help the team to regroup and start the round over again. Using this ability at the right time is very important; trying to use this during an ongoing gunfight might not be the best time to do it. 

Hyper Front Cure Light Guide
Image via NetEase

Body Reconstruction is an incredible and powerful ability. If used properly, it can change the result of the round entirely to the team’s favor. This ability can be helpful if the team is at a player advantage while retaking or attacking a site; reconstruction of an ally will bring the firepower back to the team.

Players should be careful about the surroundings while using this ultimate ability and use it only where it’s safe. If the ally’s death mark is in an open spot, the reconstructed ally might get killed again as the reconstruction process takes some time, and the ally will be an easy target for the enemies to kill.

What are your thoughts on the Hyper Front Cure Light Guide? Do let us know in the comments below!

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