Mobile Legends: How to get the Pharsa ‘Hierophant’ skin for free

Pharsa “Hierophant” is the MSC-exclusive skin!

Inspired by the all-encompassing powers of the Sun, Hierophant skin will soon make its debut! Pharsa “Hierophant” skin features a design concept that represents the sun’s brightness and divinity and the danger of the sun’s scorching flames. The skin can be obtained between the 6th of June to 19th of June, 2022. In this Mobile Legends guide, we will discuss the steps to obtain the Pharsa “Hierophant” skin for free.

Mobile Legends: How to obtain Pharsa “Hierophant” skin for free

Players can obtain the skin instantly by buying it with 899 diamonds. To obtain the skin for free, they need to complete the following steps.

Players have to obtain 100 Solar crystals. Players can obtain the Solar crystals by completing event tasks. On obtaining a specific number of Solar crystals, players can claim rewards.


Mobile Legends Pharsa "Hierophant" skin choice set
Image via MOONTON Games
  • 20 Solar Crystals: 80 tickets.
  • 50 Solar Crystals:  2 Normal Emblem packs.
  • 100 Solar Crystals: Skin Choice Chest, in which players can choose to obtain one of the following skins:
    • Ling “Night Shade” skin
    • Uranus “Celestial Bastion” skin

How to obtain Solar crystals

Mobile Legends Pharsa "Hierophant" skin free
Image via MOONTON Games

The event has been divided into 2 stages:

Stage 1

  1. Tasks refresh daily.
  2. Log in to the game: 1 solar crystal
  3. Share the event: 5 solar crystal

Stage 2

Mobile Legends Pharsa "Hierophant" skin choice rewards
Image via MOONTON Games
  • Tasks refresh daily.
  • Log in during the event to get 10 Solar crystals.
  • Complete 1 in Classic/Ranked/Brawl: 20 Solar crystals.
  • Complete 3 matches in Classic/Ranked/Brawl: 30 Solar crystals.
  • Complete 1 match in Classic/Ranked/Brawl with friends: 30 Solar crystals.                                          
  • Share the event: 10 Solar crystals.

Final Thoughts

Pharsa “Hierophant” skin has very nice skin effects. This is one of the rare occasions when an epic skin can be obtained for free by the players with minimal effort. They only have to complete some very easy tasks and can get the epic skin. Players can choose from a set of 5 skins, where players are given the choice to pick epic skin of whichever character they want among those.

Did you like our Mobile Legends guide to obtaining the Pharsa “Hierophant” skin for free? Let us know in the comments below.

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