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Rainbow Six Mobile: The Complete Attackers Guide and Tips

Follow these tips to be the perfect attacker in Rainbow Six!

While it is a known fact that Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Mobile is heavily focused on team strategies, it is essential to learn the basics of the roles of Attackers and Defenders. This way, one would be able to understand the potential of an Operator. In this article, we shall down the basics required to be followed as an Attacker in Rainbow Six Mobile.

Basics of Attackers in Rainbow Six Mobile

The primary role of an Attacker is to successfully plant the defuser in one of the bomb sites – A or B, or by overcoming the Defenders. Here, one cannot move straight towards the bombsite, for the Defenders would be readily awaiting their entry. Hence, some basic tips need to be followed to avoid simple errors during a game and improve one’s strategic approach in every round.

1. Play Passive

Playing passive is key to killing and avoiding getting killed. Attackers should not rush at any point in time, as these movements produce a lot of sounds and thus alert the Defenders of one’s location. Playing passive allows the Attackers to be alert at all times and be able to take down an enemy stealthily.

2. Check every corner

A lot of players would hold certain unexpected spots to take down their opponents. This could put the Attackers at a massive disadvantage. While players proceed towards an area, ensure to check every single corner on the way.

3. Make use of the Drone

Rainbow Six Mobile Attackers
Image via Ubisoft

The massive advantage that Attackers can boast about, is the ability to control drones. These Drones provide Intel on an area and can be controlled to move in any direction. With this Intel provided, Attackers can strategically be prepared for the round. However, Attackers must save the Drones till the end, to assist during the later stages of the round.

4. Utilize your Gadgets and Abilities

Rainbow Six Mobile Attackers
Image via Ubisoft

Many players tend to ignore the Gadgets and Abilities and focus only on shooting down the enemies. Rainbow Six Mobile is unlike a classic shooter game. The Gadgets help with slowing down/damaging the enemies or provide tactical support to the Attackers, whereas the Abilities provide extra features to players that come in handy during a battle. Utilize the Operators’ Gadgets and Abilities wisely to gain the utmost support during a game.

5. Support your teammates

A team game requires players to support each other to trade eliminations, and the same case applies to Rainbow Six Mobile. When the Attackers enter the building, make use of the grenades and throw them wherever necessary, to confirm the presence of enemies. Proceed further when there are no enemies ahead, whilst backing each other up.

6. Enter the building from the rooftop

Rainbow Six Mobile Attackers
Image via Ubisoft

Entering the building from the top will allow the Attackers to rapple through every floor and locate the enemies in most cases. The rooftop is also an unexpected spot to enter the building from, hence allowing Attackers to spot and kill the enemies with ease. To reach the top of a building, move towards a wall at the outside, and rapple upwards. Attackers can also enter from the first or second floor of a building by rappling towards a window and breaching in.

7. Improve Map knowledge

Attackers spawn outside the main building. This means that they have to move toward the building, enter many rooms, and scout the area. When this is done by the Attackers frequently, they learn to push and hold when needed, and also can expect the Defender’s spots rightly, hence improving their map knowledge.

Final Thoughts

Playing as an Attacker in Rainbow Six Mobile helps to improve map knowledge to a large extent, leading to successful operations. With Operators having unique Abilities to learn and master, it is highly recommended to select a few Operators that match one’s playstyle and get used to them. This way, players would have a fixed Operator and hence have an overall boost in team coordination.

Did you find our guide on Attackers in Rainbow Six Mobile helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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