T3 Arena guide: Best team combinations for each game mode

Here are the best team combinations in T3 Arena!

T3 Arena is a multiplayer shooting game where you can choose different heroes to play with and challenge your opponents in a range of gameplay modes. In this 3v3 game, heroes come with unique abilities belonging to damage, support, flank, or vanguard categories. In this guide, we will take you through the best possible team combinations while playing any one of the available modes in T3 Arena.

The various gameplay modes that players can opt for in T3 Arena are Team Deathmatch, Crystal Assault, Control, Payload Race, Payload Escort, and Clash. It’s generally assumed that any match can be won with a damage, support, and vanguard hero in the team. However, speaking of team combinations, players must keep in mind to strategically choose heroes suiting the need of various modes.

Best Team Combinations in T3 Arena

Team Combination for Team Deathmatch 

  • Damage hero: Sindri or Christina
  • Vanguard hero: Jabali
  • Flanker: Shell or Diggy
T3 Arena team combinations
Image via XD Inc.

When the primary objective of team deathmatch mode is to take down as many enemies as possible, it’s smart to have two damage heroes alongside vanguard heroes or flankers. In each of the two scenarios, damage heroes like Sindri or Christina can deal maximum damage with their gun power. Meanwhile, Vanguard heroes like Jabali can stay close to the damaged heroes to provide them with shields.

On the other hand, a flanker like Shell or Diggy can sneak up on enemies while they are busy battling the damaged heroes. 

Team Combination for Crystal Assault

  • Vanguard hero: Fort 
  • Damage hero: Gloria or Kazama
  • Support hero: Chemist 

While it may be hard to manage both defending your crystal and shattering the enemies’ crystal, figuring out a team combination is crucial to bagging wins in this mode. Strategizing to stop enemies from entering the crystal base, a damage hero like Kazama or Gloria can do the job.

They must be assisted by a vanguard like Fort or Jabali to protect the crystal. Also having a support hero makes it easier when the crystal is under attack as it buys time for the damage hero to knock down the enemies. You can also keep a flanker in the team instead of a vanguard hero, who can manage to reach and inflict damage to the enemy crystal base, keeping the opponents busy. 

Team Combination for Control

  • Vanguard hero: Fort 
  • Damage hero: Gloria or Sindri
  • Flanker: Diggy

Occupying a certain point in the game becomes easier with a balanced team like two vanguard heroes and a damage hero, or a damage hero, flanker, and a support hero. For any team, Sindri along with her pie bot chokes the entry point for the opponents to contest for the area. Also, having another damage hero like Gloria aids in the long-range attacks away from enemies’ line of sight. A vanguard hero like Jabali gives the added protection that the team needs while inflicting damage on opponents.

T3 Arena team combinations
Image via XD Inc.

Having a flanker in the team makes it harder for enemies to push with full hp, as the hero with mover around to deal slow but consistent damage to the opponent. The other two heroes must stay close to the base to keep the point under their control.

Team Combination for Payload Race

  • Damage hero: Sindri or Christina
  • Vanguard hero: Fort
  • Flanker: Shell 

One strategy in this mode would be to split up into groups of two. A vanguard like Fort can push the payload forward as the damage and support hero heads toward enemies to attack and stop their payload at the same time. Another effective team combination is to have a flanker like Shell as she can rotate and launch surprise attacks as well as flee a messy situation quickly. 

Team Combination for Payload Escort

  • Damage hero: Sindri or Christina
  • Vanguard hero: Jabali
  • Flanker: Yaa

Having to attack or defend a single payload depending upon which side you play, calls for a different strategy in both situations. If you are on the attackers’ side, a vanguard can guard and push the payload to the destination in time. While a damage hero can attack enemies nearby with the flanker to close in on enemies whenever required. 

T3 Arena team combinations
Image via XD Inc.

And if you are the defender, you have to keep the enemies engaged in the fight to stop their payload from reaching the destination. This can be done better with two damage heroes and a flanker like Yaa in the team.

Team Combination for Clash

  • Damage hero: Sindri or Christina
  • Vanguard hero: Jabali
  • Support: Christina or Iris

This mode can be played best with your favorite team combo of a vanguard, damage, and support hero. As losing coins is no option in the game, a support hero like Chemist or Iris should stick close to the other two heroes. 

Final Thoughts

As much as it is fun to play with different characters in this action-packed shooter game, it takes time to master playing the different modes. As you get better in the game, you will figure out the team combos that work for you. Start with the combinations that we have explained in this guide, and you and your team will surely have an edge over the opponents. 

Did you find our guide on best team combinations in T3 Arena helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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