T3 Arena Yaa Guide: Abilities, Team Combos and Gameplay Tips

Know everything about Yaa in T3 Arena!

If there’s one hero in T3 Arena who is truly a competitor of Aleta, that would only be Yaa. She is designed for speed. She makes the most unexpected eliminations as well as quickly evades trade fire with her swift movements. This article gives you a complete idea of how you can play as Yaa to perform those split-second clutches and keep your team at an advantage. In this T3 Arena Yaa Guide, we will learn about her abilities, team combinations, and gameplay tips in detail.

You can also check out our character guides for Iris, Vincent, Zero-Kelvin, Gatlyn, Sindri, Iris, Chemist, and Gloria. Now let’s dive right into our Yaa guide to master her.


Active Ability: Windswift

Yaa’s active ability goes hand-in-hand with her pistol. Windswift allows Yaa to charge forward with extreme speed and deal melee damage to enemies in her line of movement. Whenever an enemy is low on HP, Yaa players will get an indicator marked on them.

Using this active ability, not only can she take them down in a swift move, but a successful takedown also replenishes the cooldown of Windswift. This way she doesn’t need to worry about getting caught behind enemy lines as she can use Windswift again to make a quick escape.

Ultimate Ability


Her Ultimate Ability Breeze Blast gives the two blades that she can throw and slash enemies with. This ability requires a short period to come into effect, so do not pop it while in the middle of a fight or with low HP. While the firing rate of the blades is low, it deals high areal damage. 

T3 Arena Yaa Guide
Image via XD Inc.

Players can use Windshift to get behind enemies and break their entire line of defense. The ultimate ability also restores the active ability so Yaa can swiftly change her angles to deal damage from all corners.


This is Yaa’s second ultimate ability that allows Yaa to turn into a moving tornado. Not only she deals heavy damage to enemies caught in the vortex, the flashy animation creates mayhem in the arena that teammates can take advantage of to change their positions and find gaps in enemies’ line of defense. While this form, Yaa doesn’t receive any damage so she can push back the entire opponent team from the objective all by herself.

Passive Ability: Stormward

When you have this passive ability enabled, hitting an enemy with Windshift will grant you a temporary shield. 

Best Weapons for Yaa to use in T3 Arena

Yaa’s main weapon is Gale Pistol which is an automated pistol that comes with a small magazine. The damage is comparatively low than other damage heroes and it also drops as per range. The best way to use Yaa’s gun is to take fights in melee range and always keep an eye out for reloading.

Tips and Tricks to use Yaa in T3 Arena

T3 Arena Yaa Guide
Image via XD Inc.
  • Playing Yaa is all about outthinking enemies with speed and agility. As her DPS is quite low, the best way to use Yaa is by flanking and catching enemies by surprise.
  • You can ask the main DPS hero of the team to play the frontline. As soon as she brings enemies to low HP, Yaa can jump in and finish the job with her pistol or active ability.
  • More than objective-based modes, Yaa is best suited for TDM where she can secure kills from the most unexpected corners and also flee the scene without giving a trade to the enemy team.

Best Team Combinations to use with Yaa in T3 Arena

As she is one of the most independent heroes in the game, she can be paired with any other hero. However, as she mostly functions as a flanker, keep in mind that the other heroes in the team should complement each other. Like Jabali and Iris or Chemist and Fort

Heroes that can counter YaaHeroes that Yaa can counter
Sindri (Piebot)Jabali
Chemist (Areal damage)Fort
Shell (Teleport)Hua Ling
Christina ( Sticky Bombs)Ossas

Final Thoughts

Yaa is not a beginner’s friendly hero. Operating as Yaa requires incredible finger movements and accuracy, something Aleta pros might already be accustomed to. Only go for her if you have already mastered the game at some level. However, once you have good map knowledge as well as decent flanking skills, she will give you the coolest high frags gameplay you’ve ever had.

Did you find our guide on Yaa in T3 Arena helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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