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Apex Legends Mobile: Upcoming legend, Crypto was accidentally added to the in-game store

The legend will be available to play in the upcoming season 2.5!

With numerous Apex Legends Mobile leaks floating around about the next possible legend to hit the game was finally confirmed when a ‘store-bug’ enabled players to buy Crypto in exchange for syndicate golds. However, the bug was soon fixed through an in-game announcement that detailed the accidental launch of the legend.

The recon legend ‘Crypto’ appeared in the game due to a bug 

The rising popularity of Apex Legends Mobile has paved way for the fans of the game to the hype around the upcoming legends and seasonal themes. Such was the case when leaks from credible data miners including ‘Leakers On Duty APEXM’, and ‘ThatOneGamingBot’ hinted at the arrival of Recon Legend Crypto in season 2.5.

It so happened that Crypto was already made available in the in-game store and the issue was informed by many players and content creators of Apex Legends Mobile. Though the legend was available and players could also buy him for 750 Syndicate Golds, they couldn’t play with Crypto.

Later, an announcement from the Apex Legends Mobile dev team confirmed that the legend has been removed from the store as his temporary inclusion in the game was due to a store bug and was unintended. It was also informed that players who had already purchased the legend will be able to use him at a later date. 

Image via Electronic Arts

Finally, The dev team announced that the Crypto legend was accidentally released and will not be available to play. So they have compensated the amount of syndicate gold for those who bought the legend when it was released accidentally.

The upcoming season 2.5 in Apex Legends Mobile is titled, Hyperbeats

Season Distortion which is currently running in the game will receive a mid-seasonal update and many hints that it will be titled Hyperbeats. Additionally, the inclusion of Crypto in the upcoming season also points out that the developers are inclined to add a mobile exclusive legend in the primary seasons and a legend from the PC version every mid-season.

The recent store-bug had also revealed Crpto’s perks, abilities, and finishers. Players of Apex Legends Mobile can be assured that they will be able to play with Crypto in the upcoming season.

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