gCOMM: Sayollo launches new in-game purchasing platform for mobile game publishers and retailers

Israel-based in-game advertising company, Sayollo has now turned its focus to the eCommerce industry by establishing gComm, an in-game shopping platform that allows consumers to purchase products from retailers without leaving the action of the game they’re playing. Following the basic procedure of its in-game advertising roots, Sayollo’s gComm will give the retailers the chance to offer their products to the highly ranked Gen-Z gamer audience around the world. 

gComm turns every mobile game into an online storefront that enables DTC brands an end-to-end, in-game marketing journey from awareness to conversion all in the same gam

jonathan Attias, co-founder and CEO, Sayollo

gCOMM platform will follow a Direct-to-Consumer policy with its users

Within a short span of time, gComm has turned widely popular amongst both game publishers and DTC brands. Currently, there are more than 20 DTC brands signed on to the platform representing apparel and accessories, cosmetics, home décor, and healthcare services, among others.

gCOMM platform
Purchase products from retailers without leaving the action of the game you are playing

Moreover, on the game publishing front, more than a dozen global mobile game publishers have agreed to publish their games with the Sayollo SDK kit, including Flying Squirrel Games, T-Bull Games, GameEon, EZ Gamez, and Peaksell Games. 

This amazing reaction from both communities – game publishers and DTC brands only reinforces the vision that we have for gComm, the ultimate destination for commerce in the mobile game space. Sayollo has always been a Gen Z focused company and we’re confident that gComm is the ultimate solution for publishers and DTC brands targeting that very elusive audience segment.

Eitan Norel, co-founder and CCO, Sayollo

Not only this, Sayollo is partnering with two recognized leaders in the retail space to support their commerce ecosystem where they have announced their collaboration with Project Verte, a cloud-based supply chain platform powered by AI, helping omnichannel retailers and suppliers become smarter and more competitive through data forecasting and transparency.

Project Verte partners with retailers to provide tailored solutions which optimize supply chain operations and technology for an improved bottom line. Also partnering with Sayollo is Speechly, the only Voice Interface API provider that supports all browsers with industry-leading accuracy in both Speech Recognition and Natural Language Understanding.

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