Marvel Snap introduces High Evolutionary, one of the greatest villains, in its latest update

Another card with a unique ability!

Guardians Greatest Hits focuses on the voyages of Guardians of the Galaxy and also, as the movie itself has released this month, it was pretty obvious that the characters related to the movies are going to hop in Marvel Snap. Thus, here is High Evolutionary who just kept his steps in the game to spread out his antagonism over the decks of the players. Thus, let us now know more about this card and whether its abilities make him worthy or not, let’s find out.

High Evolutionary is announced as a Series 5 card in Marvel Snap

The card of High Evolutionary is being released as a Series 5 Ultra Rare card and thus players who have a Collection Level of more than 486 will have the chance to grab this new card of High Evolutionary. The card comes up with a Cost of 4 followed by a power of 4 as well. 

This card has a great ability which says, the card unlocks the potential of all the cards in your hand which do not have any ability. Also, this ability works at the start of the game which means, after you have played the card of High Evolutionary, this ability is likely to get started at that very moment.

Marvel Snap High Evolutionary card
Image via Nuverse

Due to this unique ability, the card brings up a Win rate and a Cube rate of 53% and 15.7% respectively. Also, its extraordinary ability makes this card rank a good #39 among all the other cards in the game. Thus, you can consider HIgh Evolutionary to be a great game changer. 

Final Thoughts

Finally High Evolutionary came into the world of Marvel Snap, it was supposed to be live by the 23rd but due to some technical issues from the official end, the card got delayed. Also, for this delay, Marvel Snap compensated with 300 Golds for all the players. But not to worry more as High Evolutionary is now available to all the players with all his mind-blowing experiments and thus snatch it to get a win with this card.

What are your thoughts about the new High Evolutionary card in Marvel Snap? Let us know in the comment section below!

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