Minecraft fan creates a Hyper-Realistic city “New Austinia” in the game

There is never a lack of creativity amongst the Block-loving community.

Like many times before, we’re here once again with an awesome build in the world of Minecraft, courtesy of a player willing to put in the hard work to make their creative ambition a reality. Today, we have New Austinia, courtesy of a YouTube channel that goes by AccentDesign and describes itself as an Ultra Realistic Minecraft City.

New Austinia showcases a rich city life in Minecraft

In the video, which almost runs for seven minutes, the player shows off the urban aesthetics of their build, giving the players a run-through of the docks, luxury houses, designer clothing stores, lush parks, underground parking, and more.

Minecraft hyper realistic city
Image via Planet Minecraft

In order to make the experience more realistic, the player made use of mods and texture packs like Ambient Blocks, which improves the sound effect, and Optifine and Amberstone Foliage which make major visual changes. These of course seem to impact the video quality however it still gives a good look at the amazing work. 

Players who find the world interesting can get a download copy from Planet Minecraft. The builder does mention that this is still a work in progress, saying So far, only the Marina area has been completed. I hope to continue this project in the future, but due to the amount of work involved, that is uncertain.” 

 So far in terms of amazing builds, we’ve seen Axolotls and Pokemon’s, a historic scene from Operation Desert Storm, One Piece’s Onigashima, Doctor Who’s Planet Gallifrey, the Milky Way galaxy, Endermen made scarier (they can now throw you off cliffs!), Creepers celebrating the season of holly with Santa Caps and beards, several recreations of areas from the universe of Mario, Bloodborne’s dark and gaunt Yharnam and more. 

What are your thoughts as a Minecraft player creates a Hyper-Realistic city “New Austinia” in the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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