Mobile Legends December 2023 Leaks: Upcoming skins, events and more

New content for the new month of December 2023!

December is almost here, and Mobile Legends is gearing up for a whirlwind of skins, events, and surprises. Among the highlights in December 2023 is the Mistbenders event, promising something special: a new skin series offering the chance to secure an unowned epic skin. Without delay, let’s dive into the leaks and insights, giving us a sneak peek at the upcoming events and skins set to grace Mobile Legends in December 2023.

Mobile Legends December 2023 Leaks: Upcoming Skins

Arlott’s “Fury of the Deep” Starlight Skin

In the upcoming month of December 2023, popular fighter hero, Arlott will be getting a New Starlight skin. The new Starlight skin is titled Fury of the Deep. This Skin has two painted skins the Ire of the Deep and the Scorn of the Deep. The skin has cool visuals and intriguing skill effects.

Mobile Legends December 2023 Leaks Arlott's "Fury of the Deep” Starlight Skin
Image via MOONTON Games

Other exclusive rewards can be obtained from purchasing the Starlight either the normal or premium Starlight Pass. Some of the rewards include an exclusive Starlight painted skin, exclusive emotes, exclusive sacred statues, and an exclusive trail effect. The Starlight Pass is undoubtedly worth the buy due to the amazing extra rewards it provides.

Joy’s Elite Skin

Mobile Legends December 2023 Leaks Joy's "Royal Protector" Elite Skin
Image via MOONTON Games

A new elite skin for female assassin hero, Joy is expected to be released in the month of December. The skin is titled Royal Protector and showcases Joy in regal attire featuring a blend of royal blues, gold accents, and intricate designs. The skin would be costing 599 diamonds however utilizing the launch week discount would reduce the price.

Harith’s Christmas Skin

Mobile Legends December 2023 Leaks Harith's "Christmas Carnival" Skin
Image via MOONTON Games

In celebration of the upcoming Christmas event, a new Harith Christmas-themed skin will be released on the 13th of December 2023. The skin is titled Christmas Carnival and it showcases Harith in a Christmas outfit with a reindeer horn. The skin would be costing 749 diamonds however utilizing the launch week discount of 30% would reduce the price to as low as 529 diamonds.

Mobile Legends December 2023 Leaks: Upcoming Events for December 2023

Mistbenders event 

An Upcoming skin series event is expected to be released on the 9th of December 2023. The Skins are titled Mistbenders Skins and they would be featuring New Event Exclusive Skins for Aldous and Nana. The Event would allow players to get unique in-game materials such as exclusive Recall Effects, Emotes, Avatar Borders, and lots more. 

Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.30 Update, Mobile Legends Mistbenders skins
Image via MOONTON Games

The Event layout would also be very much similar to the just-concluded Neobeasts skins series event as the Event Exclusive Skins would also cost 1200 Crests. Players would also be able to get different grades of other skins be it, Basic, Elite, Special, or even Epic skins from Drawing in the event. Low-budget players can also just opt for the Epic Skin Box or the Limited Epic Box that guarantees an Unowned Epic skin from its content.

Grand Collection Event

The month of December 2023 will be featuring a new Collector skin for mage hero, Valentina. The Grand Collection event is expected to be live as of the 3rd of December, 2023. Valentina’s new Collector skin is titled “Celestial Judicator” and it has an exquisite design that properly suits the skin title.

Players who do not intend to get Valentina’s Collector skin could opt for either of the two other collector skins that would be featured in December’s Grand Collection Event. The skins include:

  • Sun “Wicked Flame” Collector Skin
  • Khufra “Volcanic Overlord” Collector Skin

That’s all for the leaks of the upcoming skins and events that are set to arrive this December 2023 in Mobile Legends.

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