Mobile Legends: Upcoming skins, heroes and events for June 2022

Upcoming content to arrive in Mobile Legends!

With the farewell of Mobile Legends most anticipated month of May, the hype is still there, as lots of new skins and events are on their way in June 2022. After the recent 515 and the KoF event, the developers will soon introduce some new eye-catching news to the community. In this article, we will showcase what the developers of MOONTON Games have to offer in the upcoming month of June in Mobile Legends and what speculations, are yet to be confirmed.

Upcoming Revamped Heroes in Mobile Legends for June 2022

In the coming June, players will, at last witness the reworked Vexana and Faramis. These heroes were kind of left alone without any sort of modifications in the game. Therefore, the developers had stated earlier to work on them. The news has been confirmed, but no fixed date has been declared yet. The revamp of Vexana and Faramis both looked interesting. Almost, everyone is holding their ground to try those heroes out.

Mobile Legends Faramis revamp, mobile legends hero revamp, mlbb hero revamp, mlbb
Image via MOONTON Games

Faramis was lacking a new skin, ever since his release and might get one soon after the revamp. For tryouts, both of the heroes are already playable in Advanced Server. Also, the favorite horseman Leomord and his ride Barbiel are getting a revamp too. This phase of revamped heroes’ released date will be soon declared and expected to be in June. For the upcoming month, no new hero release date or any kind of leaks have been seen.

Upcoming New skins in Mobile Legends for June 2022

With the introduction of the new revamped Vexana and Faramis, their basic skin revamps will also be out in the light. Along with those skins, some highly anticipated ones are also on their way, including the Starlight and other event-featured skins.

Mobile Legends: New skins for June 2022

The list of new skins which are ready or rumored to be released in June is given below:

mobile legends june 2022 starlight pass options
Image via MOONTON Games
  • Tigreal “Galactic Marshal” Starlight (June 1)
  • Esmeralda “Light Envoy” Collector (June 4)
  • Pharsa “Hierophant” MSC (June 6)
  • Moskov “Doom Incarnate” Abyss (June 20)
  • Estes “Blacklist” M3 Winner (TBA)
  • Kimmy “Stromtrooper” Star Wars (June 30)

Mobile Legends June 2022: Grand Collection

Along with the stated above skins, some other skins will be featured again such as the Zodiac skins of the month. Lesley’s Collector skin, Revamped Hayabusa Sushi Master, Kagura Summer Festival skin, and MLBB x Star Wars skins.

Mobile Legends: Upcoming events for June 2022

MSC Event 2022

The MSC is coming back in Mobile Legends and there will be a new Pharsa skin, which will be mainly featured this time around. MSC Series will mainly feature the MSC Pass, Champion Guess, MSC Guess, Ranked Boost, and more. Players can exchange coins for skins, hero fragments, borders, etc. The event will mainly showcase Pharsa “Hierophant” Epic MSC skin along with Jawhead “Space Explorer” and Claude “Earth’s Mightiest” exchange opportunities.

Season 25 and Project NEXT possibility

The next phase of Project NEXT will be live this June, as per expectations. This time around Vexana, Faramis and Leomord are getting revamped. There will be a new Talent system, which is the replacement for the Emblem system. Players have to set the talent for each hero separately, as per the Advanced Server information. This is a massive change to the Emblem System, which has been the same ever since the beginning.

Season 25 and Project NEXT possibility
Image via MOONTON Games

New Talent System

In the Advanced Server, there has been a recent change to the in-match UI. The new UI looks really shard and got a nice touch to it. It can be assumed that all these changes might release with the inception of Season 25.

Mobile Legends skins events June 2022
Image via MOONTON Games

New in-match UI

In the Advanced Server, new icons for the Battle Spells have been seen. Players can guess, that all of these UI-based changes will be implemented in the Normal Server jointly, when the new season kicks off.

Mobile Legends skins events June 2022 New Battle Spell Icons
New Battle Spell Icons (Image via MOONTON Games)

New Supervillain Squad Moskov Abyss skin event

The third skin of the MLBB Supervillain squad is on its way in the upcoming month. This time the event will feature Moskov’s skin Doom Incarnate. Along with the skin, players will be able to get border, emote, recall, and spawn effects. The event will be similar to the event of the previous ones. There will be free tokens to claim too.

new super villian skin
Image via MOONTON Games

MLBB x Star Wars event for June 2022

The Star Wars event is going to be back once again. MLBB X Star Wars Phase 3 can be seen in June featuring Argus “Darth Vader”, Cyclops “Master Yoda”, Alucard “Obi-Wan Kenobi”, and the new Kimmy “Stormtrooper”. A tentative date can be heard which is June 30, 2022. The event assets have been found in several leaks but not enough information about the event structure yet.

MLBB x Star Wars event for June 2022
MLBB x Star Wars collaboration (Image via MOONTON Games)

MLBB x Transformers Pass Phase 2 free and bonus event

The second phase of MLBB x Transformers free and bonus event will be featured from June 11 to June 13. This event awards players up to 13 free Transformers Passes, upon recharging and spending diamonds. Players who want to spend less and get their favorite Transformers skin should wait, till these free phases.

MLBB x Transformers Phase 2: Free and Bonus event MLBB x Star Wars collaboration (Image via MOONTON Games)
MLBB x Transformers Phase 2: Free and Bonus event MLBB x Star Wars collaboration (Image via MOONTON Games)

Final Thoughts

All the events and announcements/ dates stated above might change with Moonton’s decision. Therefore, there are lots of exciting events, which are cooking for the players. Most of these events have free perks. Therefore, players must keep an eye on the calendar and claim them. Out of all these cool skins and events coming in June, which ones are you looking forward to the most?

What are your thoughts on the upcoming skins and events for June 2022 in Mobile Legends? Let us know in the comment section below!

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