Yukar from the Abyss, a new fantasy otome game launches on PC and Mobile this August 22nd

Your life in underworld awaits!

Yukar From The Abyss is a new fantasy otome game developed by LocaGames, set to launch on PC and Mobile this August 22, 2023. The game was initially scheduled to release in late 2022 but was released only in early access on November 15, 2022. Then the full release of the game was planned in early 2023 but was delayed again and the game is now finally set to launch.

Meet and fight side by side with Gods in Yukar from the Abyss

The game is based on the myths and legends of Hokkaido in Japan. In the game, players take on the role of Kurumi Oki who has decided to move to Hokkaido and leave Tokyo for a calm and soothing life. One night, she is held by an unknown man who tells her that she is dead and he is taking her to the underworld where the dead people go. Kurumi accidentally opens the door of Gods where she discovers a whole new world and strives to live a good afterlife.

Yukar from the Abyss launch
Image via LocaGames

In the game, players will have four main story routes to explore and each choice that players make will affect the story and their endings. The game has beautiful art scenes in story routes and each route is of approximately 3 hours. Players can also choose the name of their protagonist to immerse themselves in the story.

There are various love interest characters that players will meet and fight alongside. They will experience the results of forbidden love with divine entities and what unfolds after. At the release, the game will have new achievements, changes and additions to routes, improved background arts, and also bring new playable routes for other characters.

Yukar from the Abyss is set to launch on PC via Steam and iOS devices this August 22nd. There is no official announcement on the Android release as of now. Players can visit the official website or follow the official Twitter handle for more information about the game.

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