eFootball 2023 Guide: How to obtain and use Contract Renewal Tickets

Utilise your remaining Contract Renewal Tickets!

After numerous delays, the 2023 season of Konami’s popular soccer title, eFootball is now live for mobile devices. Besides the franchise name getting renamed to eFootball, the new season saw a host of other changes in gameplay, controls, and rules. The concept of Contract Renewal Ticket is one amongst many others that underwent modification in this Season. In this guide, we are going to simplify Contract Renewal Tickets in eFootball 2023, how to acquire them and some tips to use them efficiently.

Contract Renewal Tickets in eFootball 2023

Contract Renewal Ticket is an in-game asset that allows users to renew the contracts of their Expired Players. Now, when we say expired players, we mean the Legendary Player Cards that you signed last season. Both Legend and Iconic Moment Cards are together termed as Legendary Cards this season with the card designs being the differentiator.

Renewal-Contract-for-Legends-efootball eFootball 2022 Contract Renewal Tickets
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The Legendary Player Cards that you owned last Season have all been carried forward this season as Expired Cards. To use those Players in matches, you need to spend Contract Renewal Tickets on them. Each Contract Renewal Ticket would increase the Contract of your Expired Cards to 60 days.

That is, you have to renew your Legendary Player Cards every 60 days to be able to use them in Matches. However, if you sign a new Legendary Player Card this season, he would be holding a 60-Day Contract by default. The contract needs to be renewed again after 60 Days to be able to re-use that card.

Renewal-normal-Player-contracts-eFootball-22 eFootball 2022 Contract Renewal Tickets
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The Base player cards (now termed Standard Player Cards) have a 365-day contract from the Day you sign them. Hence, you do not have to use any Contract Renewal Tickets on them before the period ends. There is no concept of carry-overs this Season. The Base Player Cards that you owned Last Season has been carried forward as Standard Player Cards this season. Now that we know about Contract Renewal Tickets, let us know the ways to acquire the same.

How to get Contract Renewal Tickets in eFootball 2023

Previously in PES 2021, we could renew the Contract of our Player Cards by spending GPs or using a Contract Ticket. Each Contract Ticket spent is used to give a 10-match contract to your Player Cards. But this system has been completely re-modeled in eFootball 2023a. You can only renew Contracts by spending Contract Renewal Tickets.

1. From the Shop

exchangable renewal contracts eFootball 2022 Contract Renewal Tickets
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Sadly, the only way to acquire Contract Renewal Tickets right now is by exchanging them with your e-Football Points. You need to pay a heavy price to get just 1 in-game Contract ticket right now. A single Contract Ticket can be exchanged for 25,000 eFootball Points.

2. Rewards from eFootball PES 2021

However, the game did gift you some Contract Renewal Tickets as a Jump Login. The number of Contract Renewal Tickets that you received equals the number of Iconic Moment Player Cards that you owned last season. That is, if you had some 30 Iconic Moment Player Cards last Season, the game has gifted you with 30 Contract Renewal Tickets as a Jump Login.

As of now, there are no other ways to acquire Contract Renewal Tickets in eFootball 2023. Previously we could earn them by Grinding Tour Event Matches, so we can hope that Konami introduces some in-game event in the Game that gets users some Contract Renewal Tickets. We will update this space, once they add new ways to get these Tickets.       

Best Ways to use Contract Renewal Tickets in eFootball 2023

By now, it is clear to us that Contract Renewal Tickets are a scarce in-game resource in eFootball 2023. It would take some serious grind to earn just 1 Contract Renewal Ticket this season. The only hassle-free way to get Contract Tickets would be by purchasing eFootball Points which everyone cannot afford. But we have to field an 18 Member squad in Online Games and that too a strong one consisting of Legendary Players. So, we have to manage them efficiently. Here are some tips from our end:

1. Choose your core Legendary players for Contract Renewal

First and foremost, look to give Contract to only those Legendary Players that would make it to your main squad. Say for instance many users in the previous season had built a squad revolving around Iconic and Legend Player Cards that feature in their favorite side (say: Barcelona).

Image via KONAMI

So, if you have plans to play with a full squad featuring players from a particular side, look to give Contracts to their Legendary counterparts first. For a full year’s contract, each Legendary Card would be requiring approximately 6x Contract Tickets (60 days x 6=360 days). If you intend to stick to just one squad the whole season, you can give all the Legendary Cards of that squad a Year’s Contract at one go.

2. Rotate your Legendary players while renewing to save contracts

If you have plans to shop around i.e., rotate your players in and out of the squad or play or build more than 1 Squad, then you should initially look to renew the contract of the High Rated Legendary Cards (the likes of Cruyff, Romario, Van Basten, Kaka, Neymar, Messi, Beckenbauer just to name a few). In that case, give them only a single Contract Ticket (60-Day Contact) so that you can renew as many players as possible.

3. Don’t spend your Contract Renewal Tickets unnecessarily

Do not spend Contract Renewal Tickets on low-rated Legendary Players initially. That is what Resource Management is all about. There is no use in renewing players that won’t feature in your squad.

4. Release your duplicate Legendary players

If you have duplicate Legendary Cards, do not give every card a Contract Renewal Ticket. When we say duplicate, all versions of the Iniesta Card or the Messi card have been clubbed together as a single version. So, if you have different versions of the same Player Card, it is most likely that they have been clubbed to a single version.

Image via KONAMI

So, it is of no use giving Contracts to different versions of the same card as they now possess the same stats and abilities. We would advise you to keep one Legend Version and Iconic Moment Version of a particular Player card (the gold and pink background and the single OVR gap are the only differentiators) and release all the duplicate cards. The process can earn you Level Training Programs that can be used to level up your main squad players.

Did you find our guide on how to use Contract Renewal Tickets in eFootball 2023 useful? Let us know in the comments below.

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