FC Mobile 24 Heroes event Guide and Tips

It's a Bird... It's a Plane... It's FC Mobile Heroes!

After the conclusion of TOTY (Team of the Year) and Lunar New Year events, EA Sports brings the Heroes to FC Mobile to save the game! Heroes introduced in the previous season consist of retired players who had lit up the streets with their skills but couldn’t get the status of being an Icon. With this event, EA introduces a set of Heroes in FC Mobile 24, celebrating the glory days of the former stars!

Heroes is not an event, that’s the first thing you need to consider. It’s not an actual event but a campaign and we are stuck with it. It’s not going away, yes although it shows a counter of 5 weeks, after that time, the event is staying so that if new players join the game, they can get the Heroes players. It’s more like Zidane Icon Journey 2.0 and not an actual event! Well, that also means fresh base content will be added in the future with new Heroes players introduced.

FC Mobile 24 Heroes Event Description

Event Duration: February 29th – April 3rd (35 Days)

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FC Mobile 24 Heroes Event Flow


As it has been in recent times, the Main tab of any event in FC Mobile is not a functional one. The Main Tab just redirects to other tabs including the Heroes Quests, Challenge, Exchanges, and Offers. The tab showcases the artwork of the featured Heroes players each of whom will get their chapters unlocked in subsequent weeks.

Image via Electronic Arts

There are three Milestone Rewards as well in the Main Tab that can be completed once you complete the chapters of the five featured Heroes. The Main helps you navigate the Event and shows when new Players are released. All in all, Heroes promises to be a jam-packed event with content.

Heroes Academy

This is where you will be coming every day and playing a series of one Skill Game and two Matches Daily to earn Heroes Tickets every day. Each day you will log in and come to the Heroes Expedition Tab to play a set of Skill Games and Matches to receive Heroes Tickets.

Image via Electronic Arts

Complete Heroes Academy to obtain Heroes Tickets. Use them on Search for Heroic Folder. These Tickets, along with some extra Tickets earned from watching an Ad can be used to spend in the Heroic Folder pack that hands out random 80-97 OVR Players for 100 Heroes Tickets. This pack although hands out tradeable players, may or may not reward you with anything decent.

Heroes Expedition

The main objective of this tab, located on the right-hand side of the Heroes Academy is the Heroes Expedition. So you just need to come in here, click on the button on the TV, without spending any FC Points, and send the Heroes to an Expedition. A saying will be displayed on the TV stating “Heroes have been deployed to save the world…

Image via Electronic Arts

The Expedition takes 6 hours to complete, which can be skipped by using 2000 Gems or 100 FC Points. Once an expedition is complete, you can earn Coins, Players (including Universal Rank Players), and Heroes Puzzle which will be utilized in the next tab. You can only do 2x Heroes Expeditions per day so even if you skip the process, you can still do only two per day.

There are additional Milestone Rewards that can be obtained on completing a certain number of Heroes Expeditions. There is a set of 3x Universal Rank Player – Mascherano up for grabs on completing 50 Heroes Expeditions, therefore make sure not to miss out on them! Join a Heroes Expedition to earn rich rewards. Complete the Expedition a certain number of times to earn Milestone Rewards. Additionally, if you have some Heroes players in your reserves (not main team or substitutes), you can earn better rewards in the Expedition!

Image via Electronic Arts

The Heroes Expedition tab also serves as a gallery for the weekly set of featured Heroes, with a new batch of Heroes releasing every week. There will be a total of five sets of Heroes divided from Team A – Team E with each week a new team getting unlocked.

Heroes Puzzle

Image via Electronic Arts

The Heroes Puzzle that you earned from completing the Heroes Expedition will be utilized in the Heroes Puzzle tab. It is just a tab where you put your Puzzle pieces together to complete the Jigsaw Puzzle for the five featured Heroes and claim the Hero-specific animated Logos! You will earn the Heroes Puzzle almost every time from the Heroes Expedition and they will be utilized here. Therefore you can complete this tab within a few days.

Heroes-Specific Tabs

Next, there are the Heroes-Specific Tabs with one tab dedicated to each of the five heroes. The Tab is named after the Heroes and will be unlocked over the next 5 weeks with only The Motor being unlocked currently in the first week. The Hero-Specific Tabs are as follows:

Image via Electronic Arts
  • The Motor Ramires (Unlocks on 29th February)
  • TrickybeasDeMarcus Beasley (Unlocks on 7th March)
  • The ConductorTomáš Rosický (Unlocks on 14th March)
  • Flash FreezeDimitar Berbatov (Unlocks on 21st March)
  • The Arctic SoldierJohn Arne Riise (Unlocks on 28th March)

In each of the tabs, you will play through a series of Skill Games and Matches to Heroes-Specific Tokens. There is an Add as well that rewards you with more Heroes-Specific Tokens, with the Tokens getting doubled on weekends for the Skill Games, Matches, and Ad.

You will spend your Heroes-Specific Tokens in the reward path on the right-hand side of the same tab. You will use those Tokens to work your way down the path of rewards, all the way to the end where you will have a choice of claiming either of the Three Rewards consisting of the untradeable 93 OVR of the Hero himself, a Universal Rank Player – Mascherano or an untradeable 90-97 random player.

Image via Electronic Arts

If you are hyped for one of these Heroes players or happen to be his fan, then it is fantastic, but our suggestion is again the boring one, just use this event to grab the Mascherano. Get as many Mascheranos as you can from the Heroes event as they will be super useful for your team in the long run!

Challenge Mode

Well since this is not a mini-event, there will be a Challenge Mode as well! The Challenge Mode is exactly like the previous event ie a rehash of the TOTY (Team of the Year). The only difference is you will be getting a chance at players from higher OVR but you still won’t be getting any Heroes-specific currencies.

Image via Electronic Arts

There will be both Daily and Weekend-special Challenge modes that hand out Players, Gems, and Coins. Since there are no H2H or Division Rivals matches involved, therefore it should be fairly easy to win. Don’t forget to check out the Weekend Challenge where you can earn up to 88-97 OVR Players!

Star Pass

Of course, the Star Pass is running simultaneously with the event. There are in-game resources present in the Star Pass. Complete Quests throughout the event to earn Star Pass progress, which includes rewards such as Coins, Gems, FC Points, and other Cosmetic Items including Emotes and Kits

Image via Electronic Arts

Don’t forget to check out the newest Heroes-themed Star Pass that is available at launch, including a 94 OVR ST Mario Gómez. So don’t forget your daily quests to progress through the Star Pass! Earning Star Pass Credits will unlock more rewards along the Star Pass path. There are two tiers to the Star Pass: free and premium. You can also use FC Points to move faster through Star Pass levels and collect rewards faster.

FC Mobile 24 Heroes Event Currencies

Heroes Tickets

  • Earn them by watching Ads, completing Quests, Skill Games, and PvE Matches from the Heroes Academy path of the Heroes Expedition tab
  • Spend them towards obtaining random 80-97 OVR Players from the Heroic Folder in the Heroes Expedition tab

Heroes Puzzle

  • Earn them by completing Expeditions in the Heroes Expedition tab
  • Use them in completing Heroes Puzzles in the Heroes Puzzle tab

Heroes-Specific Tokens

  • Earn them by watching Ads, completing Skill Games, and PvE Matches from the Heroes-Specific tabs
  • Spend them in the Reward Path of the Heroes-Specific tabs

Running the Math for F2P Players

As per our calculations, the following sums up the chances for F2P Players.

Resource Management

Heroes Tickets
Heroes Academy3500
Daily Ads350

Since the Challenge Mode does not give out Heroes Tickets, therefore further tickets can’t be obtained from there But if you have extra TOTY Tokens (Team of the Year) from the past you can trade them at an Exchange Rate of 5x TOTY Tokens for 1x Heroes Tickets with a total of 300 times ie 1500 TOTY Tokens for 300 Heroes Tickets. If we keep that aside, then from simply playing the event, one can easily accumulate a total of:

You can get at least a minimum of 4850 Heroes Tickets from playing the event

FC Mobile 24 Heroes Event Tips and Tricks

Heroes has a fair amount of grind, with daily skill games and matches to play in FC Mobile 24. So here are our additional tips and tricks to help you get the best from the event. It took us a while to get these answers and calculate everything so let’s explain it here.

Now tips for the event. Play everything. Be excited that there’s no event energy or stamina involved anymore in the new season. We’re not dealing with the constant fear of energy getting wasted and full and neither has there been a single ad since the game was released. So yes, definitely enjoy it while you can.

Heroes Academy

From the Calculations above you can clearly see that should you play the event throughout, you are gonna easily end with at least 4850 Heroes Tickets. With that, you can utilize spending the above on the Heroic Folder that hands out random 80-97 OVR Players for 100 Heroes Tickets each.

Therefore you can have at least 48 Pulls in the Heroic Folder. Should you consider trading in your TOTY Tokens for Heroes Tickets, you can earn additional Heroes Tickets, but honestly, it might not be worth it as you will just get more pulls for random Elites and hence you may or may not get anything decent in return.

You can get a minimum of 48 Pulls in the Heroic Folder with the 4850 Heroes Tickets by just playing through the event

Heroes Expedition

Given each Heroes Expedition takes 6 hours to complete and you can complete a maximum of two Expeditions per day, it will require you a minimum of 25 Days to complete 50 Hero Expeditions and hence complete the Milestone.

Image via Electronic Arts

Remember this event or campaign is not going anywhere so there is no incentive to complete this thing earlier and you can’t either as you can do only two Hero Expeditions per day. Therefore don’t even think about spending Gems or FC Points to skip a Hero Expedition.

As for the Milestone rewards, don’t even think about it and go directly for the Mascheranos instead of the 94 OVR Untradeable Heroes Player or 89-92 OVR Tradeable Player. There is a set of 3x Universal Rank Player – Mascherano up for grabs on completing the 50 Heroes Expeditions, therefore make sure not to miss out on them!

You can complete the 50 Heroes Expeditions milestone within a minimum of 25 Days

Heroes-Specific Tabs

All of the five Hero-Specific Tabs, ie The Motor, Trickybeas, The Conductor, Flash Freeze, and The Arctic Soldier, have their own set of Skill Games and Matches, along with their own Heroes-Specific Tokens. You can continue to do the Skill Games and Matches in those chapters, but once you earn enough Heroes-Specific Tokens and complete the Path of Rewards, neither there will be a need, nor will you be able to play the Skill Games and Matches.

Be rest assured, whatever the requirement for Tokens in the Reward Path, you will be able to complete it quite easily. Therefore this is going to be a one-and-done type thing and since it’s a permanent thing, those who start playing the game at a later date will be able to complete it. EA could add more Heroes in the future with their Hero-Specific Tabs as they did last season, but it is still yet to be seen.

Image via Electronic Arts

And as far as the Milestone Rewards go, just stick to the Universal Rank Player – Mascherano! Unless you are a fan of the Heroes player or his club, just collect your free Mascheranos from each of the chapters and finish off your work! Trust me, this event is just tailor-made for collecting Mascheranos, that’s at!

FC Mobile 24 Heroes Event Players

Final Heroes Image FC Mobile Image
Image via Electronic Arts

That’s it the Heroes Event in a nutshell. Beyond that, there isn’t a whole lot to say about this event. Again, not an event but a campaign! All the calculations are at your doorstep there, do with it what you will and plan carefully. Just play the campaign, every day, daily grind it out. The question that people will have is what is the point of the Heroes Expedition thing, which probably is just daily packs and some rewards that you will be earning from it.

The least Heroes provides is to log in every day and do something but beyond that, it’s not an event but a campaign that takes 5 weeks to unlock and unfold itself. Don’t expect another event during this time, other than a few mini-events with their own passes. They have already released the Star Pass as a part of Heroes, which states this is all we will have to deal with for the next 5 weeks, even though it’s not an event but a Campaign!

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Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this FC Mobile 24 Heroes Event Guide useful.

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