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Free Fire Best Pets and Character Combinations: Skills, Abilities and more

Choose from the top 10 Pet-character combinations in Free Fire!

Garena Free Fire has lots of features for making it easier to fight in battle. But, pets have a major role on the battlefield. In this article, we have shared some of the best combinations of pets with their suitable character choices in Free Fire. In case one is an ardent Free Fire lover, this guide would be really helpful.

Pets are very useful in the gam,e because they provide skills that can be very useful and can improve sometimes selected character skills too. Characters and pets are the two most interesting features of Garena Fire Fire. The majority of them have unique talents and skills that have a direct impact on the gameplay of the players and give them a profit against their enemies.

Best Pets and Character combinations in Free Fire

1. Detective Panda + Alok

Image via Garena

Alok creates a 5m aura, which looks like 5 HP every second for about 10 seconds in total. After activation, the movement speed also increased by 15%. Detective Panda can also produce HP after every kill, which means DJ Alok and Detective Panda are the best combinations in Free Fire for rush gameplay and rank push.

2. Beaston + Chrono

Free Fire Best Pets and Character Combinations
Image via Garena

Chrono has the ability to create a force field that can block 600 damage from outside. In addition, it also increases the 15% movement speed. All of these effects last for seconds. Beaston has the ability to throw the grenades, Gloo wall, or flashbangs, which means when Chrono uses his ability he can protect himself and throw the grenades a long distance.

3. Sensei Tig + Kelly

Free Fire Best Pets and Character Combinations
Image via Garena

Kelly is among the most extraordinary characters in Free Fire. With her Dash and Sensei Tig ability Nimble Ninja, players can show the best combination for rush gameplay. Sensei can help to find enemies and Kelly can run faster to take down enemies.

4. Dr. Beanie + Wukong

Nowadays, Wukong is the best character for close-range fights, having the camouflage ability. This ability can turn players into bushes for up to 10 seconds and it needs 250 seconds to cool down. With Wukong knocking down an enemy, the duration of the cooldown will be reset. Dr. Beanie has the ability to move faster in a crouch position. When they mix together, then one can also move faster and kill enemies easily.

5. Mr. Waggor + Skyler

Image via Garena

Skyler has Riptide Rhythm ability. He can unleash a sonic wave that can damage five gloo walls within 50 meters and each gloo wall deployed will result in increasing HP recovery, beginning from four points. The ability has a cooldown of 60 seconds. Mr. Wagoor can produce Gloo wall, these skills are perfectly combined with Skyler’s abilities.

6. A124 + Ottero

a124 ottero
Image via Garena

A124 ability Thrill of Battle converts 60 EP to HP within 4 seconds, and players can use this ability after every 10 seconds. The character is a decent alternative to Alok. With Ottero equipped as a pet, players can recover some EP, whenever they use a Treatment Gun or Med Kit. The amount of EP received is 65% of HP recovered at the highest level of the ability. The skill synchronizes well with A124, as players can quickly convert this recovered EP to HP with Thrill of Battle.

7. Alok + Falco

Image via Garena

Alok creates a 5m aura that looks like 5 HP every second for about 10 seconds in total. After activation, the movement speed also increased by 15%. Falco’s Skyline Spree boosts the gliding speed after players skydive by 45%. In the meantime, the diving speed after the parachute opens is also maximized by 45%. Moreover, this buff is applicable for the entire time. Falco is a pet only for the battle-royale mode and serves quite well with almost every character.

8. K + Ottero

Image via Garena

K is a peculiar character, as its ability has two separate game modes. Jiu-jitsu mode buffs the EP to HP conversion rate by 500%, whereas, the Psychology mode recovers 2 EP every 2 seconds. As stated earlier, Ottero provides 65% of HP recovered as EP. Unlike A124, where players must continuously activate the ability, players can set K’s ability to Jiu-jitsu mode and enjoy a 500% buff in the conversion rate.

9. Nairi + Robo

Free Fire Best Pets and Character Combinations
Image via Garena

Nairi is possessed with a very special ability called Ice Iron. It allows gloo walls to recover 30% of their durability every second, and the player deals 25% damage to gloo walls while using an AR. Although this ability is already one of the strongest in Free Fire, Robo can make the defensive aspect of gloo walls even stronger. Using the Wall Reinforcement skill, a shield worth 100 hit points is added over the gloo wall. This allows it to absorb more damage before breaking.

10. Maro + Detective Panda

Free Fire Best Pets and Character Combinations
Image via Garena

Maro is a long-range specialist in Free Fire. His ability, Falcon Fervor, allows the character to deal increased damage at targets that are far away. At a maximum distance, damage dealt is increased by 25%, and an additional 3.5% is added if the target is marked. Given that each shot can eliminate a target, a good pet combination would be Detective Panda. His skill, Panda’s Blessings, will allow the player to recover 10 HP whenever an opponent is eliminated.

What are your thoughts on the best pets and character combinations in Free Fire? Let us know in the comments below.

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