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Free Fire Miguel Guide: Abilities, Character Combinations and more

Utilise Miguel to his full potential!

Free Fire offers players an abundance of unique features and characters. The latter aid players on the virtual ground in different scenarios. There are over 30 Free Fire characters. Miguel is one of the most undervalued ones, but he also has great abilities to benefit most players. In this Free Fire guide, we’ll go through his complete analysis and provide tips on using Miguel effectively.

About Miguel in Free Fire

Free Fire Miguel
Image via Garena

Miguel is one of the oldest but favorite characters in Free Fire. He is a soldier and was introduced to the game much earlier but players still use this character because of his vicious abilities. He contains a passive ability called Crazy Slayer.

Miguel abilities in Free Fire

He has a unique ability of Crazy Slayer, which provides him 30EP for each death at level 1. As your Miguel character levels up, the amount of EP you receive for each kill also increases.

Free Fire Miguel Ability
Image via Garena
  • Level 1: Gain 30 EP after every kill
  • Level 2: Gain 40 EP after every kill
  • Level 3: Gain 50 EP after every kill
  • Level 4: Gain 60 EP after every kill
  • Level 5: Gain 70 EP after every kill
  • Level 6: Gain 80 EP after every kill

His skills can be beneficial in Ranked and Clash Squad modes. The players will have better chances of surviving till the end and can get an easy Booyah! Since he has a passive ability, players can easily pair his skill with other characters’ skills like DJ Alok and Chrono.

Best character skill combination with Miguel you should try in Free Fire

Miguel’s skill effect only applies when you successfully eliminate enemies. The key is to play aggressively. Brace yourself to increase kills as many as possible when using his skill. 

1. Miguel/ Jota/ Jai/ K

K‘s ability increases the max EP by 50 and has two modes:

  • Jiu-Jitsu Mode: Allies within 6m receive a 500% increase in their EP conversion rate.
  • Psychology Mode: Restores 2 EP after every two seconds up to 150 EP.

However, there is a cooldown of 20 seconds while replacing modes. Jota‘s sustained Raids immediately replenishes 40 HP with each kill using a Shotgun or SMG. However, there is a cooling effect of 5 seconds. Jai’s raging Reload restores 45% of the maximum magazine capacity with every knockdown. It is limited to ARs, Pistols, SMGs, and SGs.

2. Miguel/ Dj Alok/ Kelly/ Caroline

DJ Alok has an exceptional ability in the game called Drop The Beat. This ability creates a 5m aura that increases the ally movement speed by 10% and restores 5 HP for 5 seconds. Kelly‘s sprint is faster than normal, allowing us to reach enemies, grab the loot before others, or escape from danger.

The new Kelly Free Fire ability is called Deadly Velocity, with which you can deal more damage with the first hit that gets the target. Caroline is a female character, and when you hold the shotgun, she will increase your movement speed by 3% with her skill. And as you reach the maximum level 6, your movement speed will be increased by 8% while using a shotgun.

3. Miguel/ Wukong/ Ford/ Moco

Wukong‘s ability is called Camouflage which allows candidates to get transformed into a bush for a while. At the basic level, The ability will transform into a bush with a 20% reduction in the movement speed. Ford is pretty much a tank, with the ability to reduce damage when outside of the safe zone by 24% after a skill upgrade. Moco is an outstanding hacker. Her ability is Hacker’s Eye, which displays enemies that are hit by players for two seconds, and this info will be passed down with teammates as well. At the maximum level, users will be able to tag their enemies for 5 seconds.

Tips and tricks for using Miguel in Free Fire

Miguel Tips
Free Fire Miguel Gameplay Guide
  • During intense fights: Miguel’s skill proves useful when rushing while being in intense solo vs team battles or close fights, players usually don’t have much time to recover.
  • For aggressive gameplay: Players who like to rush and gather many kills should have this character. As they secure each kill with their skills, Miguel’s ability rewards them with extra EP points for each elimination of suspects.
  • Best for skill combos: Miguel’s ability is beneficial as a dual skill slot. He can be combined with DJ Alok, Kelly, and Caroline, who will give a constant healing source, increased movement speed, and high mobility with average weapons like shotguns.

The character might have a passive ability but this character gives the best close combat fight as you’ll be gaining your health after each kill. The best use is in the zones.

Did you find our Free Fire Miguel guide helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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