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Free Fire Paloma Guide: Abilities, Character Combinations and more

Utilise Paloma to her full potential!

Free Fire is a well-known battle royale but the thing which makes it stand out is the variety of character selection. Each character has their special abilities with their backstory, tying them all together in the Free Fire universe. The special character skills significantly assist players on the battleground to have an extra edge over their enemies. One such character is Paloma, she is one of the best substitutes for any of the popular Free Fire characters like Chrono. This Free Fire guide will help you with the best character combinations to use with Paloma and tips to master her.

About Paloma in Free Fire

Paloma is one of the most underrated characters in Free Fire. She was released in Free Fire a long time back. She had a horrible past which she never talks about. The Description of Paloma’s character in Free Fire says A beauty queen raised in the poorest suburbs of her country, she used to be every girl’s role model. Now she is an epitome of evil, an arms dealer who controls the underworld. 

Paloma abilities in Free Fire

Paloma’s ability is called Arms-Dealing. This ability lets the player carry more AR ammo without taking space in the backpack.

Free Fire Paloma Guide
Image via Garena

Here’s how Paloma’s ability upgrades as you level up:

  • Arms-dealing Level 1: 30 AR ammo will not take up inventory space
  • Arms-dealing Level 2: 60 AR ammo will not take up inventory space
  • Arms-dealing Level 3: 90 AR ammo will not take up inventory space
  • Arms-dealing Level 4: 120 AR ammo will not take up inventory space
  • Arms-dealing Level 5: 150 AR ammo will not take up inventory space
  • Arms-dealing Level 6: 180 AR ammo will not take up inventory space

To upgrade her ability you have to collect memory fragments up to level 6 along with other rewards.

Best character skill combination with Paloma you should try in Free Fire

1. Paloma/Hayato/Kelly/Moco

Hayato’s skill increases the player’s armor penetration with a decrease in HP. This can be very useful in short-range encounters. Kelly’s speed can add up in short-range fights. While Moco can spot enemies for a specific duration. This combination can be efficiently used by rushers in Clash Squad Mode.

2. Paloma/Chrono/Alvaro/Maxim

Chrono is one of the best characters in Free Fire. His ability creates a field that can resist 600 incoming damage. Earlier the players inside the field could inflict damage to the enemies outside, but now with the new update, the time-turner field can only be used to protect themselves. With Alvaro’s ability, the damage caused by the weapon is increased by 10% and helps to throw grenades to a longer range with increased damage of 7%. Maxim’s ability will help you use Medkits faster so that you can focus on the battle instead of worrying about healing.

Tips and Tricks for using Paloma in Free Fire

  • Paloma’s abilities let her carry an extra 30 AR ammo after dropping from the plane. This makes her very useful for the early fighters or the rushers.
  • If the team needs a supporter, to carry extra items like the health kits, players can use Paloma to supply the team with the needful.

Generally, the skill of Paloma’s character in Free Fire is not appreciated since you rarely need to use a large backpack, and also the ammo which her skills work with is AR ammo and not any other type. Therefore, her skill is mostly used by a support player to carry extra supplies.

Did you find our Free Fire Paloma guide helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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