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Free Fire Steffie Guide: Abilities, Character Combinations, and more

Use Steffie to her full potential!

The developers of Free Fire never cease to amaze free fire fans with new updates, characters, abilities, emotes, etc. One such interesting character in Free Fire is Steffie. Steffie, 23, is a graffiti artist who came to Free Fire Battleground in the OB20 Update patch. She creates graffiti to reduce damages caused by bullets or explosions. This free fire guide will help you with the best character combinations to use with Steffie and tips to master her.

About Steffie in Free Fire

Steffie joins the battleground to open memory fragments and gather back all her memories. The memory fragments keep on opening along with increments in her abilities as you go on to higher levels. Steffie’s special skill is called Painted Refuge.

Steffie’s abilities are nothing when compared to top-tier characters like Chrono. But, they turn out to be the best in unexpected situations. Still, you should avoid completely relying on her for close combat intense fights. The price of the character is 499 diamonds.

Steffie abilities in Free Fire

Steffie is a pro graffito artist with a special skill known as Painted Refuge.

Free Fire Steffie Ability
Image via Garena
  • Painted Refugee level 1: Reduce damages from explosions by 15% and bullets by 5% in five seconds.
  • Painted Refugee level 2: Reduce damages from explosions by 17% and bullets by 5% in six seconds.
  • Painted Refugee level 3: Reduce damages from explosions by 19% and bullets by 5% in seven seconds.
  • Painted Refugee level 4: Reduce damages from explosions by 21% and bullets by 5% in eight seconds.
  • Painted Refugee level 5: Reduce damages from explosions by 23% and bullets by 5% in nine seconds.
  • Painted Refugee level 6: Reduce damages from explosions by 25% and bullets by 5% in ten seconds.

She draws a colorful circle around herself which protects all the teammates who are standing inside the circles by reducing the damage caused by bullets by 5% for some seconds. Effects do not stack, as you go up on the levels the abilities enhance.

Best character skill combination with Steffie you should try in Free Fire

1. Steffie/ Xayne/ Jai/ Luqueta

Xayne’s ability is such that her health increase by 80 points that decay over time. She can also increase the damage given to gloo walls and shields by 80%. The ability lasts for 15 seconds and is reactivated after every 150 seconds. If Jai knocks down an enemy his gun’s magazine automatically gets reloaded by 30% of its maximum capacity. Luqueta can raise the maximum health by 10 points per kill to a maximum of 50 HP. This combination is good for rush gameplay.

2. Steffie/ Chrono/ Moco/ Dasha

Chrono’s ability is called Time-Turner, it is one of the best abilities until the new update. It creates a bubble-like looking field around the player, which can absorb up to 600 damage. Before the update, one could fire from inside the field but now it can’t be done. One can just stand inside it to protect themselves from the damage. Though it’s still way better than most of the character’s abilities.

Moco can pump out information about the enemy’s position but it comes with a drawback. To get this knowledge, Moco needs to be attacked by the enemy player. Dasha can decrease the damage after a fall from a considerable height and can reduce recoil. Dasha is the perfect character to fight alongside and she completes this squad.

Tips and Tricks for using Steffie in Free Fire

  • When using Steffie, try to keep her on the frontline. She can handle bullets with less effect on her HP and can guard the team.
  • The best abilities one can combine with Steffie are probably Rafael’s sniper ability or Laura’s Marksmanship. To sum up, Steffie is indeed one strong character that can be used in rush gameplay.

Different characters have different skills to be tested on the battlefield. It is totally up to the player how they use this character at the time of combat and rooms.

Did you find our Free Fire Steffie guide helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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