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Genshin Impact 3.4 Update Spiral Abyss: Overview, How to clear 36 stars

Tips to clear the most challenging part of the 3.4 Update!

Genshin Impact in the Version 3.4 Update has reset both Floor 11 and Floor 12 in the Spiral Abyss. In this guide, we will explain the new changes in the current Spiral Abyss, how to clear them in the current Genshin Impact 3.4 patch update, and the most optimal teams that can be used.

Genshin Impact 3.4 Update Spiral Abyss Guide: Floor 11

How to clear Floor 11

Ley Line Disorder: All characters in the party gain a 75 % Dendro DMG Bonus.

Chamber 1

Genshin Impact 3.4 Update Spiral Abyss floor 11 chamber 1
Image via HoYoverse
  • Chamber 1 is a Ley Line Monolith challenge where players need to protect the Monolith from enemies by defeating them all. Players need to save it at least before it hits below 60% for a 3-star clear run.
  • For the first half of Chamber 1, it is recommended that players bring an Anemo CC unit that can help to gather the Eremites and Treasure Hoarders together and effectively prevent them from harming the Monolith. Additionally, gathering the mobs together can help to deal damage to all of them at the same time, reducing the time taken to finish the first half of the chamber. The enemies such as the Eremite Linebreakers and Crushers will go after the Monolith, while the rest of the mobs will target your active character. A general rule of thumb is to target the enemies that are causing the Monolith harm and defeat them, then go for the ones that are trailing after you.
  • In the second half of Chamber 1, the first wave will have Mitachurls that will target the Monolith while the second wave will have a Thunderhelm Lawachurl that will target your active character. In this second half, you don’t need an Anemo unit to gather the enemies as the Mitachurls will effectively be together when they target the Monolith. Therefore, it is recommended that players bring a Freeze team in this half as they can effectively stop the Mitachurls from dealing damage to the Monolith and also can bring the Shield of the Electro Lawachurl down more quickly.

Chamber 2

Chamber 2
Image via HoYoverse
  • The first half of the Chamber has Vishap Hatchlings that can drain the active character’s Energy or deal damage if your character has no Energy to drain off, by using their Cleansing Shower ability. Players should go to the edge of the domain and pick any cornet so that the Vishap Hatchlings follow you to your location. Once they are all gathered around go and deal massive amounts of damage to them. Using Freeze teams is recommended, although it is advised that players bring a DPS character that has their kit rely on their Elemental Skill/Normal Attacks rather than their Elemental Bursts (i.e Hu Tao, Childe, Ayato, etc). After the Vishap Hatchlings are defeated, the second wave will spawn Shrooms in the middle of the Floor. Go towards them and use an Anemo CC unit to bring them together.
  • The second half of the chamber will bring the Abyss Herald in the first wave. The enemy may seem easy but this time it has a catch. If your active character gets hit by one of his attacks, the character will have an increased cooldown in their Elemental Skill and Burst. When the Herald reaches 20% of his Health, he will conjure up a Hydro Shield on himself which can be easily broken by using Cryo attacks on him. The second wave will bring a new Enemy that has been introduced this patch 3.4 called Consecrated Flying Serpent. In short, attack the Serpent with Elemental attacks to destroy the Energy blocks and paralyze the Serpent.

Chamber 3

Chamber 3
Image via HoYoverse
  • The first half has Slimes in the first wave and then Nobushis in the second. For the first wave, the enemies all spawn together in the middle so you will not face any problems in grouping them together and can deal AoE damage. It is recommended that players use an Anemo and Dendro character in the party. The Anemo unit can Swirl the Slimes and group them together while any Dendro attacks can trigger Elemental reactions that are Dendro related, hence can take advantage of the Ley Line Disorder. The Second wave also has the enemies spawn close to each other and hence can be grouped together to deal a massive amount of damage. Although the only obstacle in this wave is the double Kairagis that can separate when they attack. Players should use the strategy of backing to a corner and having them follow so that players can deal damage on both of them before the other enemy heals itself. Freeze teams are recommended for more convenient gameplay.
  • The Electro Regisvine is back again in the Spiral Abyss for the second half of Chamber 3. The Regisvine acts just like it does in the overworld only this time it has high amounts of HP. Players can refer to our Electro Regisvine Guide to read a more in-depth analysis of how to defeat the boss. In short, bringing a Cryo or Pyro character can help break the Corolla quickly. Once the Corolla is broken, the enemy falls down and hence all Elemental resistance is reduced. Use this time to deal high amounts of damage on the Regisvine before it regains conciseness. 

Optimal Team Comps to use on Floor 11

Genshin Impact 3.4 Update Spiral Abyss floor 11 team comps
Image via HoYoverse

Genshin Impact 3.4 Update Spiral Abyss Guide: Floor 12

How to clear Floor 12

Ley Line Disorder: For this floor only, the Ley Line flow will be normal.

Chamber 1

floor 12 chamber 1
Image via HoYoverse
  • The first half of Chamber 1 is a tasking one with 4 waves occurring this time. Ruin Drakes and Guards are quite easy to fight but they will be spawning one at a time which may be taxing on time. Additionally, there is an Electro Elemental Node that buffs the enemies but also affects them with Electro. Players should use it to advantage, to dish out high Elemental reaction damages. One must bring a Single-target DPS in this half, especially a Dendro character.
  • The second half calls for an Anemo unit in the party to group the enemies in order to stagger them from attacking and also to Swirl some of the enemy shields. There are a total of 3 waves in this half. Some noteworthy advice is to Swirl the Abyss mages shields to effectively break them quickly and to stagger the Eremites to prevent your character from getting frozen.

Chamber 2

floor 12 chamber 2
Image via HoYoverse
  • The second chamber of Floor 12 is by far the hardest one yet. In the first half of the chamber, there will be 2 new enemies that have been introduced in this 3.4 update patch, Consecrated Red Vulture and Consecrated Scorpion. The first half has 2 waves with wave one being a very quick and easy run of Nobushis and a Kairagi. The second wave is where the new enemies are spawned. The Consecrated enemies deal high amounts of AoE damage and can trigger Elemental reactions. Try to avoid their attacks as much as possible and wait till they summon Energy blocks. Quickly destroy these Energy Blocks in order to paralyze the enemies, reducing resistance in the process. Due to the high-inflicted damage they cause, it is highly recommended that players bring either a strong healer or shielder to the team.
  • The second half has 3 Maguu Kenkis spawning at the same time. It is recommended that players target the Cryo Maguu Kenki one first as its AoE attacks can slow the active character inside the Cryo-imbued area on the floor. Afterward, players can focus on the other remaining Maguu Kenkis and try to target the one with the lower HP.

Chamber 3

floor 12 chamber 3
Image via HoYoverse
  • The first half of Chamber 3 brings back a previous Overworld boss called the Algorithm of Semi-Intransient Matrix of Overseer Network or ASIMON for short. In short, it is required that players bring an Electro character and maybe a Dendro character in the mix to trigger Dendro-related reactions such as Catalyze reactions. Using such reactions can paralyze the Boss when it goes into invisible mode after a while. Once it is paralyzed, players can dish out damage to the enemy.
  • The second half of the floor has a whole party of high-tier Eremite enemies. For the first wave, there will be the Clearwater, Sunfrost, and Daythunder spawning at the same time, which enables the player to get frozen and receive damage. Players are highly advised to target the Eremite Clearwater first as she spawns Mist Bubble Aura, which spawns Mist Bubbles to the active character every few seconds, dealing Hydro damage and entrapping you if your character touches them. The second wave has some high HP enemies such as Eremite Scorching Loremaster, Galehunter, and Floral Ring-Dancer. All three of the enemies will immediately summon their respective beasts, essentially enabling them to have high resistance which stops players from grouping and staggering the enemies.
  • The beasts in truth will follow the player. Therefore, it is recommended that players round them up in a corner and quickly defeat all three summoned beasts. Afterward, when the beasts are killed, their respective masters will be stunned for a few seconds giving you ample time to inflict damage onto the enemies. 

Optimal Team Comps to use on Floor 12

Genshin Impact 3.4 Update Spiral Abyss floor 12 comps
Image via HoYoverse
  • First Half: Alhaitham, Nahida, Raiden Shogun, Venti
  • Second Half: Xiao, Kazuha, Bennett, Ganyu

That’s it for the latest Spiral Abyss guide in the 3.4 Update!

What are your thoughts on the guide to clear the floors in the Spiral Abyss for the Genshin Impact 3.4 Update? Let us know in the comments below.

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