Honor of Kings all Level up rewards: Free Heroes, skins, Diamonds, and more

Know the rewards that you will get for completing each level

Honor of Kings is a newly released MOBA game. it is steadily becoming a highly popular mobile game developed and released by Level Infinite. It is a 5v5 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game, where players compete in a fast-paced battle to destroy the enemy’s base. With the game breaking records, it also introduces events where players can earn free rewards. You often want to know the rewards that the game will give you for passing each level. However, we’ve prepared a list of all the Honor of Kings all level up rewards for you so that you can take a quick look at it and jump into the action.

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List of all Level up rewards in Honor of Kings

When you grow up in the game, the game rewards you back with several free heroes, skins, Diamonds, and other items like Level Rewards Pearl, Lvl 5 Marksman Arcana Pack, Eternal Explorer, etc. You can elevate to a superior level by playing matches and completing the tasks that are given for each level.

Honor of Kings all level up rewards list
Image via Tencent
Required LevelRewards for Leveling up
11x Level Rewards Pearl
21x Level Rewards Pearl
41x Lvl 5 Marksman Arcana Pack
5Eternal Explorer
61x Lvl 5 Mage Arcana Pack
8The Victor is King Avatar Frame
91x Lvl 5 Universal Arcana Pack
111x High Five
133x Double Starstone Card (7d)
151x Tier Star Protection Card
16Lady Sun
18Level Rewards Pearl
191x Doubt
20Cannoneer Lass Skin
211x MVP Double Star Card
2220x Skin Fragment
232k Arcana Fragments
2420x Rose of Friendship
25Gorge Exploration Avatar Frame
2620x Skin Fragment
27600x Diamonds
281x Tier Star Protection Card
292k Arcana Fragments
30Gorge Mutations
315x Skin Fragment
322k Arcana Fragments
331x Tier Double Star Card
342k Arcana Fragments
35Gorge Mutations
3620x Skin Fragment
3760x Honor Point
381x Heart
395x Skin Draw Voucher
40King’s Expedition Avatar Frame
4120x Skin Fragment
421x Protection Card
432k Arcana Fragments
45King’s Expedition
4628x Skin Fragment
472k Arcana Fragments
48270x Honor Point
492k Arcana Fragments
50Lil’ Ying Avatar Frame

How to level up quickly in Honor of Kings and claim the rewards

Honor of Kings level up menu
Image via Tencent

Claiming the level-up rewards for Honor of Kings is very easy. Follow the steps mentioned below to claim the rewards right away!

  • From the Main Menu of the game, you will see the current level that you are staying at on the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • You can level up your ranked tier in Honor of Kings by winning matches. When a certain level is complete, just go to the Level Rewards Menu and tap on the level you completed.
  • You will get your rewards right away!

That’s all for the level-up rewards in Honor of Kings!

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