Honor of Kings Eternal Sage Guide: Best Arcana, Build and Gameplay Tips

Tips to master Fuzi in the game!

Eternal Sage, also known as Fuzi, is one of the most powerful sages among the three (Peacekeeper, Dreambuilder) sages of Jixia Academy. He generally depends on his martial arts skills and top-notch crowd-control abilities. He can be rated as an A-tier fighter based on his damage, blink, crowd control, and difficulty. In this Honor of Kings guide, we will take a look at the skills, and best builds, including tips and tricks to dominate every game with Eternal Sage.

We have previously discussed how to master playing with other Honor of Kings heroes like Diaochan, Private Ear, Solarus, Lady Sun, Musashi, and Mirrorblade. So make sure to check these hero guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Eternal Sage.

Eternal Sage may be weak in the early phases as a clash laner, but once he reaches the late game with all of his items, he can harass any enemies like no one else. At first, we have to understand the basics and then utilize his maximum potential to reign terror on the battlefield. So, without further ado, let’s just jump into the Honour of Kings with Eternal Sage

Skill Analysis

Eternal Sage is a hero that has four abilities which are one passive and three active. In this Eternal Sage guide, let’s see what are his abilities in Honor of Kings, and when you can use which skill to get the best out of him.

Passive – Ancient Wisdom (Damage)

This is a very unique passive for Eternal Sage. Each time he successfully lands a basic attack, he gains 1 stack of reprimand for the next 5 seconds (capped at 5 stacks). After completing five stacks, he is enhanced for the next five seconds, during which time he gains 25% attack speed and 60 movement speed. Not only that but enhanced Eternal Sage can deal an extra 60 true damage while reducing his skill 1 and skill 2 cooldowns by 1 second.

Skill 1 – Corporal Punishment (Damage, Crowd Control)

CD – 8 seconds

This can be considered a space-reducing skill in martial arts. Upon casting, Eternal Sage can pull enemies towards him, slowing them down by 25%/30%/35%/40%/45%/50% for the next 1.5/1.7/1.9/2.1/2.3/2.5 seconds while dealing 200 (+80 physical attack) /240/280/320/360/400 amount of physical damage.

Skill 2 – Intuition (Damage, Crowd Control)

CD – 8 seconds

This skill has two phases: one is Active, and the other is Passive.

  • Active: Upon casting, Eternal Sage basically boosts himself for a while (2 seconds). At this moment, he gains 45%/49%/53%/57%/61%/65% damage reduction and +25%/28%/31%/34%/37%/40% movement speed. Not only that, in this stage, the eternal sage can return the 50% damage that he has received from the first hero while reducing their movement speed for 2 seconds by 30% (this damage triggers his basic attack’s on-hit effect).
  • Passive: After successfully landing a basic attack, there is a 25% chance of landing another basic attack, which can deal +50% damage and trigger an on-hit effect.

Skill 3 – Sage’s Might (Damage, Crowd Control)

CD – 45/40/35 seconds

This is a very unique crowd-control ability for Eternal Sage. Upon casting, he dashes towards the designated direction while dealing 400 (+120 physical attack)/500/600 physical damage to non-hero units only.

But the catch is that upon a successful collision with an enemy, the first enemy will receive 400/500/600 amount of physical damage and be cramped for 5 seconds where he placed his lantern during the ultimate. Enemy heroes’ damage will be reduced by 20% while tied to the lantern rod.

Skill-up method for Eternal Sage

First upgrade skill 2, then skill 1, and ultimate whenever available.

Best Arcana build and Spells for Eternal Sage in Honor of Kings

Arcana Build

The best Arcana Build for Eternal Sage is:

Conflict (V) *10 + Eagle Eye (V) *10 + Hunter (V) *10

You can use Fate (V) *10 in place of conflict, too. If you are sure that you do not need lifesteal from Arcana, then go with fate, because it will increase your attack speed, maximum health, and physical defense. It is generally used if you are building Eternal Sage as an initiator with only +3 defense items. And if you are building him as a semi-fighter with +3 attack items, then follow up

Image via Level Infinite

As a clash laner, all you need to do is gain control of your lane, avoid unwanted ganks, and stuff yourself with massive damage output, which can be useful in the mid-to-early phase. So, the conflict will help you increase your physical attack and physical life theft. Eagle eye will help you increase your physical piercing and physical attack. Finally, the hunter will assist you in increasing your movement speed as well as your attack speed.

Battle Spells

Eternal Sage mainly holds the clash lane, but sometimes he can be played as an assassin too. There are so many options for him to choose from. So, if he is playing as an assassin, simply go with Smite. But he is generally not meant to play the assassin role.

So as a clash laner you can choose Flash, which is one of the safest options, but if you know how to overcome tricky situations, such as running or escaping, then definitely choose Intimidate. It will help you increase your own damage in fights while reducing the enemy’s damage output. Or else he can use Execute to gain an early advantage. And lastly, if you are a turret diver to kill dot-life enemies in fights, then select Disrupt in order to avoid unwanted turret damage for a while.

Best Builds for Eternal Sage in Honor of Kings

One can try many builds on Eternal Sage. All one needs to do is to just follow the enemy’s pick and then decide the role on the battlefield. We have set out the following template in our guide to try out with Eternal Sage on the Honor of Kings battlefield focusing on his damage-dealing technique. Here we are considering his role as a fighter/clash laner.

  • Boots of Dexterity: This boot will help you increase your attack speed by 25% and your movement speed by 60.
  • Sparkforged Dagger: This item can be considered her core item. This item will grant him +35% attack speed and +8% movement speed, while its unique passive spark will help you deal 40–82 extra magic damage with your basic attacks, and every third basic attack will release chain lightning, which deals 140–420 amount of magical damage.
  • Glacial Buckler: Eternal Sage is a little bit fragile in the early stages, so we have to focus on his defense too. The glacial buckler can be considered his second core item. This item will grant +20% CDR, +500 max mana, and +360 physical defense. Not only that, its unique passive frost shock will trigger a frozen strike when she loses 10% or more HP from his current health from a single blow. After that, he will unleash a wave that can deal 60–200 amounts of magic damage to enemies while slowing them down by 30% for the next 2 seconds.
Image via Level Infinite
  • Pure Sky: Again, it is time to focus on the attack item. This item is very essential for Eternal Sage. This item will grant him +100 physical attacks, +10% CDR, and +500 max HP. Its unique passive maim will help him slow down the enemy by 30% when he successfully lands a hit on the first enemy. The best part about this item is that it has an active skill called Dispel. Upon casting, it will help you reduce the damage taken by 35% for the next 3 seconds. You can use it in a team fight or when getting controlled by hard stuns.
  • Succubus Cloak: This defense item will help you to grant +200 magical defense, +1000 max health, and +100 health for 5 seconds. Its unique passive mist veil provides a shield that can soak 100–1500 magic damage. And second, passive anti-mage increases magical defense by 8–120. The main thing is that this is a must-buy item if enemies have AoE magic damage.
  • Longnight Guardian: This item can also be used to defend against magical attacks. This item can resist burst magic damage from enemies. Its unique passive protection will recover a total of (320+8 % HP) health for the next 3 seconds when taken damage exceeds 30%.
  • Spikemail: This is a very important item for Eternal Sage. He is basically a melee hero, so during a fight, reflecting damage is very important. It grants +30 physical attacks and +360 physical defense. Side by side, its first unique passive spiked armor will reflect magic damage to the enemy when it receives 25% of the physical damage. And its second passive counter-siege will help you deal 8% health magical damage to all enemies within a range of 400 blocks when you are taking +2000 physical damage over 2 seconds. But remember that this passive has a 3-second CDR.
  • Axe of Torment: This item will grant a +85 physical attack, 15% cooldown reduction, and +500 max HP. Its unique passive severity increases physical pierce by 58–170, and a second passive maim will slow down the first enemy hero by 10% for 3 seconds after a successful hit (CDR: 8 seconds).

Note: As per the discussion, build +3 defense items if you are building eternal sage as an initiator; if not, then build the last attack item, which will fulfill the +3 offense item criteria.

Honor of Kings Eternal Sage Gameplay Tips

According to Eternal Sage’s skill-casting abilities, we can categorize him as a hero of medium difficulty. He is very strong in 1V1. So, clash lane and jungle are both suitable for him. According to his gameplay, we can break it down into three phases. Our Honour of Kings Eternal Sage guide includes the perfect game plan for the early, mid, and late games of the game. However, a player must have a good understanding of the map to get the most out of any hero.

Early Game

Unlock Skill 2 and go to the top/clash lane. Clear the first wave of minions and poke your opponent as much as you can in the early phase. Do not indulge yourself in unnecessary fights, because if an enemy jungler rotates to your lane with the fighter, you will be dead.

Image via Level Infinite

So try to stay near your tower and deny the opponent’s minions. If they try to outplay you, you use your skill 1 to pull them and then your skill 2 to finish them. Do not forget to capture the top-lane river spirit.

Mid Game

After clearing two waves of minions in your lane, if your opponent’s top laner is not so active, rotate to mid-lane or use a teleportation flower to teleport to the designated location. You can use small combos to farm and poke enemies:

Skill 2 + Basic Attack (*5) + Skill 1 + Skill 3 + Basic Attack

Just remember that basic attacks are your key to dealing maximum damage to your enemies. So, it is the perfect time to buy your defense item after completing the first attack item.

Late Game

In this phase, Eternal Sage shines the most. Do not hesitate to take part in a team fight or to kill an enemy by performing a turret dive if you are using disrupt or intimidate. Now that you are in this phase, you have to decide what your last two items will be. It will play a big role in your game.

Image via Level Infinite

But before casting skill 1 or skill 3, do not forget to enhance yourself with skill 2. You can repeat the same combo here. Just see the bar above your head; if it is red, then you are always good to go, and lifesteal will help you to sustain a bit longer on the battlefield.

If you are building your defense, then choose the front row to lure or attack enemies so that your damage dealer will be on the safe side, but if you are building a semi- or attack-base fighter, then lure enemies and launch an attack from the back to finish enemies squishy or main DPS. That will give you a head start for securing a turret Tyrant or Overlord.

Heroes that counter Eternal SageHeroes Eternal Sage can counter
MenkiLuban No.7
Prince of LanlingYing

Final Thoughts

Eternal Sage is no doubt a very strong fighter that can be used as a jungler too, but the problem is that he is very fragile in the early phases, so players who are strong in the early phases can easily counter Eternal Sage. And in a team fight, if he gets stuck by a hard CC or stun, then it is a problem to get over it because most of the damage comes from his basic attack alone; if he cannot do his basic attack, then the damage output will be gradually reduced.

Apart from all this, a true Fuzi master can turn the tide of battle single-handedly by unleashing his true potential. An excellent pick for rank games, Eternal Sage is definitely a good pick for the current meta. These tips will surely help you to guide easy wins with Eternal Sage in Honor of Kings. You can also refer to our latest tier list to know more about the revamped meta heroes in this current season.

That’s all for today’s Honor of Kings Eternal Sage Guide. Do you prefer to use Eternal Sage in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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