Honor of Kings Guide: Tips to hide Profile Stats and Match History

Hide your Profile Stats and Match History!

Honor of Kings, the exciting new mobile game is now taking Brazil by storm. Developed by Level Infinite, this 5v5 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game is the ultimate test of strategy, skill, and teamwork. In Honor of Kings, players engage in fast-paced battles to destroy the enemy’s base. The game has only out for a short time and has been steadily gaining traction with mobile MOBA players. Here we will be looking at how to hide Profile stats and match history in Honor of Kings.

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How to hide Profile stats and Match history in Honor of Kings

One part of most multiplayer games that many people oftentimes look past off until they need it, is Privacy. Privacy is important for players in the game who do not want other people snooping about their profile, their main heroes, playstyle, and even their match history.

It only takes a minute or two to change whatever part of your profile you would want to hide. To change your privacy setting in the game, you will only need to follow these few simple steps:

Honor of Kings change in-game name
Image via Level Infinite
  • The first step would be to log in to the game with your account and then go to the main lobby.
Honor of Kings hide Profile stats and match history
Image via Level Infinite
  • Next from the lobby, go press the gear icon in the top right of the main menu which is the settings. Tapping on the icon will then let you access your settings menu.
Honor of Kings hide Profile stats and match history
Image via Level Infinite
  • Once you’re on your settings menu, find and click the setting that says “Features and Privacy” in the list of settings on the left side of the settings menu screen.
Honor of Kings hide Profile stats and match history
Image via Level Infinite
  • After going to the Features and Privacy here you can then see the check boxes on which profile stats you would like to be public. You can find there the match history, Hero stats, Commonly used heroes, and many more profile stats where you can choose whether or not you would make it public.

Overall, changing the in-game privacy settings in Honor of Kings is a simple 4-step process that would help to keep the player’s privacy in the game. Whether it may be for keeping your stats under wraps for another person being a player who does not want people snooping into their profile, or even when being ashamed of the personal statistics of your game as you are going through the learning phase, changing these setting will be very beneficial for you.

Did you find our guide on how to hide Profile stats and match history in Honor of Kings useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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