Pokémon Unite Venusaur Guide: Best Build, Items, Movesets, and Gameplay Tips

Tips to play Venusaur in the all-new MOBA!

A member of the Pokemon Unite MOBA from the beginning, just like in the anime, the dual Grass-Poison type Generation 1 starter is no doubt a fan favorite. However, the final evolutionary forms gain the maximum emphasis in the games, which it always has. Hence, one should be focusing more on the final form of the Pokemon, Venusaur than it would be on Bulbasaur. In this guide, we will let you know all about Venusaur in Pokémon Unite, his abilities, best items, and team comps.

Venusaur, an S-tier Ranged-Attacker also comes with an SP. Atk., which makes its 3rd basic attack hit a boosted one. However, just like many other Pokemons in this MOBA, he cannot win all battles single-handedly and needs perfect synergies for best results. Previously, we have discussed how to master playing with other Pokémons like Pikachu, MamoswineEldegoss, Zeraora, Blissey, Charizard, Snorlax, Tsareena, Decidueye, Dragonite, Talonflame, Cinderace, Greninja, and Gardevoir. So make sure to check that guide as well. For now, let’s focus on Venusaur.

Venusaur: In-game Cost

Venusaur’s Unite License can be obtained free of cost in the game, once the Trainer reaches Level 5.

Pokemon Unite Venusaur
Pokemon Unite Venusaur

Venusaur Stats and Evolution

1st Evolution2nd EvolutionFinal Evolution
Bulbasaur(Lv. 1)
Ivysaur(Lv. 5)
Venusaur(Lv. 9)

Pokémon Unite Venusaur movesets

Venusaur, being an A-tier attacker, is one of the best in the business. Its numerous ranged attacks and health restoring moves and abilities make it a formidable source in the game. Bulbasaur evolves into Ivysaur at Level 5, which then evolves into Venusaur at Level 9, making the Pokemon kind of a late bloomer. In the following section, we would be talking about all the abilities and moves of Venusaur across all of its evolutionary forms, and suggest you the best builds out of them.

Basic Attack

basic attack pikachu

The basic attack makes Venusaur and all its forms throw leaves at the target. Since Venusaur comes with an Sp. Atk, every third basic attack becomes a boosted attack which sees the Pokemon using Vine Whip and by doing so, drags the opponent a bit closer to itself.

Passive – Overgrow

This passive ability enhances the damage dealt by Venusaur and its forms when it is having low HP. Hence, if Venusaur’s HP is running low, which happens most of the time due to its low endurance, it deals additional damage with all kinds of attacks.

Ability 1 – Seed Bomb

Users may choose the move to Level 1 Bulbasaur state. This grass-type move hurls a large seed at the designated area, dealing damage to the opposition Pokemon.

Ability choices at level 5

Seed Bomb evolves into either Sudge Bomb or Giga Drain based on the user’s choice, as soon as Bulbasaur evolves into Ivysaur at Level 5. The user may choose either a grass-type move or a poison-type move, based upon their playing strategies.

Giga DrainSludge Bomb
A grass-type ‘Recovery’ move, which deals damage to the enemy Pokemon in the area of effect, while consequently restoring the user’s HP when it hits. It also reduces the damage received by the user for a short time. A Poison-type ‘Debuff’ move, which makes the user hurl an unsanitary sludge to the designated area, dealing damage to the opposing Pokemon in that area. Furthermore, this move also poisons the Pokemon, decreasing their speed and Sp. Defense for a short time.
Upgrade: Increases the amount of HP this move restores. Upgrade: The area of effect increases.

Ability 2 – Razor Leaf

An alternative to Seed Bomb is another grass-type move, ‘Razor Leaf’ which is available at Level 1 or 3, based upon the user’s choice. While unleashing this move, Bulbasaur launched numerous sharp-edged leaves in succession towards the designated area. Interestingly, this Razor Leaf has pretty much a different function to that of the newly introduced Decidueye’s move of the same name.

Ability choices at level 7

Razor Leaf can be upgraded to either of these two grass-type moves at Level 7.

Solar BeamPetal Dance
 This is probably the most popular and one of the strongest grass-type moves available in the anime. In the game, it does something similar to blasting a beam of light in a straight line towards the enemy. This move here, just like the anime is a high-damage move but requires practice to expertise. Unlike the anime, however, the time taken to unleash this move isn’t much.  This grass-type move scatters petals in a circle around the user and deals damage to the enemy Pokemon whoever enters that circle. Additionally, this move increases the user’s movement speed for a short time.
Upgrade: With the upgrade, the cooldown of the move reduces. Upgrade: With the upgrade, the area of effect of this move increases.

Unite Move – Verdant Anger

Venusaur’s Unite move is available at Level 9. With this move, a giant seed is launched dealing damage to the enemy Pokemon in the rea of effect. Next, that seed splits into 4 more seeds and does additional damage to nearby 4 spots too.

Best items for Venusaur in Pokémon Unite

Further in this guide, we will discuss the best-held items for Venusaur in Pokémon Unite, as well as its best battle item.

Best held items

ItemWhy it’s useful
Shell BellThis battle item recovers the user’s HP a bit, each time it hits the opponent with a move. The amount of recovered HP depends upon the item’s level and the Pokemon’s Sp. Atk. Since Venusaur is an attacker with SP. Atk but has very low endurance, this item comes in handy.
Sp. Atk SpecsWhen the Pokemon scores a goal, this item increases the Pokemon’s Sp. Atk. Needless to say, it would be helpful for a Pokemon like Venusaur, with SP. Atk.
Focus BandFocus Band recovers a certain amount of HP the holder Pokemon drops to low HP. Venusaur again, being a Pokemon with low endurance might find it useful.

Besides the above-suggested combination, one can also try the following combinations while playing with Venusaur:

  • Choice Specs, Wise Glasses, Shell Bell
  • Choice Specs, Focus Band, Buddy Barrier
  • SP. Atk Specs, Shell Bell, Score Shield

Best Battle Items

  • Eject Button: Venusaur is a Pokemon with very low endurance, hence might often need retreating. Eject Button helps in this purpose.
  • X-attack: It boosts the Pokemon’s Atk. and Sp. Atk., and hence, can be helpful for an attacker like Venusaur.

Pokémon Unite Venusaur Gameplay Tips

Venusaur is a ranged attacker, hence has all the traits necessary to deal lots of damage from a distance. The game starts with the user controlling Bulbasaur, which then evolves into Ivysaur at Level 5, and then Venusaur at Level 9. Being an S-tier attacker, Venusaur’s attacks are indeed effective and do good damage, be at any distance the enemy is. Try to move the ranged attacker alongside a defender like Mamoswine, Snorlax, or Blastoise for the best results. A melee-type Pokemon works as the best partner, as Venusaur can deal damage from a distance or close range too. Our Pokémon Unite Venusaur guide includes the perfect game plan for the early and late game during Unite battles.

Early game

Once the game starts, choose Seed Bomb instead of Razor leaf as its cooldown time is lesser. Try hunting wild Pokemon as much as possible and staying close to your own goal, since this Pokemon evolves late, and is very much vulnerable at the younger stage. The next priority should be to stick with tanky defenders, especially Blastoise (Squirtle) and Mamoswine (Swinub), or be with 2 other attacking or speedster teammates.

Pokémon Unite Venusaur Guide

As soon as Bulbasaur evolves into Ivysaur, as a replacement to Seed Bomb, choose either of Giga Drain or Sludge Bomb. With Sludge Bomb, you can debuff opponents and poison them, this move also has a better range, and you can deal damage from far. Giga Drain has a relatively shorter range and more cooldown time. However, Giga drain has its own benefits of restoring the Pokémon’s health. With the perfect move combo, do try to attack the first Rotom, but remember to bring a defender or all-rounder with you.

Late game

Ivysaur can use either Petal Dance or Solar Beam as an upgrade to Razor Leaf from Level 7. At this stage, the priority should be to level up your Pokémon and evolve it into Venusaur within 5 minutes, at Level 9. Nevertheless, Solar Beam does have a heavy damage-dealing ability just like the anime, but in this instance, we reckon, even the players would agree that Petal Dance is better. Petal dance not only deals damage to multiple Pokémon at a time for a while but also speeds up the user Pokémon’s movement.

Pokémon Unite Venusaur Guide

During the final stretch, besides scoring goals for double counts, the priority should also be to attack Zapdos/Articuno. If attackers like Venusaur don’t attack Zapdos/Articuno, who would? Since Venusaur has such decent crowd control abilities with moves like Petal Dance, Giga Drain/ Sludge Bomb, Verdant Anger, attacking the final boss should be the priority, amongst the crowd. Also, with Solar Beam, the boss can be knocked out from a distance, once its health is lowered.


An attacker like Venusaur should always approach the top lane. Venusaur is good at fighting the bosses, be it Rotom, Drednaw, or Articuno. The Pokemon’s attacking abilities shouldn’t go to waste, hence the top lane.

Venusaur with other Pokémon

Best synergies with Venusaur

Our Pokémon Unite Venusaur guide also focuses upon the relation between Venusaur and other Pokémon.

Pokémon Benefits
BlastoiseBlastoise (S-tier) comes with decent endurance and support abilities. Being a ranged defender, it can perfectly synergize with a ranged attacker like Venusaur.
SnorlaxAn S-tier attacker deserves an S-tier Defender partner. Snorlax’s high endurance can perfectly synergize with Venusaur’s moves like Petal Dance and Giga Drain.
TsareenaThe newly introduced all-rounder can be a good partner for Venusaur due to its endurance, attack, and mobility altogether.
WigglytuffThis supporter has better endurance than Venusaur and crowd control abilities with several moves. Besides, its melee-type moves can also perfectly partner up with Venusaur, especially in the Lower lane.

Pokémon which are strong and weak against Venusaur

Strong against Weak against
 Decidueye Snorlax
 Cinderace Zeraora
 Slowbro Talonflame
 Greninja Machamp
 Alolan Ninetales Absol

Pokémon Unite Venusaur: Tips, tricks, and strategies

Here’s a gist of tips and tricks to play with this Grass-type Pokemon.

  1. Choose Seed Bomb first due to its lesser cooldown time.
  2. It’s best to stay near own goal and hunt wild Pokémon and attack opponent Pokémon whichever approaches the goal.
  3. Use Petal dance move while attacking the enemies, simultaneously use the Giga Drain.
  4. Petal dance can also be used to retreat faster, causing damage simultaneously. Retreating opponents with low HP can also fall prey to this move.
  5. With Sludge bomb, reduce opponent’s speed and Sp.def, and then attack them with Petal dance.
  6. Solar Beam is a very powerful move, even more powerful than the Unite move. Use it wisely, master the accuracy with practice.
  7. Use Solar beam, an already powerful move, while Venusaur’s HP is low. The Pokémon’s overgrow ability further strengthens the already strong Solar Beam move.
  8. Try to keep the Verdant Anger move for the very last moment attack on Articuno/Zapdos. Same goes for Solar Beam, however, the latter one’s cooldown is a lot less.
  9. Last but not the least, keeping in mind Venusaur’s low endurance, always go to adventure with the suggested partners. Going alone into the enemy territory can be fatal.

Final Thoughts

With this, we conclude our guide on Venusaur. With time various Pokémon came into the anime, as well as it is coming in this game. However, Venusaur’s fandom is somehow unmatched to date. In the game too, if one becomes an expert in controlling this Pokémon, no doubt one would prefer this attacker over any other for several reasons.

That’s all for today’s Pokémon Unite Venusaur Guide. Do you prefer to use Venusaur in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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