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Tower of Fantasy: The complete Ruins Guide and Tips

Here's everything you need to know about Ruins!

Tower of Fantasy is a shared open-world MMORPG developed by Hotta studios and published by Level InfiniteThe game is showing good signs of success as it was already #1 in the free games category in 22 countries on its launch day. While exploring the wide world of Aida wanderers may have noticed the triangular-shaped structures on the map. In this article, we will discuss Ruins in Tower of Fantasy, its rewards, and some tips.

What are Ruins in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy Ruins Guide
Image via Level Infinite

Ruins are the Dungeon version of Tower of Fantasy, just like Gyms in Pokémon Go, and Domains in Genshin Impact. There are Ruins in Tower of Fantasy. These triangular-shaped tombs can be found all over the map. 

How to unlock a Ruin

Tower of Fantasy Ruins Guide
Image via Level Infinite

To unlock a Ruin players need to first go to its actual location on the map to register the Ruin in their Adventurer’s log first. However, some Ruins are locked behind the Level wall, so unlocking a ruin also depends on a player’s EXP level.

Types of Ruins and their difficulty 

Each Ruin has its unique buff which is granted to the wanderer while completing the challenge, there are currently 12 ruins available, spread across the main regions in the game: 

  • Astra Region : A-01, A-02 and A-03
  • Banges Region : B-01, B-02 and B-03
  • Navia Region: C-01, C-02, and C-03
  • Crown Region: D-01, D-02, and D-03
Tower of Fantasy Ruins
Image via Level Infinite

Every Ruin mentioned above has types of difficulty: Easy, Normal, and Hard each varying. There are different Combat Scores and EXP levels. Players should keep an eye on C.S needed before challenging a ruin because failing in between won’t get you any rewards.

Tips before challenging Ruins in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy Ruins Guide
Image via Level Infinite

Before challenging a difficult ruin, prepare food recipes such as Chocolate Bread, Steamed Crab, or Caterpillar Fungus Noodles which can recover large amounts of health, enough to survive the boss during a cooldown of 45s.

Visiting Mia's Kitchen
Image via Level Infinite

Visiting Mia’s Kitchen before going to ruin, players can visit Mia’s Kitchen three times a day and get a random food buff for 30 minutes.

colossus arm and missile launcher
Image via Level Infinite

Wanderers can take help from their relies on difficult combat situations, if there is a boss you cannot just beat try using relics like colossus arm and missile launcher. 

Are ruins available in Co-op mode

Sadly the answer to this question is No. Ruins are only made for solo challenges purposes only for wanderers to complete. 

Rewards for completing ruins in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy Ruins
Image via Level Infinite

Ruins provide the necessary resources to upgrade your weapons and materials. Some of the resources Ruins provide are: Potent Omnium Crystal (a very important suppressor upgrade material), Different kinds of shards for relics, crystal dust energy, gold, and EXP.

Did you find our guide on Ruins in Tower of Fantasy helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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