Mobile Gaming News: Top 10 picks from October 2019

Another month is passed! We saw lots of news and happenings revolving around the mobile gaming space. From a new game announcement to game release to some shocking news, we experienced a lot. So let us take a look at the top 10 picks from October 2019.

1. League of legends Wild Rift has been announced

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In the 10th anniversary of League of Legends, Riot games unveiled League of Legends Wild Rift, the mobile version of the popular PC game. Not only that, Riot is also bringing more mobile games with it. Read the story to know more.

2. How Fortnite Chapter 2 has affected Fortnite Mobile players

Article type: Editorial | Author: Peter | Read it here

After 3 days of suspension, Epic surprised the Fortnite fans with a brand new season. After the Fortnite season 10, Epic just brought in another new chapter and started from season 1. This new season came with lots of changes in the game. So how these affected mobile gamers? Read to know.

3. Minecraft Earth early access has begun

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New Augmented Reality game, based on the popular Minecraft game is now available for early access in New Zeland, Iceland and Canada. Read the article to know how you can get the game on your android device.

4. Fnatic acquired Team XSpark: What’s next in Indian PUBG Mobile scene?

Article type: Esports | Author: Tousif | Read it here

Big news for the Indian Mobile esports scene as Fnatic acquired Team XSprk. While Fnatic is well known in the esports industry, team XSpark is formed with well established Indian PUBG Mobile players. So whats next? read to know more.

5. State of Mobile Gaming and the Mobile Gamers Community

Article type: Editorial | Author: Devin | Read it here

Are you aware of the happenings in the mobile gamers community? What is the current state that the mobile gaming industry is going through? Don’t miss this insightful piece.

6. Black Desert Mobile soft-launched: Here’s how to download it

Article type: News | Author: Tousif | Read it here

Another popular MMO game, Black Desert ported to mobile devices. Pearl Abyss, the developers of this popular franchise decided to bring this game for Android and iOS. For now, the game is only available in 7 countries. But you can still download and get the game. Want to know how? Read the article.

7. Future of Pokemon Masters: A shiny blue sky or a dark cloudy sky?

Article type: Editorial | Author: Akaean | Read it here

Massively popular Pokemon Master announced few big things about the future of the game. But the question remains, are these going to benefit the game’s future?

8. eFootball PES 2020 Mobile first impression: The best in the series?

Article type: Miscellaneous | Author: Saurabh | Read it here

Long-awaited PES 2020 Mobile update is here. But it is better than the previous version? Is it able to meet fan expectations? Check the article to know more!

9. Should you buy Google Play Pass or not

Article type: Editorial | Author: Staff Team | Read it here

All of us heard about Google’s new subscription service that allows to get premium games for a minimal price. But is it worthy enough to get? Read the article to know why you should or should not get it.

10. Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 leaks: Zombie mode, 20v20 games and more

Article type: News | Author: Tousif | Read it here

We got some intel about the upcoming season of Call of Duty Mobile. A massive 20v20 game mode will be arriving in the game. Also, there is some information about the Zombie mode in Call of Duty mobile. Curious enough to know more? Don’t miss out the article then.

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