EA confirms the release of FIFA Mobile 21 in November

Many changes in gameplay and game modes!

With the completion of the Preseason Event, EA officially wraps up the current season of FIFA Mobile 20. But as one door closes, another one opens, so here is it FIFA Mobile 21. Recently EA announced it via their official social media accounts that FIFA Mobile 21 will officially release on the 2nd of November. They have also released a new list of device coverage and specifications ahead of the new game’s release.

Changes in FIFA Mobile 20

With the season coming to an end on Monday, EA announced a number of emergency changes that will take place before the last few days of the reset. As the release of FIFA Mobile 21 nears, EA decided to close down the market and league vs league (LVL) matches to ease the way into a smooth reset.

Implications of closing the FIFA Mobile 20 Market

Just be aware. The FIFA Mobile 20 Market is closing soon. Anything not sold by then is yours to keep. Expect prices to start dropping like rocks. Plus if you’re waiting for the last leaderboard to claim a 110, you won’t be able to sell it.

If you are still sitting on elites, please don’t use them as XP. The value of masters at the moment is better than 1:1. They give 315,000+ XP and can be bought cheaper than 315,000 coins whereas elites are worth more than their XP value. Sell your elites and buy masters to use asTXP. But do it now before the market closes.

fifa mobile 20 market

Note: Remember, last season market didn’t go live until Sept 20th at 20:00 UTC. The reset was on the 18th. The only things auctionable were base cards. Standard program cards (World Tour, Derby Days, TOTW, etc) didn’t become auctionable until October 9th. Now and Later were never auctionable.

Note: League vs. League Leaderboards will still be viewable after the closure after Fridays reset, but existing Tournaments will be locked and no new Tournaments will be able to start. If you are in the middle of a turn when League vs. League closes, you will still be able to finish your turn and have it count towards the Tournament score. However, all future turns will not be playable.

FIFA Mobile 20 Season Reset

As the release of FIFA Mobile 21 approaches, it means the current season will be reset. The Reset is the transition from season to season, FIFA Mobile 20 will become FIFA Mobile 21. The game will see a facelift, all the events will change, like any game, it’s just a new model of what we already have been playing. And like any other game with a new year model, you start at square one, same as all of your fellow gamers. It’s the reset.

Legacy Team

Just like in the previous years, a part of your FIFA Mobile 20 journey will roll over into the new Season in form of Legacy Team. Legacy Squad is the active squad the moment the reset occurs, it’s necessarily not your highest OVR, it’s just whatever is active. 

Note: You won’t be able to modify your Legacy Team once the new season starts, and your Legacy Team Players will permanently keep the stats that carry over at launch.

Legacy Campaign

Here you can use your Legacy Team for the special Legacy Campaign where you can play PvE matches, or challenge other players’ Legacy Teams in VS Attack and Head to Head gameplay. In Legacy Campaign challenges, you can: 

  • Win matches to earn Legacy Points.
  • Use Legacy Points on Players, Skill Boosts, and Training XP.
  • Reach Legacy Point Milestones to unlock Bonus Rewards and a Reward Multiplier for double or triple the rewards.
FIFA Mobile 21 release

Once you’ve completed the entire campaign and claimed all the rewards, your Legacy Team will still be available to use in a free-play format.

Challenges Chapter

Complete matches with new and exciting conditions that will test your playing skills. Choose one match to play per day, with a specific reward for each match. Once you’ve completed all 24 matches, you will earn yourself a special Legacy Player item for use in your current Season squad, not your current Legacy squad.

Gameplay improvements in FIFA Mobile 21

With the new season of FIFA Mobile 21 on the horizon, EA has shared their note on the upcoming gameplay improvements for the coming season.


Passing has now been improved to give you more control over your build-up play. The accuracy of ground passes, lobbed passes, crosses, and balls will rely more on a player’s attributes and his positioning on the field. The direction of your player, his angle of attack, and the distance from the receiver will all play a major factor in determining the quality of a pass.

Players with high passing attributes will be able to better overcome poor positioning, while lower-rated players will need to be well-positioned to play a good pass. These improvements will put more emphasis on the user skill and player selection, so you can deliver that pinpoint accurate pass.


Shooting will now be more impacted by a player’s attributes and on-field positioning to create a more realistic gameplay experience. Players with higher shooting attributes will score more reliably. However, the angle and distance from the net will play a much larger role in determining the success of a driven, finesse, or chip shot. 

These factors also impact headers, meaning that the quality and speed of crosses, along with the positioning of the attacker, will help determine the success of a header. Scoring goals this Season will require more technique and skill, and will ultimately be more rewarding.

On-Field Performance

The best players in the world should feel like the best. According to EA, this season, changes have been made so that a player’s on-field performance better reflects their in-game attributes. Pacey strikers will reliably dash by lumbering opponents, midfield maestros will consistently make tantalizing passes, and stout defenders will successfully win more 50/50 balls. These improvements will bring a new sense of authenticity and reliability to this year’s gameplay, giving you more control over how you build and level up your team.

Introducing Seasons in FIFA Mobile 21

Seasons is a brand-new mode in FIFA Mobile 21 that lets you play through more than 40 different league Seasons as you rise through the ranks of the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, MLS, and more. This is more of a rehash of the World Tour of what we had so far. You will aim to win matches to reach Seasonal milestones, gain promotion to new leagues, and reach the prestigious Legends Division which is similar to the Legends Campaign.


When you enter Seasons mode, you will begin in Division 10. From there, play through a Season’s worth of matches. Each Division hosts increasingly challenging leagues for you to compete in.

FIFA Mobile 21 release

Progress through Seasons to unlock new Divisions and earn specific player rewards. This will be a basically Road to Glory journey for your team beginning in Division 10 and climbing all the way to the Legends Division.

Playing a Season

Once you’ve chosen the league to compete in, you can begin playing through the schedule of matches. Matches are not replayable unless you restart the specific Season, so make every moment count!

Win matches to earn rewards and gain promotion to more advanced leagues. Bonus rewards are provided for using a certain amount of league-specific players in your lineup. The Lower divisions are easier and they progressively get harder with Legends being the toughest.

Additionally, all the matches are replayable (Yes!) You can play the Ligue 2 matches (as shown above) with your regular team, but then afterwards come back and play it more Ligue 2 players in your squad for better rewards and more medals!

Legends Division

Reach a special milestone in Seasons to unlock the Legends Division. Similar to the Legends Campaign, here, the matches are much harder with greater rewards at the end.

FIFA Mobile 21 release

Since the matches and the entire season mode is replayable, you need to win a certain amount of games to assure promotion to the next division. You can earn players (base cards) from every match you play on your first win from the league you are playing your season in. This is also similar to the World Tour format.

Additionally, there are Badges. You can earn Badges from all kinds of different parts of the game and they will show up when you play against someone online in VSA or H2H.

Note: Only Legends Division matches have match conditions, the rest are full matches at 0-0. Also with replayable matches, Seasons will be a long-lasting program than World Tour.

Division Rivals in FIFA Mobile 21

In the new revamped Division Rivals, you’ll battle against other players for top Leaderboard spots. Win VSA and H2H matches, earn Rivals Players, and compete in the Weekend Tournament to get the best rewards!

FIFA Mobile 21 release

Format and Milestones

The same format is unchanged, as you’ll work your way up to FIFA Champion and beyond! Win VSA and H2H match to earn FANS and special milestone rewards along the way. Climbing the Rivals ladder provides rewards, not only for reaching promotion but also at specific Milestones.

Rivals Seasons and Leaderboards

Reach FIFA Champion to unlock new Seasonal Milestones, special rewards you can earn as you climb up towards the new FIFA Superstars Division. After four weeks, your Seasonal Milestones reset, and you go back to 1,000,000 Fans, where you begin the next climb towards a new set of rewards.

FIFA Mobile 21 release

Leaderboards are now calculated by the number of Fans you earn within a weekly period. Losing matches no longer affects your progress, as everybody on your leaderboard will start at zero Fans earned.

Note: You will gain and lose fans but the leaderboards will only calculate fans earned and you won’t lose progress on the leaderboards

Weekend Tournament

Play a new weekly VS Attack and Head to Head tournament where the best players compete for top rewards Redeem your entry tickets by completing Daily Goals in Division Rivals. From there, play matches with your squad to top the leaderboard and earn special rewards, like TOTW Players and unique Weekend Tournament Players. Using the Rivals Players earned from Division Rivals in your lineup will earn you more points and progress faster towards the rewards.

Regional Chemistry and new Skill Boosts

Regional Chemistry

Team Chemistry has been revamped this season. As FIFA Mobile 21 release approaches, Chemistry linked up by exact leagues is now expanded to regional groups. 

FIFA Mobile 21 release

Regional Chemistry Groups include multiple leagues that let you link up more players for added Chemistry. For example, a player from the Premier League will have a Chemistry Link with players from the EFL Championship, EFL League 1, and EFL League 2. It would give you a lot more freedom in teambuilding with the 8 different regional chemistry groups.

Regional Chemistry Groups


  • Premier League
  • EFL Championship
  • EFL League 1
  • EFL League 2


  • Ligue 1 Uber Eats
  • Ligue 2 BKT


  • Serie A TIM
  • Calcio B


  • Bundesliga
  • Bundesliga 2
  • 3. Liga


  • LaLiga Santander
  • LaLiga Smartbank

Western Europe

  • Liga NOS (Portugal)
  • Eredivisie (Netherlands)
  • 1A Pro League (Belgium)
  • Scottish Prem (Scotland)
  • SSE Airtricity Lge (Ireland)

Eastern Europe

  • RSL (Switzerland)
  • O. Bundesliga (Austria)
  • 3F Superliga (Denmark)
  • Eliteserien (Norway)
  • Allsvenskan (Sweden)
  • PKO Ektstraklasa (Poland)
  • Liga I (Romania)
  • Super Lig (Turkey)
  • Finnliga (Finland)
  • Ceska Liga (Czech Republic)
  • League of Russia (Russia)
  • Ukrayina Liha (Ukraine)
  • Liga Hrvatska (Croatia)
  • Hellas Liga (Greece)

Rest of World

  • MLS (USA/Canada)
  • Liga BBVA MX (Mexico)
  • LPF (Argentina)
  • CSL (China)
  • K-League 1 (South Korea)
  • A-League (Australia/New Zealand)
  • Hero ISL (India)
  • MBS Pro League (Saudi Arabia)
  • United Emirates League (UAE)
  • South African FL (South Africa)

Additionally, there’s no longer a Rest of World league as there was in previous Seasons. The Rest Of World teams has been categorized by nations to logically fit them within the Regional Chemistry format.

Skill Boosts

Skill Boosts are back, but we’ve changed the number available, from 40 down to 25. They’ll still give your players an attribute boost based on which Skill Boost is assigned to your player, but the attributes attached to each Skill Boost have changed. Here is the list of all the skill boosts coming in the new season with the release of FIFA Mobile 21.

TacklingStand TackleInterceptionsAccelerationMarkingAggression
MarkingMarkingSlide TackleSprint SpeedReactionsHeading
PaceAccelerationInterceptionsBalanceSprint SpeedReactions
CrossingCrossingMarkingLong PassingDribblingSprint Speed
ReactionsReactionsSlide TackleAccelerationInterceptionsStrength
DestroyerAggressionMarkingAccelerationStand TackleStrength
InterceptionsInterceptionsShort PassingSlide TackleMarkingSprint Speed
Long PassingLong PassingAccelerationShot PowerBall ControlVision
Box To BoxSprint SpeedShort PassingDribblingShot PowerLong Passing
DribblingDribblingCrossingSprint SpeedLong ShotLong Passing
Ball ControlBall ControlAgilityFinishingShort PassingPositioning
CounterAccelerationVisionDribblingFinishingShort Passing
LongshotsLong ShotCurveCrossingAccelerationAgility
AttackingBall ControlCurveLong ShotSprint SpeedPositioning
SpeedSprint SpeedCrossingAccelerationLong ShotCurve
AgilityAgilityBalanceDribblingFinishingBall Control
ShootingLong ShotFinishingVolleyDribblingCurve
FinishingFinishingCurveBall ControlAgilityAcceleration
Second StrikerPositioningAgilitySprint SpeedFinishingDribbling
GK GeneralistDivingJumpingGK PositioningVisionAcceleration
Number 1GK PositioningVisionReflexesReactionsKicking

Bringing back Icons

Icons are back in-game! 100 of the greatest footballers of all-time are coming back to FIFA Mobile, along with a brand-new way to bring their talents to your squad. This Season, as FIFA Mobile 21 release, the Icons are now refreshed and revamped into an entirely new format.

Hall of Icons

All Icons Players are available in-game from launch. No more waiting for a weekly update, yes you read that right! Ever since the game launches Icons will be all there waiting for you in the Hall of Icons.

Icon Strike

The brand-new Icon Strike mode highlights a unique Icon Player every week, along with specific objectives and skill games. Earn Icon Points towards your favorite Icons Players by completing these weekly Icon Strike achievements. Get an Icons Player by completing a Squad Building Challenge and redeeming your Icon Points.

There will be 3 types of Icons this season: Base, Event, and Prime. Base Icons will be claimable in the Hall of Icons. Event Icons and Prime Icons will be released later in the Season. Needless to say the Prime Icons will be Pay to win exclusively. All the Base Icons are completely Free to Play , but some will take longer to achieve than the others.

Icons Milestones

As you earn Icon Points, you’ll unlock additional rewards along the Icons Milestones path. Claim enough Icon Points to eventually earn a Prime Icon! Yes you read that right, there is a free F2P Prime Icon at the end of the Icon Milestones! Additionally there is not one but three Prime Icons at the end of the milestone giving you a choice of pulling the best one for your team.

Note: Icons are not auctionable, since you can claim them all for free in the Hall of Icons.

Introducing new League Matchups

Remember back in the day, when we had the Matchups mode! Taking part in real-life football matches. Well, now it is back in a new revamped style! Now you can take part in some of world football’s most exciting matches with the new League Matchups For the first time, play as teams like Manchester City, Liverpool, or Real Madrid in Head to Head matches against other users.

Every week, there will be 5 new League Matchups to choose from, each with 2 different teams you can take control of. Get matched up against another user who’s picked the other team, and you’re ready to play.

Note: League Matchups will only be playable in the Head to Head game mode, VS Attack is not included.

Rewards and Perks

Win matches to earn Matchups Points and League Vouchers, which can be used towards special players and Perk Points.

Take the top spot on the League Matchups Leaderboard to earn extra rewards for yourself and your league! Yes, that’s right, if you are placed on the League Matchups leaderboard, you can earn extra perks for everyone in your League!

Earn Perk Points from League Tournaments and League Vouchers, and use them towards 4 different Perks:

  • OVR
  • Team Chemistry
  • Max Chemistry
  • Additional Lineups

Perks are now redeemable in a pack format instead of a Perk Tree, meaning that you can choose exactly which Perk you want to upgrade.

Other Upcoming Changes

There are few more things which are returning in the next season.

  • SBC’s will be coming back in FIFA Mobile 21
  • Star Pass will be making a return in FIFA Mobile 21
  • GMR will be back with a new 84 OVR Joao Felix player
  • League vs League (LVL) will still be running in the same format
  • A rehash of the Zidane Campaign is in works with the new format of Icons
  • GK stats and attributes will now be more important than height
  • Icons, SBCs, and TOTW will be available in-game on Nov 12
  • Market reopen date/time is to be announced

So here is our advice, embrace the reset, plan for the reset, take it for what it truly is – a chance to refresh the game. Renew your interest and start over with a plethora of new tasks to undertake. Remember how much fun it was when FIFA Mobile 20 came out and you had World Tour to do and the Zidane Campaign.

Remember your first run through division rivals in both VSA and Head2Head and the fight to build a squad full of gold players, with gradually elite players. and the joy of achieving your first master. How satisfying it was, well that’s all about to happen again. Therefore see it’s a good thing, as long as your glass is half full. We will be sharing all the news about the new upcoming features and events in FIFA Mobile 21 as its release nears. So keep checking this place here and stay tuned!

What are your thoughts on the release of FIFA Mobile 21? What changes are expecting in this year’s game? Let us know in the comment section below!

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