Mobile Legends January 2024 Leaks: Upcoming skins, events and more

New leaks, skins and more revealed!

It’s almost a new year as January 2024 is fast approaching, we will look at some future releases within the coming month of January 2024 in Mobile Legends. It is going to feature numerous skins, events, and even a release of a new anime collaboration skins event. Attack on Titans is going to be the new collab skins event that is expected to be released in January 2024. Hence, without much further ado, let’s check out the different leaks, events, and skins that will be dropping in January 2024 in Mobile Legends.

Mobile Legends January 2024 Leaks: Upcoming Skins for January 2024

Bruno “Street Hype” Starlight Skin

In the upcoming month of January 2024, the recently Revamped marksman hero, Bruno will be getting a new Starlight skin. The new Starlight Skin is titled Street Hype and Starlight Skin portrays Bruno as a cool and skilled Street Footballer. The skin has lots of cool visuals and intriguing skill effects.

Mobile Legends January 2024 Starlight Pass
Image via MOONTON Games

Other exclusive rewards can be obtained from purchasing the Starlight Pass, which is either the normal or premium Starlight Pass. Some of the rewards include an exclusive Starlight painted skin, exclusive emotes, exclusive sacred statues, exclusive name background color, and an exclusive trail effect. The Starlight Pass is undoubtedly worth the buy, due to the amazing extra rewards it provides.

Lapu-Lapu Collector Skin

MLBB Collector skins
Image via MOONTON Games

The fighter role hero, Lapu Lapu will be debuting with a new Collector skin in January 2024. This new collector is titled Adlaws Chosen and is going to be available for grabs in the Grand collection event. It would also debut alongside 2 other collector skins, namely, Clint and Luo Yi.

Freya Legend skin

A new Legend skin would also be debuting in the Land of Dawn on the 6th of January, 2024. The lucky hero to be possessing this skin is Freya. The skin once it debuts, would be available for grabs from the Magic Wheel event shop. The skin has very intriguing visuals and it also comes along with random custom actions and numerous in-game skin effects. The skin’s recall animation stands out. This is to make sure who will be fiery in sight for a galactic warrior.

Gatotacka’s Epic Skin

Mobile Legends January 2024 Leaks Epic skins Gatotkacha
Image via MOONTON Games

A new Epic Skin for Gatotkaca is expected to be released on the 8th of January 2024. The new epic skin should be titled Tide Preserver and it showcases Gatotkaca as a fierce ocean warlord. The skin would cost 899 diamonds, however, players can make use of the first-week discount to buy the skin for as low as 629 diamonds.

Natan’s Special skin

A new special skin for marksman role hero, Natan is expected to be released on the 24th of January, 2024. The skin is titled Natan’s Temporal Vortex. The skin would be costing 749 diamonds, however, utilizing the launch week discount of 30% would reduce the price to as low as 529 diamonds.

Mobile Legends: Upcoming Events for January 2024

The month of January 2024 is expected to feature so many new exciting events. Some of the most popular events slated to release in January 2024 are the KOF Collab event, the Dawning Stars event, and even a new anime Collab event.

New Year Benefits’ event

In celebration of being in the New Year of 2024, Mobile Legends developers are going to be introducing some new sets of surprise events and benefits. All these benefits and rewards are going to be available for grabs in January 2024. Some of the New Year benefits events include:

Surprise Event 1

The first surprise Event would run from the 31st of December, 2023 till the 6th of January, 2024. The event would allow players to complete tasks to collect event-exclusive items that would in turn be exchanged for a new Free Emote.

Surprise Event 2

The second surprise event would run from the 13th of January, 2024  till the 30th of January, 2024.  The event would allow players to complete tasks and accumulate event-exclusive items. The event-exclusive items would then be exchanged for a free Elite skin and an avatar Border.

Nostalgia Event

The Nostalgia skins event will be returning in January 2024. The Nostalgia event is an event that grants performers a new free elite skin as well as an avatar border all for grabs completely for free.

Players will be able to participate in the nostalgia event from the 1st of January, 2024. Players will be able to choose their favourite skin from given skins. There will be four Elite skins in the Nostalgia event.


  • Yi Sun-Shin‘s Elite skin: Roguish Ranger
  • Cyclops Elite Skin: Super Adventure
  • Hanzo‘s Elite skin: Undead King
  • Tigreal‘s Elite skin: Fallen Guard

On the 1st of January 2024, players will also get a Free Star Protection card by logging in to the game. Sharing the event on Facebook, WhatsApp, or other platforms will give players a free Rare Skin fragment. However, to obtain a free skin, players must complete some easy tasks to increase the Nostalgia progress or buy Nostalgia progress Tickets with diamonds.”

KOF Collab event

Mobile Legends KOF Skins
Image via MOONTON Games

The KOF bingo event will be returning and it will be released from January 2nd to January 21st, 2024. As expected, it would be bringing about the return of all the 6 KOF skins, all up for grabs from drawing in the event. Lots of skins would be available for grabs ranging from Collector to numerous limited epics, Epic and even Collector skins would be available as part of the event prizepool.

Dawning Stars event

January 2024 will also be featuring the return of the Dawning Stars skins event. The Dawning Stars skins would return from January 15th, 2024 to the 13th of February, 2024. Just as expected, the Dawning Stars event will be bringing back all Superhero skins available in the game. The Superhero skins include:

  • Bruno’s Firebolt Superhero skin
  • Esmeralda’s The Foreseer Superhero skin
  • Chou ThunderBelt Superhero skin
  • Lancelot Swordsmaster Superhero Skin
  • Vale Blizzard Storm Superhero Skin.

Players making draws in the event would also get to acquire numerous event-exclusive emotes/Elimination effects of the Superhero skins.

Attack on Titans Collab event

An Upcoming new Anime Collab skin series event is expected to debut in January 2024. The Collaboration is with Attack on Titans anime, which is a popular anime that was concluded this year. The Collab event would feature the main casts

Mobile Legends January 2024 Leaks AOT
Image via MOONTON Games

The Event would allow players to get very unique and exclusive in-game materials such as exclusive skins, Recall Effects, Emotes, Avatar Borders, and lots more. The Event layout would also be very similar to the Mistbenders event as the event-exclusive skins would also cost 1200 Crests.

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