Mobile Legends September 2023 Leaks: Upcoming skins, heroes and events

New stuff coming out next month!

With the new month of September 2023 coming up, it is going to be featuring numerous skins, events, and more. One of the most interesting updates that is coming is the seventh-year anniversary of Mobile Legends. The developers behind MOONTON Games would be celebrating this with the introduction of numerous events and even free skins for grabs. Different skin series events are also expected to be released in the month of September 2023. Hence, without much further ado, let’s check out the leaks of events and skins that will be dropping in the month of September 2023 in Mobile Legends.

New Hero: Nolan

The Hero 122 has been released in the Advanced Server for a month now. This hero, Nolan is an Assassin type with great physical damage and CC capabilities. The hero is suspected to be Layla’s Father. Nolan mainly deals physical damage, while jungling, as he is Energy-dependent, just like Fanny and Ling.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.96 Update, MLBB Nolan
Image via MOONTON Games

His skills revolve around cutting through the battlefield to create a dimensional hole, which makes him unique. He should be released either in the month of September/October 2023 and it would be quite interesting to see this awesome hero with unique damage skillsets and capabilities.

Mobile Legends September 2023 Leaks: Upcoming skins for September 2023

Alpha “Star Enforcer” Starlight skin

In the upcoming month of September 2023, fighter hero, Alpha will be getting a new Starlight skin. The new Starlight skin is titled Star Enforcer and the Starlight skin would make him look like a very capable Law enforcer, especially with the intriguing effects possessed by the skin.

MLBB September Starlight Alpha
Image via Moonton Games

Other rewards can also be obtained from purchasing the Starlight Pass, which includes the painted skin, exclusive emotes, exclusive sacred statues, and an exclusive trail effect. This Starlight Pass is worth the buy, due to the amazing rewards it provides.

Johnson’s Special skin

Mobile Legends September 2023 Leaks, Mobile Legends 7th Anniversary Johnson skin
Image via MOONTON Games

As Mobile Legends is going to be celebrating its 7th Year Anniversary next month, the developers are going to be giving out a new event-exclusive skin for players to get. This skin is for the soon-to-be Revamped Car-Transforming hero, Johnson and he’s going to be getting a new special skin. The skin’s artwork looks really cool, as it makes him seem more fierce in the body design.

Mobile Legends September 2023 Leaks: Upcoming events for September 2023

September 2023 Project Next Update

As Mobile Legends: Bang Bang would be celebrating its 7th year debut anniversary, the developers intend to bring about the Revamp of Eruditio Rangers, as well as some other amazing heroes. The upcoming Project Next Update would bring about Revamped Layla, Lolita, X Borg, Bruno, Johnson and Miya. This would be lots of fun as the mains of such heroes would greatly love the amazing design and skills Revamp coming to them.

Mobile Legends September 2023 Project Next Update
Image via MOONTON Games

The September 2023 Project Next Update is also expected to bring about a new main Interface design for players to access. This new interface would feature Layla in the main User Interface, it would also feature a newly redesigned Events Page amongst lots of others. 

Mobile Legends 7-Year Anniversary Event 

As Mobile Legends is going to be clocking 7 years in the month of September 2023, the developers intend to bring about an event that would give out free skins as well as some other undisclosed free rewards. It would bring about the release of Johnson’s Special skin that would be available for grabs for Free by players. In spite of these, This Event is still in development on the Advanced Server so not much is known about this Anniversary Surprise Event that’s releasing next month.

Diamonds Pass Draw

A new event titled, Diamonds Pass Draw is scheduled to be live in the game as of the month of September 2023. This new event is available mainly for players that have already purchased Weekly Diamond Pass and it would grant free diamonds to a random person who has bought the Pass. Players can even get up to 100 Diamonds for free from the Raffle Draw. Players would also be able to collect free COA, whenever the number of event participants reaches a specified number mark.

Exorcist Skins Event

Exorcist SKINS
Image via MOONTON Games

Another much-expected event to drop is the Exorcist Skins event. It actually debuted late last year and it’s most likely going to reoccur in the month of September/October 2023. However, this time the Exorcist skins event would be debuting with 2 extra exorcist Skins for heroes namely, Granger and Hayabusa. This event is also quite intriguing as past rewards including the previous debuting Kagura and Yu Zhong Exorcist skins would also be reoccurring in the upcoming Exorcist skins event. 

Neobeasts Skins Event

An upcoming skins event has been officially teased to release on the 5th of September 2023. The skins are known as Neobeasts skins and they would be featuring new event-exclusive skins for Fredrinn and Lylia. The event would allow players to get unique with in-game materials such as exclusive Recall effects, emotes, Avatar borders, and lots more. The event would also be pretty much similar to the Superhero skins event as the event-exclusive skins would cost 1200 Neocoins.

Mobile Legends September 2023 Leaks, Mobile Legends Neobeasts Event draws rules
Image via MOONTON Games

Players would also be able to get different grades of other skins be it, basic, elite, special, or even epic skins from drawing in the event. Low-budget players can also just opt for the Epic Skin Box or the Limited Epic Box which guarantees an unowned Epic skin from its content.

What are your thoughts on all the leaks of upcoming skins and events of Mobile Legends in July 2023? Let us know in the comments below!

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